– Dear Armenian Christian – Armen Avetisyan – Armenian Aryan Order leader

Attached you will find the Armenian Aryan Order’s proposal to secure the perpetuity of  the Armenian Nation.The Armenian Nation’s very existence  is in danger, due, in large part  to apostolical church’s affiliation with the Ecumenic Movement, which is just a cover,  promoting one world religion for a one world government. Armenia is being trampled, stamped and crushed by various religious cults,  unnatural sexual orientation activists  and other degenerative movements;  The church’s only reaction was paying a lip service to it.Is this the Nationalistic church you have always believed that  saved the Nation when we were stateless? Were you aware of their intentions before they joined that movement?

Of course not! The church has always taken you for granted. I’m afraid but have you ever seen a wolf worried about the sheep’s opinion?

But you are not a sheep. You are Armenian. Stand up and bring them to accountability. Make them pay. Force them to leave the movement. You have the right. Excercize it.

The truth is the church has never saved the Nation. The Nation has saved the church. EVERYTIME. EVERYWHERE.… – /  

Այս գրառումը հրապարակվել է Armenian Aryan Order խորագրում։ Էջանշեք մշտական հղումը։