Armenia – “One World” Slavery

Armenia’s foreign debt for April 1, 2011 reached USD 3.382 billion. Armenia owes the World Bank USD 1.305 billion which is 38.6 % of its entire foreign debt. Armenia also owes to the different organizations affiliated to the World Bank USD 1.19 billion and these figures show that more than two thirds (2/3) of Armenia’s debt is to the World Bank and its affiliated bodies. Apart from World Bank, Armenia owes money to EBRD, OPEC, Asian Development Bank, the International Foundation for Agriculture Development, IMF and others. Armenia also owes Russia, Japan, Germany, USA, and France.

Economic genocide has been committed against Armenia since the declaration of its sovereignty from the Soviet system. The Application of the International Financial Institutions (IFI) structural adjustment programs that have been put in place favor the internationalism of macro-economic policy under the direct control of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank.

The IMF tightly monitors and provides resources for the reconstructing of the Central Bank. This means that the IMF rather than the Armenian Government controls money creation, and so, becomes the vehicle able to paralyze the financing of real economic development. Incapable of using domestic monetary policy to mobilize its internal resources, the country becomes increasingly dependent on international sources of funding which has the added consequence of increasing the level of external indebtedness.

The Nobel Prize winner in economics, Joseph Stiglitz, was the chief economist of the World Bank until 1999.  He stated that, “National leaders do not usually object to the sell off of state industries.  Instead, they use World Bank demands to silence local critics.  The 10 percent commissions paid to local ministers seem to satisfy their dreams of wealth.  All they do is shave a few million off the price and wire it to a Swiss bank account.  The U.S. Government knows this.”  Of course, as long as the leaders of the country go along with the loan agreements, they will finance their re-elections.

To put it simply:  Armenia’s leaders must sell assets of the nation in order to pay (only the interest) on the money they are borrowing for running the government.  It is under these conditions that Armenia is not able to build its economy based upon its natural creativeness.


For 65 years Armenia did not have total control of its destiny under the Soviet system.  Now, after so-called freedom of over 20 years, the International Financial Institutions (IFI) are in control of its destiny.  The only difference now, is that the population is forced to leave the country, making it more vulnerable for extinguishing the Armenian nation. That, of course, is the intent of the internationalists.  During the last years of the Soviet Union there were slightly more than four million Armenians, and now, there exists only about two million.  The remaining populace is influenced and contaminated by external social influences from the west, which slowly affects the character of the nation. “One World Government” is their goal.  Nationalism is their only impediment.

Today, the Armenian government has borrowed such huge amounts of funds from “one-world” banks that they will never be able to pay them back. The reason the international banks are anxious to loan funds, is that they can dictate to Armenia’s government its future and destiny. At some point, very soon, the constitution of Armenia should state that the government is forbidden to pay interest on foreign borrowed money. There should not be another private entity such as the “Armenian Central Bank,” which has tentacles with international world banks. The Armenian Government should immediately begin printing their own money and regulating its value relative to gold.  Selling control of their gold mines was a national criminal act.  If there is any source of gold left, they should immediately reclaim it with a parliamentary authoritative edict stating, “that no mined gold can leave the country.”  It should be stored in vaults and under security of the army.

It is most difficult for a small nation such as Armenia to withstand one-world external forces that are harmful to its existence.  One of the predominant methods used to weaken Armenia is to eliminate its sense of nationalism.  This is done by contaminating the nation’s culture, the usage of money to create greed of its leaders, stagnate its economy in order to depopulate the nation, destroy its Christian religion by the introduction of cults, atheism, new age movements, world religion, homosexuality and immorality.

At this time it would be most wise and prudent for the Armenian Parliament (with full authority) to decide printing its own currency for circulation to the populace, while concurrently reducing the burden of debt created by borrowing from the thievery of international banking institutions.

Armenia must be the master of its own wealth.

Ardavast Avakian

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