My Letter to David Icke

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My Letter to David Icke

Postby HAIK on Wed Jul 02, 2008 3:25 am
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This Is The HAIK's Letter To David Icke

Postby Hopar on Wed Jul 23, 2008 1:50 pm

Hello Mr. David Icke June 30, 2008

Let me introduce myself, my name is Haik Nazaryan and I am 19 years old. First off I would like to say how I gladly appreciate what you have done and what you are still continuing to do. You have opened my eyes more fully to what has been and what is still going on in the world. You have been spreading the truth no matter what cost and for that I admire you. I own all of your videos and almost all of your books. I have read three of your most important and influential books (The Biggest Secret, Children of the Matrix, Global Conspiracy) and I have to say that they are all truly magnificent.

The reason I am writing to you is to thank you for all that you have done and also to help you out more in your research. While reading your books and watching your DVD’s I noticed many times of you talking about all the different ancient civilizations and it surprised me that you haven’t once mentioned Armenia in any of them. You have said it yourself that the Middle East region is a very important place and done a lot of research specifically on that area but didn’t speak at all about Armenia, which is one of the most ancient surviving nations on earth. Armenians have dominated that region during the ancient world and have had a huge influence on neighbored countries. There are many facts you can find about this, even with just a little bit of research. That is why I am so surprised of you not mentioning Armenia at all as if it is a forbidden topic.


Biblical Map published by French geographer Philippe Buache in 1783, covering the first era of human history. Eden, the early Paradise is marked on the territory of Armenia, to the southwest of Ararat.

I would like to bring forth to you some things about Armenian history that you can tie into your research. Armenia has a very long history (mostly unknown) and is considered by many historians and scholars, where civilization began. In the Bible it is mentioned that Ararat was the resting place of Noah’s Ark. Today Ararat is the symbol and spiritual home of all Armenians. It is also the place of salvation for mankind.

As you obviously know, Bel was the reptilian hybrid and tyrant that ruled Babylon in the ancient world. You have mentioned this many times in your books, but you forgot to mention the person who killed him. It is said that the forefather of all Armenians is Haik Nahapet who killed the tyrant Bel and freed his people and brought them to the Armenian Highland. That is why we Armenians call our country Hayastan named after our forefather Haik. Haik was a freedom fighter that rebelled against Bel’s oppression by gathering his followers to fight against him. Bel wages a war and sends his massive army to the Armenian Highland. During the battle, Haik who was a mighty archer killed Bel with his bow and arrow. Soon after Bel’s army was defeated and the Armenians won the battle. That is how it is said Armenia as a country was created.

I would like to say that without a doubt Armenia is the cradle of Aryan civilization here on Earth. It surprised me again to see you speaking of the Aryan race so often and not saying a single word about Armenia or Armenians.

From the Armenian Highland began the Aryan migrations to Europe which were most likely the Phoenicians, and in India known rightfully as Aryans. The migrations went underway because of the numerous new discoveries which took place in Armenia by the Armenians, such as the creation of iron and the wheel, the alphabet, advancements in agriculture, etc. These migrations began so that these new discoveries can be spread throughout the globe and enlighten the world. Another reason was that they did not want all that knowledge to be just in one area, but spread all throughout so it won’t get completely destroyed. There are many evidences that can back up what I am saying.


Scientific American, March 1990, P.110
The Aryan migrations from the Armenian Highland

The invading armies from the north (Armenia) conquered and ruled Egypt for a hundred years using new and advance weapons such as the chariot. Herodotus call them the Hyksos(Hayksos) which were again us - Armenians. The Illuminati mix up history and use different names for the same nations to deceive and mislead the masses.

Let’s not forget the ancient map of Babylon clearly showing Armenia as one of the few dominating countries in the known world during that time.


Babylonian Clay Tablet - The oldest map known to us


Interpretive Redrawing - Shows Armenia at the top right

Semiramis who was the queen of Assyria-Babylon, is bought up many times in your writings. There is the story of the Armenian king Ara the Beautiful who refused Semiramis’s offer to a marriage and become king of the world. Semiramis outraged by Ara’s refusal, wages a war against Armenia and demands Ara’s capture alive. This is a clear example of how a reptilian queen wanting to possess the blood of a pure Aryan to carry on the hybridization program of the Illuminati.

In your writings you mention many times about different mythologies of ancient peoples and how they are tied to the Serpent Cult. Vahagn also known as Vishapakax (dragon slayer) was the third god of Armenian Pantheon. Vahagn was the god of thunder, lightning and war. Armenian kings and warlords before going to war asking him to support them. I also believe that it was from Vahagn that the stories of St. George and all the other dragon slayer tales emerged.


Statue of Haik in Armenia
The patriarch and liberator of the Armenian Nation


Statue of Vahagn in Armenia
god of war and dragon slayer

Here are some more interesting facts. The Karahundj is an ancient monument located in Sissian, Armenia which consists of 204 stones that have been ascribed with mystical, fertility and cosmic powers. Considered the Stonehenge of Armenia and according to scientists it is 3,500 years older than the Stonehenge that’s located in southern England.


Karahundj – Armenia’s Stonehenge

Mount Nemrut which is now in Turkey (what was then Armenia) is a tomb-sanctuary flanked by huge statues of Armenian gods. It is a phenomenal piece of work and is considered one of the greatest structures built on that high of an elevation.


Mount Nemrut

Unfortunately, Armenia was the first country in the world to be injected with the Illuminati created poison of Christianity as its state religion. Right after, the Armenian state was taken over by foreigners; they burned and eliminated all our libraries which consisted of nearly all Armenian and human history, literature, and science. They massacred the entire Armenian monk cast and also destroyed all of the pagan temples of which only one survived - Garni. It was one of the darkest chapters in Armenian history. One-hundred and fifty years after the injection of Christianity, Armenia which had very advanced literature and science became a country with no alphabet and history. Why is it that the Illuminati took such a brutal action against Armenia and not on Greece, Rome and the other nations that converted to Christianity? They still have most of there ancient history and other sacred knowledge but not us. This proves that Armenia is the origin of Aryan civilization and the Illuminati knows that if you want to kill something completely, you need to aim at its root and destroy it.

You spoke many times on how the Illuminati has caused so many genocides and wars, but yet again you did not mention one of the most horrific of all which was the Armenian Genocide of 1915 that was planned and orchestrated by Zionists and Freemasons. The true masterminds of the Armenian Genocide were the Rothschild’s who caused the deaths of over 1.5 million Armenians and what was most of Armenia was taken over by the Turks. To dismantle the Ottoman Empire, the Young Turks who were headed by Zionists, needed to overthrow Sultan Abdul Hamid II and wipe out the intelligentsia by starting a terrifying genocide against the Armenian Nation. Cold heartedly, they completed there sick agenda without any problems. After the collapse of the Ottoman Empire, the land of Palestine was in the hands of Zionists and after WW2 they created there evil state of Israel.

After reading your books and the other conspiracy “theorist” writings, I am shocked and angry to see that not ONE of you has mentioned a single word about Armenia which is the cornerstone of everything you guys talk about. Someone has to be blind not to see the connection between Armenia and the ancient world. I feel as if the Illuminati has set Armenia in there list of taboo words never to be used. What I have just explained and outlined above is only a fraction of Armenian history. All these facts are just more pieces that can be added to the whole puzzle of your research. Please take these facts under strict confidence because I highly believe it would help you greatly in your work.

Best Regards,

Haik Nazaryan

Glendale, CA, USA

Some Sources
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