Middle East

The Armenian Aryan Order salutes the Palestinian people on the 60th anniversary of its liberation struggle.
In 1948, with the support of various Judeo- Masonic lodges and the sponsorship of their puppet UN, the Zionist chauvinists created the so called state of Israel. Thus’ initiating the international persecution of the people in Palestine and in the other Arabic countries.  60 years have passed but the Palestinians continue their heroic struggle, thus giving the lead, for other people deprived of their rights, in the sense of unceasing struggle for the sake of the fatherland.
Zionism is evil not only for the Palestinians, not only for the other countries in the region but for the whole world. Zionism is evil for all humanity.  Thus the struggle should include all humanity and should be universal. All those states aiming to maintain their nationalistic identity have to fight against Zionist-Masonic forces.
The Armenian nation has a liberation struggle as well, which began and was interrupted by the Nagorno-Karabakh war of liberation and will be terminated by the complete repossession of Historical Armenia.
We declare our support for the Palestinians and for the countries of the region and the world which are struggling against this Zionist evil. The Armenian Aryan Order has joined that struggle long ago.
We desire victory for the Palestinian people, peace for the Lebanese people and solidarity with all the nations and governments which have a common struggle.

Armenian Aryan Order
Supreme Council



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