HolylegendOF ARARAT

Chapter: The sacrament of creation.
There was AR in the beginning. AR had no beginning. He was absolute. And out of time He created the World. Therefore world has no beginning and is absolute.
The Creator (Ararich) was the one. And the Gods were many. And each God was a child of AR. Each God was a radiant Spirit. Each God was a cosmic power. Each God is an immortal power. And the Gods claimed the will of AR in the world, controlled every movement, sensation, attitude, will, mind and love.
And Anahit was the Mother of the Gods. The mother of the coveted secret of creation, the liturgy of hope, the melody of love, the aroma of happiness.
Anahit gave birth to the children for AR – the Gods. And She fed them by the mother’s warmth.
AR was absolute and perfect were his children. And Vahagn was perfect. He was a fiery young man, the most menacing son of AR. The most powerful God of the world. Vahagn was the cosmic power. He was scorching fire among the Suns , the source of light among the stars, the most majestic among all spirits. He was the God of the Might among the other Gods. And his birth was marked by a very strong space concussion. And all Gods exulted
at the sight of Vahagn. Asthik bestowed a kiss of love on his forehead and tied to his hand the Cross of the war (Swastica) , convolved by the stars to make his strength be indestructible
Thir opened to Vahagn the mystery of creation. Vahagn must stand on it guard.
And Mihr presented Vahagn the mace, forged from the 1001 Suns.
Vahagn liked very much playing with the mace. None of the Gods could compete with him in throwing maces. Vahagn threw mace and then found it on the distant planets.
And one day, he threw the mace as usual, and went to look for it. Many planets visited Vahagn until he got to the Earth. And there he found his mace, which was half bogged down in the ground. And than in front of Vahagn the mace started to increase in size and occupied a vast territory Then covered with dense green from which the tines of the mace were shining as rugged rocks, facing the sky. It was a beautiful sight. And rapt Vahagn could not withdraw his eyes from it for a long time.

Then he said to the Earth:
Even with your might you could not keep the mace of the Almighty God on your breast as a decoration.
And the Earth responded:
- Oh, Almighty Vahagn, above you is only AR – your and my Creator. By the will of AR, this mace was stuck in my breast to 1001 Suns nourish me so I can give birth to the divine blessings for the immortal Gods .
Vahagn liked the Earth answer and he called all the Gods. The Gods were surprised and asked the wise Thir to explain this phenomenon.

And wise Thir said:
It happened at the behest of AR. The father-AR will create a new God. And the mother Anahit will give birth to him here on the Earth. He will be the first Earth God. And this place will become the cradle of the Earth God. It will be Ararat.
And the Gods have decided to decorate the future cradle, make it look worthy for the Gods.
Thir sculptured mountain ranges by his skilful fingers in the north and in the south, to protect the newborn God from the winds, blowing from the steppes.
Queen of the water Tsovinar created seas on the western and eastern borders, and the cradle adorned with the lakes and rivers.
Vahagn lighted the Sun in the sky over the cradle, to keep cradle always light and warmly.
The God of the love Asthik scattered flowers and roses, created animals and birds for the newborn God.
And the God of justice Mihr in the middle of the cradle grown life-giving tree to remind divine covenant by tender palpitation of the leaves.
So The Gods created the cradle of the God and it was so beautiful that even AR and Anahit admired it and sometimes they went down to the Earth and walked there.
They climbed double-headed Masis, from where could be seen the whole Ararat. Thir erected the magnificent throne on the top of Aragatc for AR Creator. The Gods came to AR for a paternal blessing and flew back to the Masis.



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