To the Russian President V.V. Putin

Distinguished President On behalf of the Armenian-Aryan Order  we  present our congratulations for the  victory in the elections to the State Duma. These elections showed that Russia has chosen a clear political  way aiming to get rid from  the sionist-masonic forces.

We welcome this political goal, as well as the strong stand against the Masters of the West, a concealed world government. We find it right  the appointment of Zubkov  and the dismissal of Fradkov.

We hope that these efforts will carry a stable nature since the  sionist-masonic forces is a worldwide problem. We would like  to see   the actual  Russian-Armenian-Iranian Aryan Union, to which will unite   other advocates of the axis of the Good,  countries such as  Venezuela,  Bolivia, Cuba, Belarussia and others.

Also, we hope that the relations between Armenia and Russia will rise to a qualitatively new level.
The Western countries  are also on their way of National recovery,  so Your route is right and  progressive.

Leader of the Armenian-Aryan Order
Armen Avetisyan

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