Last Year from July 12 till August 14, the Israeli Army under the pretence of “Great Middle East” tried to force Lebanon to its knees, by means of smashing the Lebanese Resistance Led by Hizbollah, which strongly opposes the Anglo-American-Zionist plan for Middle East dominance. Success would have been a prologue prior to attacking Iran and Syria, but the invasion proved to be an epilogue for the Zionists. 

The Israeli Army invaded the land of an independent state and through aerial bombardment (using forbidden and illegal weaponry as well) and other war operations tried to reach its objectives.

Before the Lebanese Army taking action, the Hizbollah Fighters led by His Eminence Sayed Hasan Nasrallah, faced the enemy. The Israeli Army suffered a disgraceful defeat and the simple truth was proven once again that when defending the country those with National Desire and Fighting Spirit will Triumph in the end.

We congratulate the Lebanese People and the Hizbollah freedom Fighters for this glorious victory and wish you a definitive final victory.

Armenian Aryan Order
Supreme Council

Այս գրառումը հրապարակվել է Armenian Aryan Order, Aryan Party of Armenia խորագրում։ Էջանշեք մշտական հղումը։