Armenian White Power metal band :)

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Armenian White Power metal band :)

Postby leo_matousian on Tue Sep 18, 2007 8:24 pm


Armenian Aryan Metal Band - AR

photo 1

photo 2

Demo album - Sons Of The Sun


01. Annihilate
02. Land of the Gods
03. Arische Krieg
04. Ar War (old Version)
05. Ar War



Annihilate Masons pyramid
everything seeing eye
Annihilate Anuit Coeptis
Novus Ordo Seclorum
Total destruction of Luzifer
Annihilate lineage of Rockfellers
and Rotshilds
Total destruction of Masons,Bnei Brit,
Communistic,Humanistic,European Union
ILLUMINATES organisations
Destroy symbol of Globalisation
Cabbalistic five corner star.

Land of the Gods

Pure heathens times,in Armania.
Holy mountain,Ararat,where are living Gods.
Beautiful landscapes, green grass, Solar Temples
Under birds songs
Bright,shining,noble people
at the Ararat Valley
are giving honours to Gods.

Ar War

The highlander ancestries
We evaluating the inheritance
Rising legions of Tejseba
True Aryan pagan war machine.

Blood of our Warlords,saving us
from perversion.

Our duty is subvert
By impurity born semites,
Nullify the feeble mussulmans,
Annihilate bastard jews,zionists,
Slaughter the niggers,children of gorillas,
False white, alcoholic,whore,pig slavs,
Beriel thief gipsys,
Foolish whites,humanists,aryanophobs.

Enthroning throne conqueror
our chosen King.

Aryans it's war
Erina give us swords
Ksatriyas rebirth
True born Golden heads
With blue eyes Aryans
March troops in column
Advance in skirmishing order
Swastika bring victory in
Arm-European fields
Considering your specific duty
as a Ksatriya,you should know
that there is no better engagement
for you than fighting on religious
principles,and so there is no need
for hesitation.

... ... ...
... ... ...(in armenian)

Betrayed gods
Judas ancestries were opened the gates
of divine empire.
Behead the head of hippi bastard jesus.

Matriarchy Fanatics
Homosexual Pastors
Anti culture Cross Slaves
From wars Escapers
The weapon Casters
Enemies of Ariaini and Victims.

... ... ...


"We must secure the existence of our nation,
and future for white armenian children"
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