We sincerely congratulate You with the day of the Coming of the Sun (winter solstice / vernal equinox) December 22-25 and  with the birth of the Armenian God of Justice  Mihr. We wish You a bright, beneficial and spiritual yearcycle.

The 1st of January is the birthday of the  Great Armenian military commander, philosopher and ideologist  Garegin Njdeh. We invite  all Armenians to kkep bright his remembrance, so that his example may serve as a bright beacon  on our way for the truth.

The 14th of January is the day of  the Armenian Ethnoreligious Doctrine ( Tseghakron). Congratulations to all fo us  in relation to that sigificant event.
Also, since many of our dear compatriots celebrate Christian traditional  holidays, so we congratulate them all with the coming of the New Year with the best wishes of joy and happiness.

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