Announcement on Bolivia events

The Armenian Aryan Order sends its warmest salutations to Bolivian president Evo Morales for taking the lead toward a return to his ancestors’ faith.
Recently, the aboriginal American president announced that Bolivia is no longer a Catholic (Christian) state and that religion cannot be considered as the state religion.
The President Morales stated that 85% of Bolivia’s population consists of aboriginal Indians and followers of the ancient faith, hence’ their ancient faith should be restored. He also stated that the possibility of the aboriginals’ language becoming an official language alongside the Spanish should not be ruled out.

The Armenian Aryan Order considers the first aboriginal Indian president’s unique initiative, which is being realized officially, as a serious world outlook, a step which could have a positive impact and influence on all ancient peoples regarding the return to the ancient faith.

We, the Armenian-Aryans also have the worship of our ancient faith, of our Armenian Gods and deem it important Bolivian president’s decisive step aimed at strengthening the ties of his country and people with its own roots.

We are convinced, a return to the roots-a return to Armenian faith and worship of Armenian Gods is being awaited for the Armenians as well.

Glory to Creature of the Universe and Welcome Back Armenian Gods.
Armenian Power’s cornerstone is Aryan Armenia

Armenian Aryan Order
Supreme Council


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