A. Avetisyan and G. Yazedjyan in AFRD meeting


The Armenian Nationalists received an invitation from Dashnaktsutyun to participate in a joint press conference alongside other forces opposing the so-called armenian-turkish protocols. Despite the differences regarding the protocols (which the  Armenian Nationalists Union and the Armenian Aryan Order reject completely and altogether),  the Armenian nationalists  accepted the invitation, participated in the press conference  and signed the declaration.

The ANU and AAO knew very well that the ARF while part of the Coalition government, were aware of the so-called Armenian-turkish protocols and had signed an agreement within the coalition that made them POLIITICALLY   responsible for ALL the decisions made; therefore leaving the coalition and declaring themselves opposition a few days after the pre-signing of the protocols on the night of April 22, doesn’t lessen their responsibility an iota. The ANU knew as well that Dashnaktsutyun do not enjoy the trust of the Armenian public.  But the situation was and is critical so we gave them the benefit of the doubt and to assist in the creation of a united front against the Turkish protocols and to present our views we accepted the invitation and participated in the press conference in good faith.  Two of our representatives delivered our points of views which we are convinced are shared by many Armenians and that includes rank and file Dashnaks. Yet, the Dashnak media which supposedly represents the latter were quiet. why?


The ARF tried to silence the views of the Armenian Nationalists which is unacceptable and ridiculous. Moreover, this fact raises suspicions that the ARF leadership do  not endorse ANU and AAO slogan- “Not a Single Inch of Land” to cede and are ready to compromise when the opportunity comes…

Here you have an opportunity to listen to the ANU views delivered by historian Gevork Yezjian and Armenian Aryan  Order leader Armen Avetisyan,- the views , the ARF leadership didn’t want you to hear… but you will!

Gevork Yazjian and Armen Avetisyan Speak at the conference

Armenian Nationalists’ Union



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