More than 40 communities and organisations signed under the declaration organised by  The AAO youngs “Vogu Pahapanner” also put their signature


We strongly believe that any attempts at political gambling or speculations to surrender the liberated armenian territory by no means provide a sensible solution to the Karabakh conflict. On the contrary, they represent a mortal threat not only to the future of Artsakh but also to the integrity of the Armenian statehood. Trapped in a swamp of “constructive negotiations” Armenian politicians do nothing but endanger the very existence of the Armenian nation and make us involuntary witnesses to what can be described as a modern “Munich Agreement” which could leave us in a strategic deadlock and most surely contribute to an unleashing of new aggressions against both the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic and the Republic of Armenia.

Today, on May 28th, when Armenians all over the world proudly celebrate the creation of the first Armenian Republic of 1918, we would also like to remind of the disgraceful end of that very same republic in 1920. As a consequence of the so-called “constructive compromises” and “diplomatic maneuvers” by then Armenian government, Kars, Igdyr, the holy Mount Ararat and the ancient capital of Ani were surrendered without firing a single shot. And as a result tens of thousands lives had perished in vain.

We demand and urge the current government and political leaders call an immediate halt to any discussions or negotiations regarding the possible surrender of the liberated regions of Artsakh. We also insist on complete declassification of the information for the ongoing negotiations in view of the fact that concealments of any information vital for the future of the Armenian nation are utterly unacceptable.

Any politician or public officer, regardless of his/her previous honors for serving the nation, who should openly declare or demonstrate a willingness to surrender Armenian lands, will be regarded a national traitor and a blatant enemy of the state.

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