Armenian Aryans hail retaliation against Azeris

The Armenian Aryan Union has issued a statement over the Azerbaijani armed forces’ violations of the Ceasefire Accord across the Contact Line, expressing willingness to be actively involved in the Armenian troops’ retaliatory operations.
Hailing the Armenian authorities’ decision to retaliate the enemy, the Union members say Azerbaijan’s aggression will no longer go unpunished.
Citing the Defense Ministry’s statement promising Armenia’s non-equivalent response for each soldiers’ life, the Armenian Aryans say they are also willing to comply with such instruction.
“As the Armenian president has said, a soldier’s life is of great value – also for us – and the enemy has to pay a tenfold price for the loss of each Armenian soldier,” they say in the statement.
The Aryans further hail the Nagorno-Karabakh (Artsakh) Defense Army’s recent statement saying that the Armenian forces preventive operations left seven Azerbaijanis dead and injured (in return for the death of two Armenian servicemen).
“To avoid political rebellions inside the country, the Azerbaijani authorities resort to provocations in order to remain clinged to power, but Armenia’s retaliatory blows should be a scourge to such provocations. Once the opportunity arrives, we must attack the enemy’s military positions, extending the borders of Armenia to its natural historical territories on the east,” the authors of the statement say.
Having the above objective in view, they call they call upon the Defense Ministry to provide a prompter and tougher response to the irregularities in the army, establishing strict accountability measures against those guilty.

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