The Masonic Order and Christianity

Most People who join Masonic organizations have no idea what Masonry actually teaches. Many join for social reasons while others join for the benefits and prestige it offers. When they enter the Masonic Lodge they are faced with many symbols all with hidden meanings. Even Masonic leaders are well aware that the majority of people who join the Masons do not really know what Masonry teaches.

In fact, Masonry intentionally misleads those Masons who have recently joined. The symbols and ceremonies of masonry have more than one meaning.

When one studies Masonic literature, it is quite evident that there are definite conflicts between Christianity and Freemasonry.  James 5:12 informs us that “about all things, brethren, swear not, neither by heaven, neither by earth, neither by any other oath.”  But the first thing that the person entering Masonry does is to take an oath, which is in violation of God’s Word.  This is the first area of conflict between Christianity and Masons.

Who is the God of Masonry?

Masons emphasize that to participate in the Masonic rituals “one must believe and worship a Supreme Being.”  Is this Supreme Being the same God as the Christians worship, or is he a different god?  But this Supreme Being is not the only god Masons worship!  Many gods and goddesses are worshiped through the symbolism and rituals of Masonry.  A few of the many gods that are worshiped are:  Osiris, Bacchus, Dionysus, Adonis, and Mithra.

A conflict between the Degrees of Masonry and the Bible is that the Bible warns against astrology, yet the Lodge is set up in such a way as to correspond with twelve signs of the zodiac, which is astrology.  It should be noticed that the symbol of salvation is the “brazen serpent!”  Once again Christ is set aside for another symbol of salvation.   The Bible specifies that the serpent represents Satan; Masonry uses the serpent as a symbol of salvation.  Revelation 22:16 explains:  “I Jesus am the root and offspring of David, and the Bright and Morning Star.”  Now, do the Masons worship Jesus as the “bright and morning star?”  There are several reasons why this answer is “NO!”  One reason is that everything in the Lodge is symbolical of something else, so if the “bright and morning star” is Christ in reality, it is only a symbol to the Mason.


A Masonic writer Foster Bailey says:  “Stage by stage they (the Masters of Wisdom) assist at the unfolding of the consciousness of the candidate until the time comes when he can “enter into light,” and, in turn become a light bearer, one of the Illuminati who can assist the Lodge on High in bringing humanity to light.”

The “Masters of Wisdom” are spirit guides (actually demons) who are supposedly directing the way to a One World Order.  The Illuminati is an organization that was founded on May 1, 1776 by a Jesuit priest, Adam Weishaupt.  The name “Illuminati” is derived from Lucifer, (the Devil) The Illuminati was dedicated to a “New World Order” or “One World Government” (the exact goal of the new-agers of today).  The date (May 1, 1776) is represented on every American dollar bill.  On the back of the dollar bill will be found on the left side a pyramid with the all-seeing-eye above it.  You will also notice that the capstone (or cornerstone) has been removed and is replaced with an all-seeing-eye.  “MDCCLXXVI which is 1776, and the words on the ribbon at the bottom are the words ‘NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM” which means “New World Order!”

An Anglican priest, writing under the pseudonym of Vindex calls Christianity a “Subsidiary and Secondary” belief, and so, a Mason whether he realizes it or not, is relegating his Christian faith to second place and putting Masonry first.  Matthew 6:24 reminds us:  “No man can serve two masters!  For either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other.  Ye cannot serve God and mammon.”  Elsewhere Matthew states:  “Thou shalt worship the Lord thy God, and him only shalt thou serve (Matthew 4:10).”


Dr. Cathy Burns has a degree in Bible philosophy and has spent many years doing extensive research on the New Age movement and related subjects.  She has written many articles, tracts, and booklets on various subjects.  Her name is listed in Who’s Who in Religion;   Two Thousand Outstanding Intellectuals of the 20th Century;  Five Hundred Notable Women;  Outstanding People of the 20th Century;  Who’s Who in the East; Who’s Who in America;  World Who’s Who of Women;  Dictionary of International Biography;   and Two Thousand Notable American Women.


It is impossible to be a Christian and a Mason at the same time.


The Ideological Background of the Illuminati

In 1492, the Alumbrado (The Enlightened) movement was founded by Spanish Marranos (baptized Jews who secretly kept their Talmudic faith) and a similar organization was founded in France in 1623 – “Guerients” who changed their name to Illuminati in 1722.  The Spanish authorities attempted to stop the Alumbrado movement as early as 1527 when Ignatius Loyola was temporarily arrested for his activities with the Illuminati.

On the night of Wednesday, May 1, 1776, three men gathered at the house of a young law professor, Adam Weishaupt, in the Bavarian town of Ingolstadt.  They had decided to found a secret order to undermine the social system, at first, called the Orden der Perfektibilisten (The Order of Perfectibilists).  Weishaupt had been working on the plans for this order ever since 1770.  There was also another man who later went under the pseudonym Tiberius, though nothing more is known about him.

All the members used pseudonyms in connection with their work.  Weishaupt called himself Spartacus; Massenhausen became Ajax; and Zwack, Cato.  Not long afterwards, in 1779, the Order was renamed Orden der Illuminaten.  Their primary watchword was:  “The Illuminati must control the world!” In 1779, Spartacus (Weishaupt) had written a letter to Marius (Jakob Anton von Hertel) and Cato (Zwack) and suggested a change of name.  They intended to call themselves “Bienenorden” (Order of Bees) but they kept to “Orden der Illuminaten” in the end.  Professor Weishaupt’s religion authorized its members to use any means that would benefit the goal of the Illuminati.  That goal was simple: the destruction of all Christianity.

1886 was a big year for those uncovering the evidence that this conspiracy existed.  Henry Edward Manning, Archbishop of Westminster, England, who wrote that the Communist International was: “ the work of secret, political societies, which from 1789 to this day have been perfecting their formation.” He said that this conspiracy “is now a power in the midst of the Christian and civilized world, pledged to the destruction of Christianity and the old civilization of Europe.”  


A few years ago I received the following message:

Dear Mr. Ardavast,

It is a well-known fact to most Armenians in the Middle East.  When he was ‘elected’ as a Catholicoss after the transfer of the late Garegin II of Cilicia (Garegin I of All Armenians – u
nfortunately yet another Freemason, but with a lesser degree and influence than notorious Aram I) to Echmiadzin, his ‘brothers’ in the Freemason lodge of “East of Kanaan” hung a very large banner on the entire façade of the Catholiccossate of Cilicia in Antelias (suburb of Beirut), congratulating him at the event.  It was indeed very shameful for all conscious Armenians.  He is very influential in the Masonic circles and holds tight contacts with other infamous well-known Freemason statesmen.  Do you have any doubt that had not he been a high-ranked Freemason, would he be appointed chairman of the Zionist den called W.C.C. (World Council of Churches)?

Best regards,

P.S.  I have once seen in a secret internal journal of Lebanese Freemasonry in Arabic, a message forwarded to Aram I where they expressed about their pride having their 33-degree ‘brother’ among their ranks.  Moreover, the presidents of both branches of Freemasonry in Lebanon, i.e. “Grand Loge du Cedre” (Grand Freemason Lodge of the Cedar – Scottish Rite and “East of Kanaan” – US wing) are ethnic Armenian ‘Grand Masters’, one of them is called Michel Zeitunlian.  Can you imagine to what an extent has degeneration reached in the ranks of the descendents of the Great Armenian Genocide?  The ‘traditions’ of Krikor Zohrab, Agnouni, Rouben Zartarian and Tiran Kelekian of the “Ottoman Grand Orient Lodge” is continuing and progressing.

Aramyis Karnetsi  

Aram I is totally devoted to the World Council of Churches headquartered in Geneva Switzerland. One of the movements, which the WCC has supported wholeheartedly, is the ecumenical movement, which actually means (the union of all Christian denominations into one great ecclesiastical body), not for good, but rather for diverting true Christian thought. In essence, the destruction of Christianity.  Aram I is so busy within the WCC, that he has no time concentrating on developing future leaders for Armenia’s Churches. Unfortunately, there is time for Aram I to brainwash existing clergy of the One World Council of Churches, but not defending the 1700-year Armenian Apostolic Church.

Aram I, states:  “Our seminary is a sacred place where committed and visionary people are prepared to serve our Church and people.  More than any time the Seminary of Antelias is called to play a decisive role at this crucial juncture of our history where the needs and expectations of our Church are so many and diverse.”  Diverse = different


In 1994 a few Armenian patriots had gathered at a restaurant in Geneva, Switzerland. It happened that Aram I was there also, since he was visiting the WCC headquarters. A close friend of mine who was present, noticed that Aram I was speaking very “Worldly”. My friend was disgusted.

Today, Armenia’s national churches in the Diaspora are in dire situations. Parishioners are declining, churches are in disrepair, and financially stressed (many in the red).  There is no sign of replacements for retiring priests.  

Throughout the history of Armenian’s ancient Church, there were always defenders that did not allow emperors, kings, tsars or World Council of Churches to change or desecrate their national church.  They defended it with their lives.

The World Council of Churches has long been committed to the social gospel, which means that it has accepted the socialist economic philosophy as the ideal way of life.  The W.C.C. has often expressed deep concern over oppression and injustice especially, they say, as it exists in the capitalist countries.  It seems that truth is not truth, but rather what present day moneychangers (such as those that Christ drove from the temple) want it to be.  Truth should be simple.  Truth is the foundation for all of life, whether for individuals, families, or nations.  

Aram I (illuminati) should be defrocked for contaminating Armenia’s ancient church and identifying it to “orthodox” churches. He should be replaced by a true defender of the Armenian Apostolic Church, in order to return to the purity of its 1700-year church. The criterion for Christian leaders should not only have oratorical skills, but rather, how devotedly they embrace Jesus Christ, instead of having strayed towards The One World Council of Churches. If you are a Mason who is also interested in following Christ, you have a decision to make.  Either you can continue on in Masonry and pay homage and worship to Lucifer, or you must renounce your membership and follow Christ.  There are parish leaders who are true to Christ, but cannot speak out, for fear of being defrocked. They would defend the Christian Armenian Apostolic Church.                                                  

Oh! Catholicos Khrimian Hairik, where art thou?

Compiled and authored by;

Ardavast Avakian

Livonia Michigan

June 17, 2011


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