The Armenian Aryan Order expresses its concern regarding Turkish military units’ incursion into Iraq. The Turkish army, with the obvious consent ofthe Western countries and the connivance of the puppet administration in Iraq, has penetrated deep inside northern Iraqi territory to carry out so called punitive measures against Kurdish terrorists of PKK. This is similar to the American strategy of occupying Iraq which resulted in the collapse of the Iraqi economy, in the region’s risingtensionsand in the deaths oftens of thousands ofinnocent people.

Under the silent gaze of UN countries, the Turkish army unquestioningly invades a neighboring country’s territory, violating Iraq’s independence and international laws, firmly convinced that it can always hide behind the Anglo-American Alliance.
A similar incursion has occurred before, when the Turkish army invaded Cyprus, divided the independent country to establish a Turkish state and refuses to end the occupation to this day.Who will be responsible if again the Turks refuse to leave the Iraqi territory? Will again committees be formed for conciliatory purposes, to fool the international community?This issue concerns us from another perspective as well. Some time ago several Turkish leaders were claiming that in the Armenian Territories exists training camps for Kurdish terrorist units. These provocative remarks were never officially denied by Ankara. Consequently, the possibility that one day the Turkish army approaches our borders and invades our territory, under the pretext of carrying out Anti-terrorism operations, should not be ruled out.We appeal to the Armenian authorities, the international progressive community, to intervene in order to prevent the illegal Turkish war operations.
Armenian Aryan Order
Supreme Council


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