Amanor and Zatik

Armenian Amanor and the birth of Vahagn 

On the 21st of March, in the Aryan-Pagan temple of Garni, the Armenian new year was celebrated. Many guests from different parts of the world were present there. The priests from “Arordineri ukht“  lightened the ceremonial fire and marked the beginning of spring. The new year`s meals and wine had been blessed and were distributed to the celebration participants. Lamb was sacrificed and apricot trees were planted. And thus, the 9591th  birthday of Vahagn was celebrated. 

Easter and the feast of Mother Anahit 

On the 23th of March on the hills of the ancient settlment of Shengavit Armenian Aryans celebrated the Armenian Zatik (Easter). Mother Goddess Anahit is also the patroness of the fertility of Earth Mother. Armenian Aryans play with coloured eggs, singing and dancing till late night. In ancient times dances and songs were accompanied with seed planting ceremonies.

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