– LINKS publishes study on the position of Armenian political parties on the Karabakh conflict 

The British NGO LINKS has just published a study with the views of Armenian political parties on the Karabakh conflict and conflict resolution process. The study is based on face to face interviews with twenty three senior Armenian politicians held earlier this year. The study launches a programme entitled Karabakh: The Big Debate during which the organisation will contribute to creating space for more discussion on the Karabakh issue in the region and beyond.

The second part of the study, reflecting the views of Azerbaijani political parties will be published in a few days time.
In an introduction to the publication, LINKS Executive Director, Dennis Sammut says that the study “maps out the declared positions of the political parties. It helps the reader to understand the domestic political context in which the Karabakh negotiations are taking place. Despite the fact that neither Armenia nor Azerbaijan are perfect democracies the leaders of the two countries cannot ignore the views of the politically active part of society on the iissue, which all agree is of vital importance for both countries”…


The Armenian Aryan Order was established in 1998 and is led by Armen Avetisyan (Party Chairman) – who has held the position from the party’s creation.


* * *

It’s Spring Re-awakening- Aryan New Year

On March 21-st, it’s Spring Re-awakening-Aryan New Year.   Aryan New Year and Armenians’ God of War and Power Vahagn’s rebirth celebrations.
The festive rituals will conduct by the Armenyan Aryan Orders  priests. Afterwards, there will be concerts, celebratings.
The Armenian-Aryans will glorify the re-awakening of the Spring, the Vahagn God,  The Armenian Gods and The Creator of the Universe.
The New Year event organized by  “Armeian Aryan Order” and “Armenian Nationalists Union”.
Let Universal Spring bring re-awakening to all Aryans of the World.


Laboured the Sky, laboured the Earth,

In between the two

The coral-red sea laboured in mirth.

And the red bamboo too

In the coral-red sea blushed and gave birth.

Off the red bamboo smoke is fuming out,

Off the red bamboo flame is bursting out.

The flame has seized all of the red cane,

The coral-red sea is caught up in flames.

There comes out a child – off the red flare.

Vahagn it is – all young and in glare.

With a beard like flame and lips like fire,

With a sun-flamed crown in his flamed, ginger hair,

And eyes like twin Suns, shining in full dare.

Այս գրառումը հրապարակվել է Armenian Aryan Order խորագրում։ Էջանշեք մշտական հղումը։