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PostPosted: Sun Aug 05, 2007 10:27 pm
by Armanen

Azerbaijan has completely come to believe in the fact that Albania has
sold armament to Armenia

Albania is an Islamic country and simply by its definition it can't
supply the Christian Armenia with armament.
02.08.2007 GMT+04:00

Azerbaijan has completely come to believe in the fact that Albania has
sold armament to Armenia. Everything got so serious that even
President Ilham Aliyev underlined at the meeting of the Cabinet: `The
fact that Albania refused to sell armament to Armenia was just another
proof of Azerbaijan's growing influence on the world scene.'

/PanARMENIAN.Net/ Azeri Press Agency in its reference to Industrywatch
has announced, that the Turkish authorities refused to allow the
armament and the ammunition intended for Armenia pass by their
territory. `According to the Prime Minister of Albania Sali Barishi,
Turkey made the Albanian vessel carrying the armament turn back. `One
of our vessels with 60 containers carrying heavy artillery and
armament was at Durres. The vessel started from Durres to Istanbul,'
said in an interview to the Albanian Gazeta Shqiptare the Director of
MEIKO, the company dealing with trade of armament, and added that
Albania had nothing to do with the conflict between Armenia and

According to the Press Service of the Azerbaijani Minister of Foreign
Affairs, on the initiative of the Albanian Minister of Foreign Affairs
Lulzim Basha a telephone conversation took place with the Azerbaijani
Minister of Foreign Affairs Elmar Mammedyarov on July 31. During the
conversation the Albanian Minister assured his colleague that the
Albanian government hadn't given its agreement to `MEIKO' on the sale
of the armament to Armenia. Lulzim Basha said, that `The contract on
the armament delivery is canceled and no other deliveries will be made
to Armenia,' writes the Azeri press.

Meanwhile sale of armament to Armenia made by Albania and moreover
through Turkey is simply impossible, and it is strange that Baku
doesn't understand this. Or it's another thing if the country's
authorities have again started to convince its nation that the Azeri
authorities keep the situation under control and will never `allow'
Armenia to be furnished with armament. According to the
Press-Secretary of the Armenian Minister of Defence Seyran
Shakhsuvaryan, Armenia has never bought and is not going to buy any
armament from Albania and the whole story with the armament being
delivered to Armenia is nothing but a mere lie. Albania is an Islamic
country and simply by its definition can't supply the Christian
Armenia with armament. Armenia is a CSTO Member country and buys its
armament from RF, with much lower price than that of
Albanian. Moreover, Albania on account of OSCE Membership has no right
to sell armament to either of the conflicting parties. Baku may not be
ignorant of all this though. However the information reached the
addressee, in this case, the Azeri society, which is obviously tired
of `constant fires on the Azeri positions by the Armenians' and `fires
around Nagorno-Karabakh', for both are very good occasions to write
about deaths of soldiers and bad harvest. The same goes for the
armament - now it is possible to purchase weapon from anyone without
any difficulty.

The strange it may sound, the Turkish Press wrote nothing about this
`scandal', for either Turkey has enough of its own problems to solve,
or Ankara doesn't take this whole story with the armament seriously at
Ā«PanARMENIAN.NetĀ» analytical department

PostPosted: Wed Sep 12, 2007 6:46 pm
by Armanen
11 Sept 2007

The militarization of the South Caucasus worries the Institute for
War and Peace Reporting which held a discussion on September 11. The
circumstance was emphasized that all the countries of the region are
boosting military expenditure. In addition, both the spending and
the boosting are transparent to the societies. Richard Giragosian,
a Washington-based analyst who also participated in the discussion,
said the boosting of military expenditure is not as worrying as the
way how this money is spent.

Richard Giragosian says after 9/11 the global processes changed,
which had an impact on our region as well: Georgia heads for NATO,
Azerbaijan's strategic importance is growing gradually, boosting the
country's military potential as well. However, the analyst thinks the
armies of Armenia and Karabakh are nevertheless the most effective
and often better organized than the Russian army.

In this connection, Richard Giragosian said Armenia's worst mistake
is that it underestimates its strategic importance, and though Georgia
and Azerbaijan are acquiring greater financial possibilities, Armenia
with its blocked border is a more steady partner for the world.

Richard Giragosian thinks Armenia should not rely heavily on NATO or
the Collective Security Pact Organization regarding its security. He
even thinks that the CSPO is not the best option for Armenia,
considering some realities of our country's security. He says he
would dislike the Armenian army to be a supplement of NATO or Russia.

Armenia must be a self-sufficient country in military terms, says
the analyst, noting that the restored production of ammunition is
very little for being self-sufficient.