Announcement on armenology

The Armenian Nationalists’ Union is seriously concerned about the current state of affairs of Armenology. Disregarding the fact of having an independent State, the Armenology Centers, both in Armenia and Diaspora continue to be guided by anti-scientific and anti-Armenian textbooks. In this sense, the organizations and the individuals that make up the ANU are struggling for many years towards Armenization of Armenology and including it as constituent part of RA National Security conception.

We also salute Diaspora Armenian Students’ patriotic outburst, who are protesting against their Armenian History and Armenology textbooks, where Armenians are presented as not natives of Armenian Highland, while Nakorno Karabakh is considered as aghvans’ country, and there are historical and statistical falsifications of facts and figures.

The Armenian Nationalists’ Union is preparing to wage a Pan-Armenian struggle towards the real and truthful recomposition of Armenian History.


The traitorous historians on one side, and the clerical priest “diplomats” on the other side have distorted and adapted Armenian History to suit their and that of foreign interests.

If the foreigners and our venal scribblers are trying to present Armenians as not natives of Armenian Highland, then the Christian “diplomats” are trying to ignore and bury in oblivion our glorious past pre-dating the acceptance of Christianity more than 1700 years ago- as if everything Armenian began with them…

The hot debate over Armenology, is continuing to develop between Armenian and foreign armenologists both in Armenia and Diaspora where serious, principled clarifications have already spread and are fiercely debated in scientific-cultural, public-political realm as well as in the mass media. Uncompromising principled struggle is being developed. Yes, Struggle, since the traitorous “armenologists “ and their masters (Judea-Masonic servants) unable to prove their barefoot lies are resorting to incitements, and forcing opinions, in order to prevent the true discoveries and progress of truly ARMENIAN AND HISTORIAN experts.

The works of several Armenian Historians- belonging to old and new generations -(in Armenology-Paris Heruni, Suren Ayvazyan, Artak Movsisyan, Artur Armin, Armen Ayvazyan, Armen Petrosyan, Gurgen karapetyan, Gevorg Yazejyan, Ashot Melkonyan, Hovik Nersisyan, Hamlet Davtyan…in Aryanology-Armen Avetisyan, Angela Teryan, Edmon Khurshudyan, Alexander Varpetyan, Hamlet Martirosyan, Murat Ohanyan, Artur Shahnazaryan, Sergey Manukyan…and devoted others (let them forgive for not mentioning all of them)) are so bold , on target , precise, reliable and exact that those “honoured” armenian scientist-academicians and foreign “famous armenologists” are confused and panic-stricken, and appear in a state of “scientifically-clinical” death.

The public-political support towards a true and genuine ARMENOLOGY is increasingly growing among Armenians of Armenia and Diaspora. This reality is doubly frightening and terrifying those falsifiers who appear to be in a state of agony together with their myrmidons (whose names in small letters frequently appear in the pages of AAO periodicals “Armenian Aryans“ and “Armenians”) because that is already making their Zionist-Turanist political alliance sponsors angry, who have spent and are spending millions of dollars towards achieving their despicable goal of Armenocide.

Especially today the USA’s Armenology school’s infamous fathers (mainly of Jewish origin) already are unequivocally rejected and refused financing by Armenians worldwide (In the ranks of such political order followers and torch-bearers of Zionism-Masonry-Panturkizm are James Russell, Robert Thompson, Peter Cowen,, Robert Hughes, Levon Avdoyan, Nina Garsoyan, George Burnutyan, Ronald Suni…sadly in a certain way Richard Hovanissyan joined them, former USSR freemasons-Igor Diagonov, Boris Piadrovsky and others ). Some of them are already scared off or shy away from appearing in public places with huge Armenian gatherings and are content with talking nonsense before the venal scientists and receive rewards and applauses, some others, after being unmasked and exposed are declining to visit Armenia and yet others (their masters as well ) are making financial investments by filling the coffers of high ranking RA officials’ personal accounts to be awarded an order and save face.

Of Course it won’t succeed, even if some villain Armenian official or venal organization (for example: Armenology Studies Association which is packed with parlo-termkrdchyans, or “armenian” scientists like vladimir barkhudaryan, babken harutyunyan, hrant avetisyan, garnik asatryan, paruyr muratyan, gevorg khrlobyan , or “armenian” political scientists like richard giragosyan (USA), razmik Panosyan, david babayan(NKR) and other like-minded people and their myrmidons) try to sponsor this or that traitorous or foreign armenophobe “scientist”.

No amount of money, reward or useless applauses will be able to save the armenian conspirator (later on-his heirs) and the foreign enemy from reproach and fair justice.

Also today when the condensed 4-volume Armenian History book is ready to print in Armenia, the national and international scums are laying obstacles for its publication, because in that piece of work the Armenian History begins with the Aryan past and it will for the first time solidly affirm Armenians’ Aryan Origins.

We call to protest also against this illegal interference so that the 4- volume Armenian History is published to include the real truth-Armenians’ Aryan Past.

THE NATION never forgives without punishing first. The wonderful history of the Armenian Vengeance is the witness -beginning with Patriarch Haik until Artsakh Freedom Fighters of our days!

The just revenge, as is the case with genocide cannot be subject to prescription…

We call on the RA authorities and RA National Academy of Science leadership to take the necessary measures without delay to protect one of the corner-stones of Armenian security-The Armenian History and to give the anti-Armenian manifestations a deserving counterblow.

Armenian Nationalists’ Union Council




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