24 april the commemoration day of Genocide victims

On 24th april Armenian Aryan Order (AAO) members and Consolidation of Armenian Nationalists  (CAN)  visited the Genocide Memorial in Tsitsernakaberd.

The 97-th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide is being completed today. During 1915-1923 in Ottoman Turkey and Western Armenian Territories, The Zionist-Turkish planned Genocide around 3,5 million Armenians were massacred.

As in Armenia, Likewise in the Armenian Diaspora, all Armenians organize commemoration ceremonies, which are attended by progressive people of that country as well. Hundreds of thousands attend Armenian Genocide Memorial in Yerevan with foreign guests joining them, to pay tribute to the memory of the innocent victims.

We call on all the honest and progressive people of the world to unite and urge their countries’ authorities to denounce the Armenian Genocide. Doing so, you avert also the danger of possible genocides that might happen and you contribute, so that the Armenian Cause.
Armenian Aryan Order

Consolidation of Armenian Nationalists

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