T Jewish Genocide Of Armenian Christians

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T Jewish Genocide Of Armenian Christians

Postby Protocol on Sat Jul 07, 2007 12:01 am

Hi to all. Parev

This is a two part video interview about the role of the Zionist-Jews in the Armenian Genocide.



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Postby Armanen on Tue Jul 10, 2007 4:31 am

Very interesting, I'm glad that non Armenians are beginning to learn of the zionist role in the AG. Let's spread the link to these videos and Bejerknes' book, to as many forums as possible.

The website to download his book is
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Christopher J. Bjerknes on the Armenian Genocide, Part I

Postby artsakh on Thu Aug 02, 2007 5:51 pm

Christopher J. Bjerknes on the Armenian Genocide, Part I
By Jack Manuelian

This article consists only of some highlights from the interview conducted by Bedros Hajian of California, USA, with Christopher Jon Bjerknes of Chicago, USA, on June 5, 2007. The complete version can be heard (there is no transcript yet) in Bjerknes’ web site "JewishRacism.com," in the interviews section. Also Bjerknes has his new book of 575 pages "The Jewish Genocide of Armenian Christians" available for free in PDF file.

Bedros: Could you elaborate how did they (the high level Zionists) basically make their vision . . . unable their vision to mass murder the Armenians?

Christopher: Well, that took them to the Turkish empire, and the Turkish empire in the period 1890' which is also the same period that political Zionism took root in the writings of Pentzber (?) And Theodor Herzl. The Zionist had a strong hold within the Jewish community of Salonika where there were many Jewish bankers and Jewish Freemasons who were organizing a revolt against the Turkish empire, because one of the chief goals of Zionism was to break apart the Turkish empire so that they could take the Palestine from the Arabs and give it to European Jews. And they also had to destroy the Russian empire because the majority of European Jews lived in Russia, and Russia would not let the Jews go because they knew it would result in economic hardship, so they engineered the first world war in order to break apart the Russian empire and break apart the Turkish empire. And they could engineer the first world war by pitting Christians against the Muslims. They decided that one way they can pit Christians against Muslims is to have the Sultan start killing the Armenians and they did that by convincing the Sultan that it was the Armenians who were going to conduct that revolution against the Sultan, and the Christians were plotting to destroy the Turkish empire, so the Sultan began committing atrocities in the Balkans and in Turkey itself and that started to create an outrage in England and America against Islam, Christians started to become pitted against the Muslims.

Then the Jews of Salonika {1} through their Committee of Union and Progress, and meetings in Freemasonic lodges, there was a man named Emmanuel Carraso who was the grand master of the Macedonian Resort lodge in Salonika, and they drew funding [for their revolution] through Italian banking Jews and ultimately through the Rothschild bankers of the city of London, fomented a revolution against the Sultan which began I think in June of 1908, and they finally deposed the Sultan in 1909 and they then started committing heinous atrocities against Christians in the Balkans and specially against the Armenians (the 1909 Cilicia massacres, the Constantinople massacres) in order to use that as cause for the Christians to want to wage war against the Turkish empire and that resulted in the Balkans wars and then the Balkan wars resulted in world war one, and in WWI the leaders of the Young Turks were actually crypto-Jews from Salonika and chief of those was Tallat Pasha, and Tallat Pasha (who was a front man for the Zionists) instituted a program for the extermination of the Armenians in order to bring America and England into the region as the Christian savior of the Armenians. And they also attacked Russia because Russia had traditionally been a strong defender, specially of the true Christians, in the Turkish empire. And in this way they were able to foment the first world war.

Bedros: Basically we could say that Armenians were sacrificed in order to form a Jewish state [in Palestine].

Christopher: That exactly is correct, and the word that was used [for this Armenian sacrifice], long before the European holocaust [of WWII], was "Holocaust" which means a burn offering or a sacrifice, and in the literature from the 1890 to about 1939 the Armenian Genocide was often referred to in the express term that it was a holocaust or burn offering.

Bedros: Have you done any research on or have you come to any conclusion on the American missionaries in Armenia who were very much infiltrated by Freemasonry, who were there to do more freemasonry jobs than a Christian job?

Christopher: I have seen that more among the British [missionaries]. The American Christian missionaries in my research I saw were used in order to provoke paranoia in the Sultan. The Jewish bankers would whisper in the Sultan’s ears that the missionaries were trying to subvert the Turkish empire and would conduct the Christian revolution that would destroy Islam, and that made the Sultan very paranoid, and that was what provoked him to start attacking Christians in the Turkish empire. As far as infiltration, yes, there were Zionists (Freemasons) who were involved with almost any other British Zionist and I am sure the same was going on with American Zionists (missionaries) because there was a strong Zionist movement in America at that time as well.

Bedros: Can we come to the conclusion that some of the Armenian leaders were Freemasons?

Christopher: I would say absolutely that they were not only Freemasons but they also had their own independent revolutionary movement, the Tashnak and Henchak, which become infiltrated by the Jewish Masonic revolutionaries who were sent out of Salonika of Greece, and who produced Emmanuel Carraso or Caraso. Djavid Bey, Tallat Pasha, Enver Pasha, (Mustafa Kamal who came later on and was not part of the Young Turks, he was also a crypto-Jew born in Salonika), all the prominent leaders of the Committee of Union and Progress who conducted the revolution to depose the Sultan and committed the most atrocious period of the Armenian Genocide, specially on the 1915. And the way they would phrase their orders would match exactly the Jewish commandments in the Hebrew Bible and how the Jews should exterminate the Amalekites and how they should blot out their name forever. Their orders would read almost verbatim as if they were taken out of the Hebrew Bible which I find very telling. And I should also point out that the Muslims resisted what this crypto-Jewish Young Turks were telling them to do, and they had a difficult time getting the Turkish Muslims to wipe them out, and they would also often try to invoke the Kurds to slaughter the Armenians because the Kurds were poor and were more apt to do it, and they did that by promising the Kurds and the Turks all the property they could steal of the Armenians who were the richest community in the Turkish empire, they even exceeded the wealth of the Greeks and the Jews, not at the top level, the Jewish bankers were the wealthiest people in the world, but the Armenian people as a whole were wealthier than the Jews within the Turkish empire and within the Russian empire.

Bedros: Until today the US government has not acknowledged or has not even recognized the Armenian Genocide. Could you elaborate who has been against it, am sure Christians have not been against it?

Christopher: No, Christians have not been against it. My understanding is that bills have come up from time to time to establish a resolution acknowledging the Genocide and they have been opposed by Jewish organizations. I believe the ADL and AIPAC has exerted its influence to keep this from happening, and the United States is not unique and I think in Israel Pit-Levi(?) And others have opposed resolution acknowledging the Genocide and have opposed Turkey’s being forced to acknowledge the [Armenian] Genocide. Now why would Jews be opposed to that? One reason would be that they want to keep the Holocaust of the European Jewry as a unique event in the history and have a selfish interests that way, but I think the more substantial fact that when people start digging into this Armenian Genocide, it is inevitable that they would discover that all the leaders of the Young Turks, all the significant leaders of the Young Turks were Jews from the Salonika and that it (the Young Turks movement or the Committee of Union & Progress) was a Zionist Jewish movement to sacrifice the Armenians for the sake of establishing a Jewish state in Palestine, which the Jews had no right to do.

Bedros: Basically what would you say to Christians who stand for Zionism and they stand for the state, basically, chosen people.

Christopher: I would say that they were adhering to anti-Christian beliefs which were introduced into dispensentional Christianity again by crypto-Jews, by Jews who pretended to be Christians and introduced these beliefs. For example the belief in the Rapture was created by Jesuit crypto-Jews Lavero and Lacusa. And these beliefs of the American Christians, I think there are thirty or forty millions of them, believe that they have to start a war against Russia and create a nuclear war so that two billion humans being would be killed, and they believe selfishly that when they provoke this war, they themselves would be raptured up into heaven and would not suffer for it, and they are so selfish that are willing to make everybody else suffer for it, so that this can happen. And then they believe that Jesus will then come. Now these beliefs are nowhere to be found in the New Testament, they were manufactured by [certain] Jews who took over the Jesuit movement and the Jesuit movement was started by [certain] Jews, and they created all these beliefs because they wanted to create a war between protestant Christians and Catholics, but today they are using that by trying to provoke a World War III and make it a nuclear war.

And these Christian Zionists are actually hated by those [certain] Jews, as all Christians traditionally have been hated by Jews, and when I say Jews I am speaking in very general terms and I should not, I should be very specific and say that those Zionist Jews who were using those Christians, dislike them and consider them foolish and stupid, and they have bribed and blackmailed their leaders in order to lead these Christians again into fighting against the Muslims, just as they did by killing the Armenians [in 1895-96, in 1906 in Van, and in 1909 in Cilicia] to instigate the first world war, they are trying to create a war between Christianity and Islam to create a third world war which they believe would ultimately fulfill all their Jewish prophecies, and so that they can destroy Al-Aqsa Mosque and the Dome of the Rock and rebuilt the Jewish temple and then anoint the Jewish King and rule the world from Zion. It is crazy as it sounds, you can actually find Jewish Rabbis preach those exact ideas in Israel.

Bedros: Which is the Anti-Christ, basically?

Christopher: If I were [a church going] Christian I would certainly recognize the fact it is the Anti-Christ, and it is certainly anti-Christian and it is exactly what was prophesied to happen in the Book of Revelation.

At the end of Bjerknes' book about "The Jewish Genoside of Armenian Christians" there is a long list of his research sources from which, after study, he has based his conclusions about our Genocide.


{1} In a letter from Sir Gerard Lowther of the British Embassy in Constantinople to Sir Charles Harding. (The letter is stated to be private and confidential, dated May 29, 1910, In Constantinople) we read:

"Dear Charles:...As you are aware, the Young Turkey movement in Paris was quite separate from and in great part in ignorance of the inner workings of that in Salonika. The latter (Salonika) has a population of about 140,000, of whom 80,000 are Spanish Jews, and 20,000 of the sect of Sabetai Zevi or Crypto-Jews, who externally profess Islamism....The inspiration of the movement in Salonika would seem to have been mainly Jewish, while the words 'Liberty', 'Equality', 'Fraternity', the motto of the Young Turks, are also the device of Italian Freemasons...Shortly after the revolution in July 1908, when the Committee established itself in Constantinople, it soon became known that many of its leading members were Freemasons..."

In the book The Times History of the War, volume 14, page 308, we read:

"[The Jews of Salonika] became linked to the Turks more intimately through a crypto-Jewish Moslem community, the Donme, descended from Sephardim converted in the seventeenth century [to Islam]....The author of the standard exposition of the Pan-Turanian Movement, who calls himself by the pure Turkish name of 'Tekin Alp', is believed to have been a Salonika Jew, and there is also reason to suppose that the secularizing, anti-Islamic tendency which is also so remarkable a feature in Pan-Turanianism was partly the effect of this Jewish influence."

More information is given about the Donme, the crypto-Jews and their false Messiah/King Sabatai Zevi (who soul keeps incarnating in his successors) in the links below:
The content of the materials does not necessarily reflect the views of the «PanARMENIAN.Net».

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Postby artsakh on Thu Aug 02, 2007 5:53 pm

Christopher J. Bjerknes on the Armenian Genocide, Part II
By Jack Manuelian

This article consists only of some highlights from the interview conducted by Bedros Hajian with Christopher Jon Bjerknes, on June 18, 2007. The complete version can be heard (there is no transcript yet) from a link in Bjerknes’ web site "JewishRacism.com," in the interviews section. Also Bjerknes new book of 575 pages "The Jewish Genocide of Armenian Christians" is available for free download. Bjerknes said about the Armenian Genocide as being (in some cases) “the worst genocide in the way that it was conducted and the percent of the population that was wiped out.” The reader should be aware that when Christopher uses the word “Jews” he is not using it in a general way but is referring to high Zionists and Frankists, religious or secular, and to the Donmeh Jews.

Bedros: I would like to talk about the new addition you made [in the 2th edition of your book] about Ataturk. Can you elaborate on that please?

Christopher: There was an article published in the Jewish daily Forward, from New York, back in 1994 which revealed that Mustafa Kamal {1} who was called Ataturk, the father of the Turks, identified himself as a decedent of Sabbatai Zevi who was a false Jewish messiah in the 17th century who started this cult of Jews who wanted to create a revolution world-wide and they based [their beliefs] on the Zoharian Kabala. One of the Sabbatai Zevi successors was Baruchyah Russo who started the Donmeh cult {2} in Salonika {3}, Greece, which eventually perpetrated the Young Turks revolution and the Genocide of the Armenians.

Bedros: In your opinion what’s the main ideology behind it, that they wanted to destroy the Armenians in order to rebuilt Jerusalem or the state of Israel?

Christopher: The Armenians served the Turkish empire very well and they were the intelligentsia and the ministers and lawyers, doctors and professionals, and they kept the Ottoman empire thriving. And by wiping out the Armenians the Jews were able to destroy the Ottoman empire which was their goal because the Ottoman empire controlled Palestine, so in order to destroy the Turkish empire it was a very evil move in their part to destroy the Armenians...

Bedros: So for years they have been able to manipulate the Armenian mind making them think that the Muslims were the perpetrators of the Armenian Genocide, for years it has been passed such. Lately there are proofs to researchers and to historians that it was Talaat and the rest of this non-human individuals, who were crypto-Jews, who perpetrated the Armenian Genocide. In your own opinion, did you do research on how they kept this secret?

Christopher: They kept it secret because they maintain a strong hold on the Turkish government, and they set the Turkish government up to deny that the Genocide even occurred and thereby implicate the Turkish people as the instigators and the perpetrators of it, because people don’t realize that the Turkish government is actually run by Donmeh Jews. And they were also able to do it by limiting the influence of the Turkish government, after they have destroyed the Turkish empire they made it a very independent force under Ataturk, they got rid of idea of any imperialism and therefore they were able to alienate themselves from the Armenian people and put them (the Soviet Republic of Armenia) under the control of Soviet Jews. And another thing is that they had great influence in the mass media and in the governments of the world and they have consistently tried to block the spread of information about the Armenian Genocide. Just a decade ago it was almost unheard of [the Armenian Genocide], not many people were even aware of it let alone aware of the fact that it was actually a Jewish Genocide perpetrated against the Armenian Christians.

Bedros: Have they used Armenian individuals and organizations in order to keep it secret?

Christopher: No. There always has been a taboo about blaming the Jews for anything, because immediately when you do, you are called anti-Semite. Even the honest Armenian investigators who looked into this Genocide are very reluctant to bring up the Zionist issue and the fact that the crypto-Jews were behind it for fear of being stigmatized as anti-Semites. I think their primary goal is first to began the acknowledgment that the Genocide it itself existed which will inevitably lead investigators to the conclusion that it was perpetrated by crypto-Jews. There are letters from Jirar Lother (?-not sure of the spelling) who was the ambassador from the British government to the Ottoman empire, where he writes to the British Foreign Office that this was really a Jewish take over and not a Turkish revolution and that crypto-Jews utilized Freemasonry in order to organize the revolution and perpetrated it and that all the leaders were Jews and Freemasons, and was funded through Jewish bankers and Jewish influence and its goal, the Zionist goal, was to establish a Jewish state in Palestine and to destroy Muslim unity and the integrity of the Turkish empire and they were highly successful in that.

Bedros: And now we know that Turkey is basically controlled by the same powers and –

Christopher: Specially in the military. Ataturk was succeeded by the Turkish military as the overseer of the Turkish people, and the Turkish secular people, those who followed Ataturk, now follow the military, and they look to the military as the watch-dog that they believe absolutely is a political (has a political role beside defense), and they wanted to remain a secular society as Ataturk proposed. The Turks have great faith that the military will protect them from within and without, and they allow this military to become a sort of military dictatorship, and they believe that this military will protect them, but they don’t realize that this military is actually completely under the control of the Donmeh Jews which is why Turkey (it’s policy) is against Islamic interests and has always been a great sponsor of the state of Israel.

Bedros: Lately we hear of vicious murders of Christians in Turkey. Hrand Dink the Armenian editor was killed, also three Christian missionaries were butchered, and the blame is going on Islamic fanatics. Do you have any idea or research on that?

Christopher: Well no, it is very interesting and sophisticated game that they are playing between the PKK and Turkey, and the Kurds are being trained by the Mossad to prepare acts of terrorism against the Turks and Iranians, and against the Iraqi in order to foment a war in the region which will bring in Iran, Syria, Turkey, and certainly Armenia. And Armenia is also in an unique position because of its strong ties to Russia, both historically and in terms of their need for energy resources, and they don’t have good relations with either Turkey or Azerbaijan, they have a little bit better relations with Georgia which is their gateway to Europe, but I think their strongest ties are to Russia, and one of the goals of world Jewry is to again attack Russia and instigate a nuclear war with Russia, and the Armenians inevitably are going to be caught in that. And the Kurds I think they are being utilized as key instigators of this, just as they were utilized in the Armenian Genocide to attack and kill the Armenians as cohorts of the Turks. And they (the Kurds) were promised that after first world war they will be given the Kurdistan just as the Armenians were promised by President Wilson. Who again was being blackmailed by Justice Brandeis (? Brendel), Woodrow Wilson promised the Armenians that they would be given their independent nation, and Wilson and the Zionists renegaded on that promise and it (what remained of greater Armenia) was given to the Soviet Union. And the Kurds are going again to be slammed after all this happens but they don’t realize it.

Bedros: In you book you write on the Noahidic laws, could you little bit elaborate on those laws?

Christopher: The Jews believe that Noah was given a covenant with God and that there were seven laws given in the time of Noah which therefore apply to all human beings because Noah is the father of the modern human race and that the gentiles are compelled to obey this seven laws, and those laws are set ford in the Talmud, in the book of Sanhedrin {4}, folios 56 to 60, and they say that all gentiles are compelled to recognize that there is God and only one God and that idol worship is forbidden, those are the big ones of the Noahide laws–

Bedros: They consider the Christians as idol-worshipers basically

Christopher: Yes, in the Talmud and the Toladest-Yahuda (?) It is specifically stated that Jesus is an idol, therefore Christians who worship Jesus will be beheaded and you will notice that in the French Revolution they chopped off the heads of the Christians [by guillotine] and tried to make the French people worship their government, and it is a form of enforcing the Noahide Laws on the gentiles...

Bedros: We know that not all Jews follow this methodology or theology they have of Talmud or Zohar. How many percent follow it?

Christopher: I suspect that well over 90 percent are unaware what it really signifies, and that is also by design, the Jewish leaders wanted to keep the Jewish people ignorant and ultimately in the seventeenth century this Sabbataiean movement wanted to make the Jews secular and pretended to convert to Christianity and Islam and ultimately to become atheistic which is also part of the plan. They believe that the Messiah will arrive when the Jewish people themselves have become heretical, so there has been a strong push in Jewry through the Communist movement and through other liberal Utopian movements which replace Jewish methodology with the political methodology of Jewish world rule, one world government, Jews controlling all the wealth, Jews being the light into the nations which provides all nations with Jewish culture and Jewish moral codes which they see as being a positive thing, but the reality is that in order to institute Jewish rule, in order to institute Jewish culture, and in order to institute Jewish religion and moral codes they have to destroy the governments, the cultures, and religions of every other human being; and they always look upon it as their duty, many of them without realizing even that what they are doing very highly destructive and if was done it to them they strongly object and call it anti-Semitism. There is a strong double standard built into the Judaic methodology which blinds them to the fact that what they are doing is destructive and murder. And we see it in the ways they treat the Nazi Genocide of the European Jews in a very different way that they treat the Jewish Communist Genocide of the Slavic people [66 million Slavic/Russian Christians according to writer Solzhenitsyn] and of the Chines people and of the Cambodians for example. There is a strong double standard in the Jewish culture and it is not always done with a malicious intend, but it is done through arrogance that they are not ever aware of it.

Bedros: But their leaders are aware of it obviously.

Christopher: The leaders are aware of it, they delight in it and they view it as a religious obligation.

Bedros: They (the leaders) have a plan–

Christopher: They are racist, they think that they are a superior race, that other human beings are subhuman and that the Jewish people have a divine DNA which is godly, and that non-Jewish people have a DNA which was injected in the human race when they say Eve fornicated with the Serpent and created Cain. They believe that non-Jews are decedents from Cain and they are descendent from Adam and that they are a holy divine race and they have to destroy non-Jews in order for God to come back and create the divine order on the earth.

Bedros: In the logical world or in the logical mind, God who is presented in the New Testament as love, I would not think for a second that the God of love will commend this evil thoughts.

Christopher: We have to look at the New Testament as what it is. New Testament literally means New Covenant. Now there were several covenants. As I said, there was the covenant with Noah and there was the covenant with Abraham, where Abraham represent a selected race to inherit the land of Palestine and to be the chosen people race if the Jews obey, it is a conditional covenant. The Jews violated the condition of that covenant and they also rejected their Messiah, now I am speaking as a Christian but it is not mine own belief (not my religion), they also rejected the Messiah Jesus as the king of the Jews. Now when they did that they broke the covenant and there was a new covenant which is called the New Testament that was established through Jesus and through his sacrifice which gave redemption not only to the Jewish people but to all of mankind, and that was the ultimate sacrifice of redemption which ends all other sacrifices, and it is only by way of Jesus that people are getting redemption and salvation, and that is the Christian ideology which is very different from the Judaic ideology. Modern Jews have tried to blend the two into something they call Judea-Christianity which is a methodology, now it is true that Christianity evolved out of Judaism, it is also true that Christianity represents a new covenant, now this new world that would be created is a heavenly kingdom in Christianity, for the Jews it is a worldly kingdom. To the Christian all of this things must be done by God Himself who could be the ultimate arbiter of who is good and who is evil, now there was a break in the Jewish tradition where they decided that God was not acting to restore the Jewish people to Palestine so they would have to act on His behalf and become their own Messiah, and this was clearly stated by Moses Hass’ (?) book Rome In Jerusalem. So the Jewish people decided that they as a cohesive force could act to bring this about and they done it through Communism and through other things and through Zionism, to try to make it happen, which is very very different from the Christian faith, and they have subverted many Christian faiths.....and their ultimate goal is terrific. Their goal is to create a nuclear world war {5}. They have created the mythology that there must be an apocalyptic war which will wipe out two third of the Jews, and I think one third of the human race, and that at the end of this tribulation Jesus will return.

Bedros: What would you say to the Armenian people in order for them to wake up and see the real picture behind their Genocide?

Christopher: I think that as soon as the Armenian people point the finger at the true culprits there will be a lot of focus on it, and then they [the Zionists] will be forced to try to misinform the public as what it happened. And I think also if you can inform the Turkish people that they are not responsible, the Zionist Jews will no longer be able to pit the Turks against the Armenians and the Christians against the Muslims. So that if you tell the truth and cut through the misinformation and really identify the true culprit you can greatly improve the situation in the Middle East and start to create a rapprochement between the Armenians and the Turks, and you can start to unseat the power of the Donme in Turkey itself, and I think that is fundamental to gaining a healing process between the Armenians and the Turks as to what happened and to gain universal recognition of what happened. And I hope you and I can work together and create perhaps an institute to researching the Jewish involvement in Armenian Genocide and we can establish a web-site. Perhaps we could produce a documentary to spark interest in it. What really brought the Jewish Holocaust to the fore, to the world public, was in 1970' there was a TV series about the Holocaust and that is the real event that really put it in the conscience of the American people. And the Jews also poured a lot of funding to get the Holocaust Museum built, but they very often produced films which relates to the Holocaust, and the Armenians in order to gain that kind of public awareness they have to do the same thing.

Christopher: And you also have to learn to stigmatize people who want to deny it and people who want to create infighting among the Armenians. You are going to find that world Jewry is very clever at pitting the Armenians against themselves and creating dissensions and infighting that prevents you from becoming a cohesive force and prevents you from organizing such that you could put forward a single solid message. Now the Jews have a single solid message about the Holocaust: It was a unique event in history, it was done to exterminate the Jewish race as a whole and it was the result of German racism, Now none of those things are actually true.

But the Armenians have to form a cohesive single message that can be expressed directly and clearly, and they have not to allow their ranks be infiltrated by people who want to create infighting. They should not argue among themselves, they should not become paranoid that they had been infiltrated. They should instead focus on their goals and focus on creating exact historical understanding of what happened that they can pin-point and they can identify with solid facts. And that has not yet happened, but I think that the process that we can begin and once that coheres, once it forms a solid force, you will then have the political foundation to insist that other people acknowledge this or to be able to accuse them as having some ulterior motive as to why they are denying it. You have to present it, you have to sell it to the public in a way that is palpable to the public just as the Jews have done with Holocaust through their control of Hollywood, and you have to somehow create networks where this information can be brought out, and it can be brought out in a way that is believable and understandable and that sparks interest, and once that happens it will catch on like wild fire.

NOTES by Jack

1-Hillel Halkin in his article ‘Ataturk’s Turkey Overturned,’ published in the New York Sun, July 24, 2007, mentions an e-mail he received from a Turkish researcher saying4: “Ataturk, who was born and raised in Thessaloniki, a heavily Jewish city in his day that had a large Doenmeh population, attended a grade school, known as the ‘Semsi Effendi School,’ that was run by a religious leader of the Doenmeh community named Simon Zvi. I now know, without any shred of doubt, that Ataturk’s father was indeed of Jewish stock.” According to Halkin: Ataturk seems never to have been ashamed of his Jewish background. He hid it because it would have been political suicide not to, and the secular Turkish state that was his legacy hid it too.

2- In the National Geographic Magazine, September 1916 issue, page 224, in the article ‘Saloniki’ written by H.G Dwight, we read: “Saloniki contains not far from 150,000 people, and that more than half of them are Jews. There is also a considerable Moslem population of Hebrew origin, mainly descended from the followers of Sabatai Levi, of Smyrna, a would-be Messiah of the seventeenth century, who created a great stir in this part of the world, and who, being at last offered his choice between death and Islam, elected the latter. Several of the Young Turks leaders belong to these Donmeh as they are called.”

3- In 1430 Sultan Mourad II captured Salonika and carried off seven thousands of its inhabitants into slavery. For nearly five hundred years Salonika remained in the hands of the Turks. In 1912 the Greeks took the city from the Turks.

4- A British author writes that law number one of Noahide laws “forbid the worship of any God but their own god. Law number one which say ‘do not worship false gods’ coming from the Jewish Talmud, means any Gods the Jews don’t recognize, such as Jesus. The penalty for disobedience as given in the Talmud is beheading: “One additional element of greater severity is that violation of any one of the seven laws subjects the Noahide to capital punishment by decapitation” Sanhedrin 57A. Those laws from 2 to 7 basically say: no murdering, no stealing, no sexual immorality, no blasphemy, no eating of raw meat like the animales do, no oppression or anarchy.

5- It is most likely Madame Hillary Clinton will be elected as United State’s next president for the period of 2009 to 2013. During her term, the great war is likely to happen.
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Postby Armanen on Tue Aug 07, 2007 6:50 am

Defenders of Fatherland
1015 E. Wilson Street, #7,
Glendale, California 91206.
Contact: George Apelian
Tel: (818) 246-2099
E-mail: defendersoffatherland@hotmail.com


You are cordially invited to hear historian Christopher Jon Bjerkness (from
Chicago) to speak on the topic of " Who were the Young Turks " and the
subject of Turkish crime of the Armenian Genocide, on Wednesday, August 8,
2007 at 7:30 PM sharp at the United Comminity Church, Glendale, California.

Christopher Jon Bjerkness has written several books and articles on the
history of the theory of relativity. His research into Albert Einstein's
rise to fame led him to study the causes of the First World War.
Discovering the true significance of the fall of the Ottoman Empire, he
began to investigate the history of the Armenian Genocide. He has published
his findings in a new book which identifies the ethnic origins and overall
agenda of the "Young Turks ", including their motives for committing
Genocide against the Armenians.

United Community Church is located at 333 E. Colorado St., in the City of
Glendale, California. Admission is free to the public at large.

Summary of the lecture:

· Prehistory of the 1915 Genocide
· Status of the Armenians in the Ottoman Empire
· Genocidal Enemies of the Armenians
· The "Young Turks" Were Neither Young, Nor Turkish
· Armenian Traitors
· Politics Behind the Armenian Holocaust
· Those Who Benefited from the Armenian Holocaust
· Will History Repeat Itself?
It's a custom of the human condition for the masses to remain ignorant. It's what they do. In fact, that IS how "the peace" is kept. Whatever democracy we have here is a spectator's sport.
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Postby sapir on Wed Dec 05, 2007 9:49 am

i was shocked to read this article - because its full with lies - the jweish pepole never had a goal that means erase a nation or a religion -our religion guides us to live with all nations - christians or muslemes - i have just watched the first part of the interview and its was so stupid to be said and more stupid to listen or belive the fullish things that where said by that "expert" -expert of bullshit -for example :
-amalek was a tribe that lived in israel land (bible days) -has no connectoin to christians what so ever and to armenians in general -so just listening to this kind of stupid things -its really a crime to beleive -but no wonder -this is the way to covince pepole who dont know a thing about what happend -they can sell you stories about everything -as intelegent pepole i would expect you to get some info about that pepole which interviwing and presenting themselves as exports -chek thier background and than you can understand what is the reasons for that words-a pure anticimity to jewes -beeing neo natsis or just hating jewes -so if you can connect another natoin as armenia -why not -they dont know much -we can sell them what ever we like and they belive!!! -as i know armenians -i have armenian friend from jerusalem -my origins are from georgia so my father had many armenian friends that he considered as intelegent pepole -so dont spoile that by beliving to this crap -get life !!!
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Postby Ararat on Thu Dec 06, 2007 7:43 am


Why Israel is denying the Armenian Genocide ?
How you would react if Armenia officialy denies the Holocaust ?
Why jewishh lobbiests promotes turkish positions in USA?
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Postby leo_matousian on Sun Mar 02, 2008 12:07 am

sapir wrote:! -as i know armenians -i have armenian friend from jerusalem -my origins are from georgia so my father had many armenian friends that he considered as intelegent pepole -so dont spoile that by beliving to this crap -get life !!!

"We must secure the existence of our nation,
and future for white armenian children"

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Postby Ar on Sat Mar 29, 2008 8:21 am

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