The 28th anniversary of Armenian-Aryan Order was celebrated 15 december 2021

The Supreme Council congratulates all the members of AAO, sympathizing and supportive members of the organization in connection with this anniversary.

Armenian-Aryan Order was founded in the city of Abovyan (Armenia) at December 15, 1993. Today, the AAO has the structures in the Armenian capital of Yerevan, in all regions of the Republic, as well as in Artsakh, Javakhk and Diaspora.

December 15, 2021 in the principal office of the AAO, a festive event dedicated to the anniversary was organized. AAO leader Armen Avetisyan ( – Armen Avetisyan, The leader of Armenian Arian Order) presented the activities of Armenian Aryans over the last 28 years.
He spoke about Armenia’s independence, protection of borders, the years of the liberation of Artsakh, and the activities that unfolded during all this years of independence enhancement.

Subsequently, members of the Supreme Council together with representatives of the regions have gone to Karmir Bloor where the priests conducted the ritual worship of Universe Creator, Armenian Gods as well as Armenian nation. Armenian-Aryans wished the Armenian people a victorious wake up and reunification.

Rituals were also held near the sculpture of Vahagn God and our forefather Hayk Nahapet about the consolidation and unification of Armenians.
Glory to the Universe Creator, Armenian Gods and Armenians.

The Supreme Council of the Armenian-Aryan Order
15.12.2021y. – Yerevan

* * *

Armenian Aryan Order includes:

1. Armenian Aryan Party of Armeni

2. Armenian Aryan Union Race Worshipers, NGO

3. Armenian Aryan sports and cultural center
4. “Hay-Aria” weekly (Official media and AAURW and APAA).
5. “Ariner” monthly magazine (AAO official seal).
6. “Hayer” Quarterly special  ”Ariner”s
7. Armenian-Aryan group of students
8. Armenian-Aryan youth group
9. Armenian-Aryan group of children and youth
10. Council “Members of the Artsakh War” at the AAO
11. Spiritual Council at AAO
12. Priestly Council at AAO
13. “Keepers of the Spirit” youth and student organization at AAO
14. Center of Aryan studies.
15. “The Aryan Path” industrial-economic organization

… 16-30.

The total number of main, sympathizers and supportive members of the Armenian-Aryan Order is 25.000, of which 15.000 members of Armenian-Aryan Party of Armenia and the 10 thousand are engaged in socio-cultural activities.

Glory to the Universe Creator, Armenian Gods and Armenians.

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