“The Greatest Challenge Facing Us”

October 24, 2008



In general, Vartan Oskanian makes a convincing broad view of Armenia’s past, present and future values.  He was Armenia’s foreign minister from 1998 – 2008.  Now, he states:

“Many of our domestic problems are economic. The hopes of Armenia’s aspiring young men and women rest on a fair, open, economic system. This means respecting civil liberties, believing in democracy, actually allowing a rule of law.  Only then, can the individual citizen be unafraid to risk and venture, and only then, will we harness the energy of our society, economically and politically.

“Only then, will it be able to create jobs so that they see their future in Armenia, and they see Armenia’s future in themselves.

“Only then, will we manage to eradicate poverty so that all our people begin to believe that living in a country that is ours is better than living in someone else’s empire.

“Only then, will we succeed in identifying corruption as the evil that limits options, suffocates innovation, restricts enterprise and slams the door of opportunity.

“Only then, will we do away with nepotism so that it is what you know, not who you know that counts.


“Only then, will our government institutions be more effective because the law makes each citizen powerful, and it is not the powerful who make their own laws.”

It was unfortunate that Foreign Minister Vartan Oskanian did not speak out about the “only thens” during the ten years starting at the time he became Foreign Minister.

If, in 1990, there had been leaders of patriotic dedication  had known about governing under chains of a true constitutional republic, today Armenia would have been considerably stronger in all aspects, regardless of its untenable geographical situation. OH! What an opportunity for creating a strong republic.

Once the shrewd insatiable oligarchs captured the so-called positions of president, prime minister, and the army, Armenia’s populace became their captive slaves.  That gave way to one million souls leaving their land.

During those 10 years that Oskanian was Foreign Affairs Minister, unpatriotic thieves, ignoring the impoverished masses, led the nation. While the traitors were plundering, Vartan Oskanian was in his glory spreading his acquired brainwashed education of one-worldism.  His education of internationalism was acquired at Tufts University Fletcher School of Diplomacy in Bedford, Massachusetts USA. Their web site states: “Tufts University, is recognized as a premium university dedicated to educating few leaders for a changing world.” The Fletcher School states: “The Fletcher School is an institution whose holistic approach prepares its students to be global leaders.

In a Mediamax news release dated October 21, 2003, Vartan Oskanian was quoted as saying:  “First of all, it is necessary for society to realize the fact that Armenia is part of Europe, and integration has no alternatives.”  What is not generally known is that the European Union was created for the purpose of integrating many unions eventually into a single “one world government,” where nationhoods will be eliminated.  In the August 30, 2003 issue of the Armenian Reporter, page 28, Serge Sarkisyan, Armenia’s strong man, is said to have lost considerable sums at the Monte Carlo casino.  This is the same Serge Sarkisyan that allowed the Armenian peoples’ gold mines to be purchased by exterior financiers, instead of defending the mines for backing Armenia’s Dram with gold.  Now those mines are being mined, ignoring destruction of the nations eco system.

What should not be forgotten are the many secret meetings with Azerbaijan that were taking place for years.  There were rumors of concessions being made to return lands adjacent to both sides of Kharabagh.  Those were acts of submission (anything for peace). Serge Sarkisyan and Robert Kocharyan have always been in favor of returning land. How can Oskanian distance himself from immorality and illegalities of the government now, when he was part of the government all along, regardless of his position of immunity from evil?  Giving land would place Kharabagh into the jaws of a vice. When you relinquish two strategic areas surrounding Kharabagh, that will be the beginning of Azerbaijan easily capturing Kharabagh. Oskanian thinks that by appeasing Azerbaijan there would be no loss of Armenian lives; but the final results will be even more tragic. Of course, by that time, Oskanian will not be around.  Appeasement is not an act of protecting a nation. An old saying: “When you are willing to cause casualties to the enemy, is when the enemy thinks twice.” Giving soil back to the enemy only discourages future patriots from fighting for freedom again. Is freedom for diplomats to spew their fancy words of arbitration? The ignoring and punishing of patriots who fought for victory and freedom, such as the Zhirayr Sefilians and Armen Avetisyans, is an act of treason.  They were imprisoned for their patriotic oppositions of returning land that thousands of young Armenian boys died for. The traitors were not on the battlefield, but rather those that were recipients of comfortable offices.

Mr. Oskanian states that, “the Turkish-Azerbaijan relationship is becoming deeper and broader, with Turkey more openly and overtly assisting Azerbaijan, militarily, politically and economically.”  What he accidentally left out is that Israel has been the primary nation in not only arming and training Azerbaijan’s military for years, but also upgrading Turkey’s tanks and air force. (ArmeniaNow news article dated November 2, 2008.) “More Israeli Military Arms Sold to Azeris as Jewish Lobby Backs Azerbaijan.”

In 1915 Turkey was governed by the Young Turks (Zionists).  They were the true architects of the Armenian genocide. The general public of Armenia is fully knowledgeable of this. Mr. Oskanian knows well about history but is fearful of going here.  That is not the sign of a courageous patriot, but rather a trained diplomat of capitulation.

Let us review a number of views by respective individuals during the 2000 – 2001 period:

 Noyan Tapan, Dec. 7, 2000, Yerevan
Musheg Lalayan, a political representative of the Armenian Resistance Movement, expressed his dissatisfaction with the concept of negotiations on Nagorno Kharabagh.  In an interview, he slammed the passive government’s stance in defense of Kharabagh.

 Mediamax, May 11, 2001, Yerevan
Mr. Hayk Babukhnian (Constitutional Right Union) stated that on May 9 Foreign Minister Vartan Oskanian’s statements are “defeatism.”  In fact, Vartan Oskanian has spoken against the opinion of parliament and has used the term “occupied territory” (by Armenia), speaking on A1+ TV.

 Noyan Tapan, May 14, 2001, Yerevan
Armen Agayan, secretary of the initiative, “Armenia will not tolerate betrayal, in spite of the country’s difficult situation. There are people in Armenia who are ready to uphold the national interests.”
Mikayel Apresyan:  Commander of Artsakh regiment said:  “We did not borrow the liberated territories i
n order to return them.  There should be no foreign peacekeeping forces in Armenia.  Something is brewing and I would advise the president and foreign minister to resign.”

 Mediamax, May 18, 2001, Yerevan
Hrant Khachatrian, head of “Constitutional Right Union,” deputy of parliament said that the authorities of the country have given initial agreement on returning “liberated territories,” which once were a part of historical Armenia.

 Noyan Tapan, October 12, 2001
Garnik Sarkisyan, head of “Honor of Officers” said, “The country’s economy has been paralyzed by a clan system.  The ruling government does not want, and cares little in pulling the country out of the current deep crisis.”

 Arminfo, November 24, 2001
Professor Vladimir Nazaryan stated that the current Constitution of Armenia has not justified itself.  He said the semi-presidential government provided for by the current constitution has failed to take root in Armenia.  The country needs the classical form of government.

The USAID, an American Government financed agency, sent nine black students from North Carolina to Armenia. They taught Armenian youngsters the American Electric-Slide and Hoky-Poky dances. (Armenian Weekly page, July 5, 2002.) This agency’s intent is to change national cultures of nations. Why did Armenia’s government allow this? Isn’t it odd that these nine young folks were not sent to Africa to experience “change their social circumstances and culture?”

 Armenia’s Government has made no effort to withstand the “One World” external forces that are harmful to its national existence? One of the predominant methods used to weaken Armenia is to eliminate its sense of nationalism. This is done by contaminating the nation’s educational system, which is one of the requisites of “change” that the IMF and the World Bank funds (bribes) insist upon.  This is just one example.

The “Open Letter” to the Armenian people by baroness Caroline Cox, written a number of years ago, should be read again, and again. She expressed love and admiration for the Armenian people. She warned that “now you are in danger of losing the peace and your independence. If you do not act quickly you will lose not only the sacred land of Artsakh but Armenia too.”  She continues, “If the present course of events is not stopped, your leadership in Yerevan will have fatally weakened and betrayed your country.” Was Vartan Oskanian aware of Caroline Cox’s warning? Or was he too busy trying for Armenia to become a member of the European Union? – A union that has been planned to delineate all nations into the One World Government.  The end of nationhoods.
The primary reason Armenia’s strength throughout history has been diluted is because many past Vartan Oskanians have created diversions away from nationalism.

It would behoove all to read the book The Committee of 300 written in 1994 by Dr. John Coleman (a British man living in Nevada USA).   Here are a few excerpts:

“Certainly a fair number of us are aware that the people running our government are not the people who are really in control of political and economic matters, domestic and foreign. ‘We frequently hear about ‘they’ doing this, that or the other.  ‘They’ seem literally to be able to get away with murder.  ‘They’ increase taxes, and send our sons and daughters to die in wars that do not benefit our country.  ‘They’ seem above our reach, out of sight, frustratingly nebulous when it comes to taking action against ‘them.’  No one seems able to clearly identify who ‘they’ are.  It is a situation that has pertained for decades.

“I quote the profound statement made by the prophet Hosea, which is found in the Christian Bible:  ‘My people perish for lack of knowledge.’  Some may already have heard my expose of the foreign aid scandal, in which work I named several conspiratorial organizations, whose numbers are legion.  Their final objective is the overthrow of the U.S. Constitution and the merging of this country, chosen by God as HIS country, with a godless One World-New World Order Government which will return the world to conditions far worse than those which existed in the Dark Ages.

“Dependence upon U.S. foreign aid actually keeps foreign countries in servitude to the Council on Foreign Relations.  The people of the recipient countries receive very little of the money as it usually ends up in the pockets of government leaders who allow the natural raw material assets of the country to be savagely stripped by the IMF.

“This elite group calls itself the Olympians (they truly believe they are equal in power and stature to the legendary gods of Olympus, who have, like Lucifer, their god, set themselves above our true God), absolutely believe they have been charged with implementing the following by divine right:

(1) “To bring about the utter destruction of all national identity and national pride, which was of primary consideration if the concept of a One World Government was to work.

(2) “To bring about the end to all industrialization and the production of nuclear generated electric power in what they call ‘the post-industrial zero-growth society.’  Exempted are the computer-and service industries.  United States industries that remain will be exported to countries such as Mexico where abundant slave labor is available.  As we saw in 1993, this has become a fact through the passage of the North American Free Trade Agreement, known as NAFTA.

(3) “To cause a total collapse of the world’s economies and engender total political chaos.  To give the fullest support to supranational institutions such as the United Nations, the International Monetary Fund, the Bank of International Settlements, the World Court and, as far as possible, make local institutions less effective, by gradually phasing them out or bringing them under the mantle of the United Nations.  To penetrate and subvert all governments, and work from within them to destroy the sovereign integrity of the nations represented by them.

“We are near the final stages of the demise of the United States as we have known it, with unlimited funding, hundreds of think tanks and 5,000 social engineers, the media, banking, and control of foreign governments. Look around and see how we have been demoralized. Drugs, pornography, rock and roll ‘music’, free sex, the family unit all but undermined, lesbianism, homosexuality and finally, the ghastly murder of innocent babies by their own mothers.

“With the U.S. spiritually, and morally bankrupt, our industrial base destroyed, throwing 40 million people out of work, our cities ghastly cesspools of every imaginable crimes, with a murder rate almost three times higher than any other country, with 4 million homeless, corruption in government reaching endemic proportions, who will deny that the United States is ready to collapse from within, into the waiting arms of the New Dark Age One World Government.”

Mr. Oskanian is responsible for indoctrinating hundreds of Armenian youth with his One World mentality by sending them to the Fletcher School, in order to become tools of the west in Armenia.  Armenia does not need leaders such as Georgia’s (puppet of the west) President, Mikhail Saakashvili.  It just needs leaders of genuine patriotism.

Vartan Oskanian, as brilliant as he is, should eturn to America and take his highly financed Civilitas Foundation with him so that Armenia will be a little less confused and contaminated.

Ardavast Avakian<b
r />Boca Raton, Florida
ardavast ‘ @ ‘
November 10, 2008



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