Armenians Should Know the Truth

For one hundred years, it has been said that the evil Turks were responsible for the 1915 genocide of Armenians upon their ancient lands.  What is not told is thatin 1492, King Ferdinand of Spain issued an edict to expel from Spain all remaining Jews who did not convert to Christianity. When the news of expulsion reached the Ottoman Empire, the Sultan (Emperor) Beyazit II issued a decree to welcome the Jews. Since 1492, through five centuries, the Ottoman sultans and the modern day Turkish Republic welcomed the Jews and offered them a safe haven from persecution in the European countries. While many European nations expelled, persecuted or tried to convert the Jews under their dominion, the Turkish people of the Ottoman Empire remained as an outstanding example of tolerance of different nationalities with different religions. (Reference:  “Turkish Jews – Brief History”)

This paragraph contradicts “tolerance of nationalities” by Turkey.  If this was true, why had the Greek (1914) and Armenian (1915) genocides taken place in Turkey?


Mehmet Talaat Pasha (1874-1921), also known as Talaat Bey, was the principal architect of the Armenian Genocide. He was active in the Young Turk movement seeking to overthrow Sultan Abdul Hamid (Abdulhamit) II.  He joined the Committee of Union and Progress (CUP).  He was at the hub of Turkish revolutionary plotting. After the 1908 Young Turk Revolution, Talaat became one of the most influential politicians of the Ottoman Empire.  In 1909 he was appointed Minister of the Interior. By 1912 he was Secretary General of the CUP.  The following year he seized complete power in the Ottoman Empire.


Talaat was one of the main advocates of the Turkification of the Ottoman Empire.  As Minister of the Interior, he assumed primary responsibility for planning and implementing the Armenian Genocide.  De Nogales, in his Four Years Beneath the Crescent (Charles Scribners Sons, 1926 p.26), reveals Talaat as “the renegade Hebrew (Donme) of Salonika.”  A “Donme” is a kind of Marrano Jew, a descendant of Jewish refugees in Turkey who pretended to be Muslims. Talaat employed the system of provincial administration subordinate to his direct authority as the main instrument for carrying out the deportations.  The 1915 orders for the eviction of the Armenians from their homes carried his signature, much as subsequent orders clarifying the originally disguised intentions of the deportations as annihilation also bear his name.  Talaat personally supervised the process and his ability to operate a telegraph machine enhanced his capacity to carry out the policies of his government through direct and secret communications to other CUP cohorts specifically assigned provincial administrative posts to receive and carry out the orders.


This method of operation circumvented the machinery of the central government and permitted a handful of CUP fanatics to subvert the state in order to carry out their criminal conspiracy.  The organized and scheduled depopulation of Armenians from one town after another was carried out with complete surprise and minimal cost. Their systematic liquidation was moved to remote locations, and methodically plundered Armenian properties. This demonstrated Talaat’s capacity of calculated cruelty.  This also increased his power and prestige in the CUP.  Talaat went so far as to expressly order the destruction of young Armenian orphans.  In February 1917, Talaat became Grand Vizier, earning him the title Pasha. 


With Zionists in total control of Turkey, it was easy to use the Turks to do the dirty work.  For centuries, the Zionists have known how to use others to fight and die for them.  A present example is their training and arming Azerbaijan (enemy of Armenia). The purpose is to encompass Iran, again, using others.


It cannot be denied that Zionism has been destructive to Armenia and its people for thousands of years of Armenia’s Pagan history.   Zionist Young Turks captured Turkey in 1908.  In 1915, Turkey’s Zionist Interior Minister Mehmet Talaat Pasha architected the massacre of over one million Armenians upon their ancient lands.  Zionist Communists infiltrated the nation of Russia in 1917.  They colluded with Turkey’s Zionist Young Turks and were able to steal Armenian land when it was a Soviet slave.


What is incomprehensible is that Armenians worldwide are not aware of who were the primary instigators of the genocide of 1915.  Every Armenian organization and media have never uttered a word about the part Zionism has played in the cruel annihilation of their forefathers.  Even the patriotic Armenian Revolutionary Federation has never identified the Zionists as the primary architects of the 1915 Armenian Genocide.  They campaign vigorously for world governments to recognize the genocide; but only target Turkey as the criminal, ignoring the instigators of the 1915 genocide, the Zionists.  


Question:   Why is it that Armenians worldwide have not known the truth about their genocide?  Why has the truth of the Zionist factor not been exposed?  Armenian organizations and their media have always known the tru
th, but have ignored it.




Compiled and authored

By Ardavast Avakian

May 4, 2012

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