As it is well-known, recently, a draft law was presented  to the National Assembly  aimed at making anmendments to the “Concerning RA Holidays”  to declare August the 11th-the day Hayk triumphed over Bel- “Armenian National Identity Day”, while the holiday’s preceding 5 days would be declared  Navasardyan Games Days.

The draft law, in its initial form was debated and accepted at the first reading. It appeared that the bill will soon be put in its final form and ratified by the National Assembly and finally our Holiday Calendar will include a truly Nationalistic holiday, a holiday truly coming from the nation’s essence  and  ratified by law (all the other holidays ratified by the National Assembly are not as such, they are ecclesiastical or state-political holidays).

But the Armenian apostolical church is not asleep, so that the NA stand steadfast  by its decision  and reward the Nation with an Identity Day ratified by the assembly itself. According to trusthworthy and reliable sources, the church is categorically against declaring  the day Armenia Triumphed- National Identity Day. According to them, as it is well-known, the Armenian Identity derives from 301 AD!, before then, the Armenian as such, and Armenia as  such  did not exist, hence, what kind of a National Identity Day can anyone dare talk about…?!

The church is for the abstract formulation of  Navasartyan Holiday which should be celebrated not on the day of the Victory, but on the day of a  certain religious holiday… Well, if the church is against , how dare the National Assembly…?! If the state by its own free will (through some other bill) is preparing to become a theocracy, then who is capable of  taking steps independently, that would be  beneficial to the Nation?


It is not by accident, that the church, immediately after hearing the news about the “self-willed” initiative by the NA, got excited and took alarm and is doing everything it can to bring the Deputies of the National Assembly back to their “senses”. Furthermore, the church has mobilised the pitiful “armenian intellectuals” which are under its influence . The latters are  bringing all kinds of absurd, senseless, ridiculous “proofs” and “evidences”-namely, Hayk was a Christian, long before Jesus was born, hence, his victory should be celebrated as a victory for Christianity!  Or prior to the year 301AD,  the Armenians didn’t exist, hence, Armenian Identity ( Identity Day)  should be linked to the spread of Christianity,  which was achieved  with Grigoris’ fire and sword. Or Armenian Identity should be linked  to the translation of foreign books (Holy Translators Day) and other ridiculous “proofs”.

In this regard, let’s clarify once and for all, that our glorious ancestor Hayk, was one of our Arian-Heathen patriarch and bears no relation to Christianity and the more so, has nothing to do with jehovah worshipping. Hayk’s victory was the continuation of His forefathers’ victories that periodically restore and re-establish The Law of Armenian Gods in Armenians’ cradle…

Not to devalue further the muppet-show actors mentioned above, let’s return to RA National Assembly.

The Armenian Nationalists’ Union believes that this is a good opportunity for the National Assembly to manifest itself  as being  National Assembly, and to express its willingness  as being the upholder and the guardian  of the national traditions.

Otherwise, we will be convinced even more  that the NA has got nothing to do with the national life of Armenians and is a body which  creates  and passes laws (Concerning Holidays as well) which do not serve the Armenian interests and reality and continuous to adopt enactments which serve the re-evaluation of  a foreign  identity  upon us, and continuous to follow  the Ecumenical Movement’s  adopted document, thus,  serving the faith and the interests of  “the chosen people”… 

 Armenian Nationalists Union Council
18 March 2009




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