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HolylegendOF ARARAT

Chapter: The sacrament of creation.
There was AR in the beginning. AR had no beginning. He was absolute. And out of time He created the World. Therefore world has no beginning and is absolute.
The Creator (Ararich) was the one. And the Gods were many. And each God was a child of AR. Each God was a radiant Spirit. Each God was a cosmic power. Each God is an immortal power. And the Gods claimed the will of AR in the world, controlled every movement, sensation, attitude, will, mind and love.
And Anahit was the Mother of the Gods. The mother of the coveted secret of creation, the liturgy of hope, the melody of love, the aroma of happiness.
Anahit gave birth to the children for AR – the Gods. And She fed them by the mother’s warmth.
AR was absolute and perfect were his children. And Vahagn was perfect. He was a fiery young man, the most menacing son of AR. The most powerful God of the world. Vahagn was the cosmic power. He was scorching fire among the Suns , the source of light among the stars, the most majestic among all spirits. He was the God of the Might among the other Gods. And his birth was marked by a very strong space concussion. And all Gods exulted
at the sight of Vahagn. Asthik bestowed a kiss of love on his forehead and tied to his hand the Cross of the war (Swastica) , convolved by the stars to make his strength be indestructible
Thir opened to Vahagn the mystery of creation. Vahagn must stand on it guard.
And Mihr presented Vahagn the mace, forged from the 1001 Suns.
Vahagn liked very much playing with the mace. None of the Gods could compete with him in throwing maces. Vahagn threw mace and then found it on the distant planets.
And one day, he threw the mace as usual, and went to look for it. Many planets visited Vahagn until he got to the Earth. And there he found his mace, which was half bogged down in the ground. And than in front of Vahagn the mace started to increase in size and occupied a vast territory Then covered with dense green from which the tines of the mace were shining as rugged rocks, facing the sky. It was a beautiful sight. And rapt Vahagn could not withdraw his eyes from it for a long time.

Then he said to the Earth:
Even with your might you could not keep the mace of the Almighty God on your breast as a decoration.
And the Earth responded:
- Oh, Almighty Vahagn, above you is only AR – your and my Creator. By the will of AR, this mace was stuck in my breast to 1001 Suns nourish me so I can give birth to the divine blessings for the immortal Gods .
Vahagn liked the Earth answer and he called all the Gods. The Gods were surprised and asked the wise Thir to explain this phenomenon.

And wise Thir said:
It happened at the behest of AR. The father-AR will create a new God. And the mother Anahit will give birth to him here on the Earth. He will be the first Earth God. And this place will become the cradle of the Earth God. It will be Ararat.
And the Gods have decided to decorate the future cradle, make it look worthy for the Gods.
Thir sculptured mountain ranges by his skilful fingers in the north and in the south, to protect the newborn God from the winds, blowing from the steppes.
Queen of the water Tsovinar created seas on the western and eastern borders, and the cradle adorned with the lakes and rivers.
Vahagn lighted the Sun in the sky over the cradle, to keep cradle always light and warmly.
The God of the love Asthik scattered flowers and roses, created animals and birds for the newborn God.
And the God of justice Mihr in the middle of the cradle grown life-giving tree to remind divine covenant by tender palpitation of the leaves.
So The Gods created the cradle of the God and it was so beautiful that even AR and Anahit admired it and sometimes they went down to the Earth and walked there.
They climbed double-headed Masis, from where could be seen the whole Ararat. Thir erected the magnificent throne on the top of Aragatc for AR Creator. The Gods came to AR for a paternal blessing and flew back to the Masis.



LINKS publishes study on the position of Armenian political parties on the Karabakh conflict

 The British NGO LINKS has just published a study with the views of Armenian political parties on the Karabakh conflict and conflict resolution process. The study is based on face to face interviews with twenty three senior Armenian politicians held earlier this year. The study launches a programme entitled Karabakh: The Big Debate during which the organisation will contribute to creating space for more discussion on the Karabakh issue in the region and beyond.
The second part of the study, reflecting the views of Azerbaijani political parties will be published in a few days time.
In an introduction to the publication, LINKS Executive Director, Dennis Sammut says that the study “maps out the declared positions of the political parties. It helps the reader to understand the domestic political context in which the Karabakh negotiations are taking place. Despite the fact that neither Armenia nor Azerbaijan are perfect democracies the leaders of the two countries cannot ignore the views of the politically active part of society on the iissue, which all agree is of vital importance for both countries”.

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Dear Armenian Christian

Attached you will find the Armenian Aryan Order’s proposal to secure the perpetuity of  the Armenian Nation.The Armenian Nation’s very existence  is in danger, due, in large part  to apostolical church’s affiliation with the Ecumenic Movement, which is just a cover,  promoting one world religion for a one world government. Armenia is being trampled, stamped and crushed by various religious cults,  unnatural sexual orientation activists  and other degenerative movements;  The church’s only reaction was paying a lip service to it.Is this the Nationalistic church you have always believed that  saved the Nation when we were stateless? Were you aware of their intentions before they joined that movement?

Of course not! The church has always taken you for granted. I’m afraid but have you ever seen a wolf worried about the sheep’s opinion?

But you are not a sheep. You are Armenian. Stand up and bring them to accountability. Make them pay. Force them to leave the movement. You have the right. Excercize it.

The truth is the church has never saved the Nation. The Nation has saved the church. EVERYTIME. EVERYWHERE.

What are you going to do? Wait till they destroy Armenia? Or wonder when will Obama utter the word “genocide”?

What will you gain when the whole world recognizes the Genocide and Armenia is Lost?

Its your turn now. Don’t let them run away with this crime.

Armenian Nationalists Union council

Yerevan, Armenia

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Armenians Should Know the Truth

For one hundred years, it has been said that the evil Turks were responsible for the 1915 genocide of Armenians upon their ancient lands.  What is not told is thatin 1492, King Ferdinand of Spain issued an edict to expel from Spain all remaining Jews who did not convert to Christianity. When the news of expulsion reached the Ottoman Empire, the Sultan (Emperor) Beyazit II issued a decree to welcome the Jews. Since 1492, through five centuries, the Ottoman sultans and the modern day Turkish Republic welcomed the Jews and offered them a safe haven from persecution in the European countries. While many European nations expelled, persecuted or tried to convert the Jews under their dominion, the Turkish people of the Ottoman Empire remained as an outstanding example of tolerance of different nationalities with different religions. (Reference:  “Turkish Jews – Brief History”)

This paragraph contradicts “tolerance of nationalities” by Turkey.  If this was true, why had the Greek (1914) and Armenian (1915) genocides taken place in Turkey?


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Armenian Aryans hail retaliation against Azeris

The Armenian Aryan Union has issued a statement over the Azerbaijani armed forces’ violations of the Ceasefire Accord across the Contact Line, expressing willingness to be actively involved in the Armenian troops’ retaliatory operations.
Hailing the Armenian authorities’ decision to retaliate the enemy, the Union members say Azerbaijan’s aggression will no longer go unpunished.
Citing the Defense Ministry’s statement promising Armenia’s non-equivalent response for each soldiers’ life, the Armenian Aryans say they are also willing to comply with such instruction.
“As the Armenian president has said, a soldier’s life is of great value – also for us – and the enemy has to pay a tenfold price for the loss of each Armenian soldier,” they say in the statement.
The Aryans further hail the Nagorno-Karabakh (Artsakh) Defense Army’s recent statement saying that the Armenian forces preventive operations left seven Azerbaijanis dead and injured (in return for the death of two Armenian servicemen).
“To avoid political rebellions inside the country, the Azerbaijani authorities resort to provocations in order to remain clinged to power, but Armenia’s retaliatory blows should be a scourge to such provocations. Once the opportunity arrives, we must attack the enemy’s military positions, extending the borders of Armenia to its natural historical territories on the east,” the authors of the statement say.
Having the above objective in view, they call they call upon the Defense Ministry to provide a prompter and tougher response to the irregularities in the army, establishing strict accountability measures against those guilty.


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The Masonic Order and Christianity

Most People who join Masonic organizations have no idea what Masonry actually teaches. Many join for social reasons while others join for the benefits and prestige it offers. When they enter the Masonic Lodge they are faced with many symbols all with hidden meanings. Even Masonic leaders are well aware that the majority of people who join the Masons do not really know what Masonry teaches.

In fact, Masonry intentionally misleads those Masons who have recently joined. The symbols and ceremonies of masonry have more than one meaning.

When one studies Masonic literature, it is quite evident that there are definite conflicts between Christianity and Freemasonry.  James 5:12 informs us that “about all things, brethren, swear not, neither by heaven, neither by earth, neither by any other oath.”  But the first thing that the person entering Masonry does is to take an oath, which is in violation of God’s Word.  This is the first area of conflict between Christianity and Masons.

Who is the God of Masonry?

Masons emphasize that to participate in the Masonic rituals “one must believe and worship a Supreme Being.”  Is this Supreme Being the same God as the Christians worship, or is he a different god?  But this Supreme Being is not the only god Masons worship!  Many gods and goddesses are worshiped through the symbolism and rituals of Masonry.  A few of the many gods that are worshiped are:  Osiris, Bacchus, Dionysus, Adonis, and Mithra.

A conflict between the Degrees of Masonry and the Bible is that the Bible warns against astrology, yet the Lodge is set up in such a way as to correspond with twelve signs of the zodiac, which is astrology.  It should be noticed that the symbol of salvation is the “brazen serpent!”  Once again Christ is set aside for another symbol of salvation.   The Bible specifies that the serpent represents Satan; Masonry uses the serpent as a symbol of salvation.  Revelation 22:16 explains:  “I Jesus am the root and offspring of David, and the Bright and Morning Star.”  Now, do the Masons worship Jesus as the “bright and morning star?”  There are several reasons why this answer is “NO!”  One reason is that everything in the Lodge is symbolical of something else, so if the “bright and morning star” is Christ in reality, it is only a symbol to the Mason.

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Armenia – “One World” Slavery

Armenia’s foreign debt for April 1, 2011 reached USD 3.382 billion. Armenia owes the World Bank USD 1.305 billion which is 38.6 % of its entire foreign debt. Armenia also owes to the different organizations affiliated to the World Bank USD 1.19 billion and these figures show that more than two thirds (2/3) of Armenia’s debt is to the World Bank and its affiliated bodies. Apart from World Bank, Armenia owes money to EBRD, OPEC, Asian Development Bank, the International Foundation for Agriculture Development, IMF and others. Armenia also owes Russia, Japan, Germany, USA, and France.

Economic genocide has been committed against Armenia since the declaration of its sovereignty from the Soviet system. The Application of the International Financial Institutions (IFI) structural adjustment programs that have been put in place favor the internationalism of macro-economic policy under the direct control of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank.

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Artavazd is in the center

The last dictator of the Soviet Union, Mikhail Gorbachev (a member of the Trilateral Commission), sought only to mend the roof of his giant empire when its socialist foundations were rotten to the core.

In the west and even in the east, the symptoms of the Socialist disease have been discussed but not its ideological, political, or economic causes. For this reason, I would like to take this opportunity to inform the reader about the ideological foundations of Soviet power and about the real reasons behind the decision to spread Socialism-Communism throughout the world using cunning and violence, a decision, which has resulted in the greatest spiritual, social and ecological catastrophe in the history of mankind.

We do indeed find some similarities between the communist system and the power structure of the Christian church, especially regarding the ideology and the intolerant attitude. Even a few Christians (not many) have, in retrospect, condemned the Fathers of the Church for their atrocious acts of violence and for laying the foundations of a system of religious totalitarianism in Europe.  Certain Christians have called these criminal Fathers of the Church and other barbaric lay members “sham” Christians.


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Media coverage

Aryan Union Leader in Hospital: Car Accident or Savage Attack?

[ 2009/05/05 | 13:58 ]  hetq.am

The Armenian Aryan Union and the “Lousantsk” weekly have issued a statement regarding the alleged car accident on May 4 involving Union leader Armen Avetisyan. The statement claims that the wounds suffered by Mr. Avetisyan show that rather than being hit by a car, he was assaulted and beaten by as yet unknown assailants.

The statement says that Mr. Avetisyan had been phoned by a man called Arkady between 10 am to noon, yesterday. The man said he was calling from the National Security Service. Mr. Avetisyan left his office to meet with Arkady in the vicinity of the “Ayrarat” movie house for a meeting scheduled at 12:20 pm. At 1:10 pm, Mr. Avetisyan called his office to say that he was returning. When he failed to show up, the office staff tried to reach him on his cell phone but he didn’t answer.

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A statement by Professor Israel Shahak

Last Sunday in Jerusalem, a Jew spat on a cross carried by Armenian archbishop Nourhan Manougian. The attack led to a scuffle in which the archbishop’s medallion, worn by Armenian archbishops since the 17th century, was broken.
Your browser may not support display of this image.The Jew, a student of the Talmud, received no jail time or fine.  Meanwhile, Jews are considering whether to initiate criminal proceedings against the archbishop. They may charge him with assault for slapping the yeshiva student.

[Image: a Jewish yeshiva (religious school), where students learn that love of their fellow Jews is the highest moral duty, and that hostility toward non-Jews and disrespect for their religious symbols are obligatory expressions of piety.]
Archbishop Manougian says he and his colleagues have already learned to live with the spitting. “I no longer get worked up by Jews who turn around and spit when I pass them by in the street; but to approach in the middle of a religious procession and to spit on the cross in front of all the priests of the sect is humiliation that we are not prepared to accept,” he said.
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It’s common knowledge, he reveals, CIA, Mossad behind terror attacks

By the Staff of American Free Press

(Issue #52, December 24, 2007)

Former Italian President Francesco Cossiga, who revealed the existence of Operation Gladio, has told Italy’s oldest and most widely read newspaper that the 9-11 terrorist attacks were run by the CIA and Mossad, and that this was common knowledge among global intelligence agencies. In what translates awkwardly into English, Cossiga told the newspaper Corriere della Sera:

“All the [intelligence services] of America and Europe…know well that the disastrous attack has been planned and realized from the Mossad, with the aid of the Zionist world in order to put under accusation the Arabic countries and in order to induce the western powers to take part … in Iraq [and] Afghanistan.”

Cossiga was elected president of the Italian Senate in July 1983 before winning a landslide election to become president of the country in 1985, and he remained until 1992.
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By Christian Jewish Brother Nathanael Kapner: bronathanael @ yahoo.com

Real Jew News (SM)
Brother Nathanael Kapner; PO Box 1242; Frisco CO 80443.

Business as usual is a powerful motivating force especially when Jews like the Rothschilds are running an oil business. Banking is the forte of the Jewish House of Rothschilds. But raw materials-especially oil-are money in the bank.

The Young Turk movement, AKA Committee of Union and Progress, arose out of the Rothschilds’ oil interests in the Black Sea area of the Ottoman Empire in the late 1800s. ‘Creating stability’ in an incendiary realm was necessary for the Rothschilds’ new oil enterprise Baku Oil.  The instability of the Armenian Christians’ financial and intellectual prominence in the area was not “good for business.”



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Syrian lawmaker: what happens in Gaza a real holocaust

Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee in Syrian parliament says what happens in Gaza by Israeli regime is a real Holocaust. On the sideline of one day-long conference on violation of human rights by the Zionist regime in the Gaza Strip being held at the Esteqlal Hotel, northern Tehran, attended by a large number of domestic and international lawyers, judges and university professors, Suleiman Haddad told Qodsna that international community must bring Zionist regime’s officials to international court for crimes they commit against Palestinians. Israel, if really want to reach a peace should implement UN resolution, Haddad said. Israel is like an island in the other Arab, he said, If want real peace should withdraw from all territories which occupied before. They (Israelis) should recognize Palestinian independence and the capital of Palestinian Al-Quds, Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee said. He also said Zionists should accept and agree all refugees to come back their motherland


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Ahmadinejad: A united global force must try Zionist criminals

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said Wednesday that the Zionist regime has emerged from several lies by the colonial regimes of the world and that it was designed to help them dominate the entire world.
He made the remarks in a speech to the Fourth International Conference in Support of Palestine: the Model of Resistance, and Gaza: the Victim of War Crimes.
The President said years of displacement of over 5 millions of Palestinians, thousands of dead and injured on their part, several deadly wars, occupation, assassinations, and the Gaza tragedy were only part of the mission of the fake Zionist regime.
“Today it has turned that the imposition of the Zionist occupying regime was not aimed at supporting the Jews rather it was a design of the powers which emerged from the two world wars,” the President said.
He said the mission of the founders and supporters of the Zionist regime was to maintain threat and impede the progress of nations, sow discord and set up markets for the sales of western made arms after pillaging he resources of innocent nations.
Ahmadinejad said the superpowers under the pretext of keeping the security of the Zionist regime impede the progress of other nations and section independent countries. “They also press committed directors like the Sudanese President in a bid to prevent other countries from moving independently,” Ahmadinejad said.


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“The Greatest Challenge Facing Us”

October 24, 2008



In general, Vartan Oskanian makes a convincing broad view of Armenia’s past, present and future values.  He was Armenia’s foreign minister from 1998 – 2008.  Now, he states:

“Many of our domestic problems are economic. The hopes of Armenia’s aspiring young men and women rest on a fair, open, economic system. This means respecting civil liberties, believing in democracy, actually allowing a rule of law.  Only then, can the individual citizen be unafraid to risk and venture, and only then, will we harness the energy of our society, economically and politically.

“Only then, will it be able to create jobs so that they see their future in Armenia, and they see Armenia’s future in themselves.

“Only then, will we manage to eradicate poverty so that all our people begin to believe that living in a country that is ours is better than living in someone else’s empire.

“Only then, will we succeed in identifying corruption as the evil that limits options, suffocates innovation, restricts enterprise and slams the door of opportunity.

“Only then, will we do away with nepotism so that it is what you know, not who you know that counts.


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