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Postby leo_matousian on Mon Apr 21, 2008 4:27 pm

I see some people here mentioning the good job that christianity did by keeping armenians alive and sapart from the Yezdis Kurds Persians and Turks in the region.

Its some how true but it caused some unfortunate cases of race mixing with assyrian/chaeldean/aramian/lebanese maronite filth
which are no less dangerous to our racial purity than the other
mentioned nations.

But of course the percentage of race mixing with non white christians
cannot be compared with the percentage of race mixing that islam
would cause us.Now mixed mongrels among armenian nation are
minority and easily can be expelled one day or be sent to concentration
camps,but if we were muslims we would be mostly mongrels.

So christianity is the lesser evil,but not the100% ideal religion unless if one day a very racist government get's established in armenia very similar to 3rd reich of germany,in that case some jesus freaks may
go to chruch and learn how to forgive their enemies and allow them to rape and kill them and why not even open their arms for them.....

But yes this debation about christianity should stop.
"We must secure the existence of our nation,
and future for white armenian children"
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