Last Soviet Genocide Against Armenia in 1988

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Last Soviet Genocide Against Armenia in 1988

Postby Hopar on Fri Dec 07, 2007 2:54 pm

The Eye Witness Story

In 1988, December 8, 7:45am, me and my younger brother came to Spitak from Yerevan to find our relatives, who were living in Spitak ( the epicenter of the Armenian "Earthquake" of 1988.) There we found out that along with our many relatives who died of that "Earthquake" my brother's wife was one of them. Even the monumental gates of the city Spitak (which were known to be strongly built) were collapsed into ruins. In the ruins was the whole Northern portion of the Armenian Republic. Nevertheless it is worth to mention that the "Earthquake" was pre-planned and artificially created to which we came in conclusion based on the events that occurred before and after the "Earthquake" of December 7,1988. 1ST EVIDENCE: When Japanese rescuers came to Adler airport (Russia) on their way to Armenian Earthquake Zone, they were not allowed to enter the Armenian Republic by the Soviet gov't in Moscow. They were known to be the most technically advanced in the field of seismology, and therefore with their superior equipments they would of been able to detect the presence of un-natural biological agents in the air. As a result they had no choice but to return back to Japan.
Fortunately, Japanese rescuers had managed to send their equipments into the Disaster Zone before their arrival to the Adler Airport (Russia). Furthermore in Spitak, various emergency rescue teams from France, England, Germany and Italy were working who warned us to use specially medicated masks and bondages around our mouths and noses. In fact, they were using them already since the first moment that they landed in Armenia. Those of us who were there in the Disaster Zone using their equipments already knew of "Earthquake's" un-natural cause.
We believe that there was a presence of biological agents in the air, which means that air in Armenia, especially in the Disaster Zone was contaminated. As we all know, that never occurs as a result of natural earthquakes unless chemical facilities were damaged as a direct result of the event.
2ND EVIDENCE: On the night of December 6th and morning of December 7th, from the city of Lvov (Ukraine), a special group of 400 Soviet soldiers were brought in to Yerevan, Armenia. Exactly 45min. after the "Earthquake", on December 7th, those 400 special soldiers trained to guard military prisons and strategic facilities in emergency situations were relocated to Spitak, and put on guard around all gov't buildings and facilities through out the Disaster Zone in Spitak. When they were asked by common people when were they told to arrive, they said that: a day before the Earthquake, on December 6th, once in Yerevan, they were told of their relocation to Spitak, for December 7th and so they did the following morning.
3RD EVIDENCE: In the winter of 1988, prior to December 7th, in the northern part of Armenia, in the area around Spitak, there were many Azeries living, especially in the villages of Saral and Khursale. As the Kharabagh Movement was gaining momentum, Azeri inhabitants begged their local Armenian authorities to secure their habitation in those areas, saying that they were ready even to change their religion to Christianity, just to remain there, on their property. But before the tragic day of December 7th, on December 5th, the Azeri gov't of Baku sent gov't cars and buses to the area, where they forcefully packed them with Azeri villagers and drove them back to Baku, Azerbaijany republic. In one day, a few thousands of Azeries were removed from their villages by the Azeri gov't. The next day, on December 6th, over four thousands of Armenians moved into those villages to settle in there. On the December 7th, half of those resettling Armenians perished due to the disaster.
On December 10th, 1988, at 9:30a.m. I went to the information center of the rescue teams working in Spitak, to meet its gov't official in charge Norik Muradyan, who was also the head of the Spitak's regional gov't. On my way to there, half way past, I got surrounded by the Soviet military troops located in that area, who ordered to everybody in the vicinity to get off the main road. They blocked all the entrances to the downtown Spitak. I was dressed at that moment in a Soviet military uniform, since I was a reserve officer within soviet Army, but off duty. As a result, one Russian officer of that group told me to join them in guarding line, where everybody were weighting for someone to drive in. Ten minutes later, in the city's downtown appeared Soviet President Gorbachev, with his wife and gov't entourage following him on foot, which just emerged from their gov't cars.
They were headed toward the command center of the Soviet rescue teams operating in Spitak and its vicinity. That day, Gorbachev was escorted by his gov't officials: Nikolay Rishkov, Slyunov and Secretary of the Armenia's Communist Party Suren Harutounyan with his officials from the Armenian gov't. As I was standing there in the military guard-line along with another Russians officer, Gorbachev approached me and said: "Did you see what happened?". Since I had nothing else to fear about (most of my family and relatives, over all 65 people were already dead as a result of this "Earthquake") replied: "You know well what have happened. You, as well as myself know the true secret behind this disaster. Let the God be the judge for it, but let us talk about the fact that it is already the 4th day, where a whole nation of great people is subject to a big disaster in all mighty USSR and nobody wants to think about it like it was supposed to happen. We, Armenians are Christian people and therefore cannot be buried without coffins. You have done so much damage already, at least care to provide us with enough coffins to burry all these people".
Our conversation lasted about 20 minutes, yet no newspaper in the Soviet Union despite many journalists being present at that moment wrote anything about this conversation, not even showed a picture of this incident. I also told Gorbachev that if such "Earthquake" as they called it has taken place in Turkey, Soviet Union would of rushed to help them, just to show the world how humane Soviet Union was. But to us, Armenians, no immediate help was shown by the Soviet gov't, only neighboring Georgians rushed in to help us, while the rest of the Soviet republics was weighting for the order to come from the Moscow, before they do so. After all what I said, Gorbachev didn't respond to me. But the next day, many thousands of coffins arrived to Armenia. That...he managed to organize.


Sources: ... menia.html
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Last Soviet Genocide Against Armenia in 1988

Postby Hopar on Fri Dec 07, 2007 2:57 pm

What Was Not Told

In the mountains of Bazum (North Armenia, near by the city Spitak), which was the epicenter of the "Earthquake", there were located inter-continental nuclear-ballistic missiles of the Soviet Union. They were kept in their underground silos, whose "push" button was inter-connected with other "push" buttons of Soviet nuclear missiles through out the Soviet Union. The key to the main "push" button of these nuclear missiles was kept in Moscow, in the hands of the Soviet President.
The main enemy of the USSR was considered to be the NATO, who had similar nuclear missiles command-control system and nuclear missiles enveloping the borders of USSR based in NATO's allied countries. But the most dangerous NATO base was and is considered by Russia to be located in Turkey, where NATO also has its ground forces capable of taking over the Caucasian highland within minutes. Thus opening their way toward the Russian mainland. The reasons for such worry by Russians were the railroad Kars-Gumry and a highway connecting Turkey and Armenia. Possibility fast NATO ground troops advancement into Russia through the territory of Caucasus was seriously considered by the Soviet military establishment, therefore ways were found to cover such weakness of the Soviet's Southern Flank.
It was known that the total amount of the Soviet's nuclear weapons was enough to destroy half of the world 26 times, while the nuclear arsenal under NATO command was enough to destroy the other half of the world 24 times. In case of war, 15 minutes was enough for the nuclear missiles launched by the NATO to reach their targets through out the Soviet Union. But nuclear missiles attack by NATO from its bases in Turkey could hit their targets within seconds. So one of the ways that Soviet military establishment tried to reinforce its nuclear leverage against NATO was attempted deployment of nuclear missiles in Cuba, which Soviet president Krushev did almost triggering a nuclear confrontation with the United States, which could of ignited a WW-3, nuclear holocaust of the whole world. This operation was carried out with Fidel Castro's cooperation and approval.
The tensions over Cuban missile crisis were watered down by active involvement of Anastas Mikoyan on behalf of the negotiating Soviet party. When Soviet submarines left American territorial waters, a political coupe was carried out within Soviet Union's gov't, which ousted Nikite Krushev from his powers. After the Cuban Crisis, the nuclear competition between Soviet Union and USA continued. The power of their weapons was showed off in Vietnam, as a result of which, USSR and USA continued their nuclear race, attaining capabilities of totally annihilating each other 30 times.
As a result of such nuclear competition, Soviet military establishment designed a strategic, post-nuclear plan, called "A Few Hours After Nuclear War", which was to be used the following way: In case of the nuclear war, both warring parties will annihilate each other which was unavoidable and after the climax, it is only the mobile ground forces will be the ones to determine how the war will end and who won the war. USSR had no chance of saving enough ground troops to fight the war after such event, but the NATO ground troops based in Turkey, had a chance to survive and continue the war on the ground.
So in order to take care of that problem, next to the underground nuclear missiles silos based in the mountains of Spitak, there were located a different type of a nuclear missiles, with a smaller nuclear capacity designed to propel solid ground and explode underground, thus causing an artificial Earthquake equaling to 12.0 magnitude on the Richter Scale. Such "Earthquake" was able to destroy the Kars-Gumry rail-road and their connective high-ways, blocking any advancement opportunities by NATO troops from Turkey into the region, until they could find out who is dead and who is not, how many are dead and how many are not. Missiles of this type were designed to be used by the aircrafts.
About existence of such earthquake causing missiles was made known by Leonid Breshnev in his conversations with foreign leaders, where he tried to threat them into voluntary submission to the Soviet Union. The idea of creating such weapons came to minds of the Soviet nuclear scientists during their underground nuclear experiments in Semipalatinsk (Khazakstan), where always underground nuclear explosions generated Earthquakes and major after shocks. Therefore knowledge gained from that is believed by many Armenians to have been practiced by the Soviet Union in Armenia, on December 7th, of 1988.
The reason for this theory is the way that the Soviet Union disintegrated. The whole process was pre-arranged from its beginning, which started first by the Chernobyl accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power-station in Ukraine, then it was followed by the pre-arranged "Earthquake" in Armenia. Why in Armenia? Simply because the disintegration process of the Soviet Union was hoped to be carried out under controlled circumstances, which started by Gorbachev's famous Perestroika and Glasnost reforms within the Soviet Union. But all of a sudden, unexpected to those behind the scenes, the public movements for democracy and environmental preservation in Armenia started by the Armenian green party evolved into a public outburst of dissatisfaction with the Soviet system and its unjust partition of Armenia through out the years. The cost of such partition was high. Armenian territories of Kharabagh, Nakichevan and Javagkh were illegally and forcefully given away to its neighbors without Armenian's consent on it. This political and economical dissatisfaction of Armenian people with the Soviet regime turned into public, mass demonstrations, strikes and walk outs done to make Soviet Union recognize the Armenia's independence and re-unification of Kharabagh with Armenia. Thus, the situation was getting out of the Soviet regime's control, and therefore they believed that something was supposed to be done to stop Armenians from its national aspirations. Thus the nuclear disaster occurred in Armenia, on December 7th, 1988.
Many people through out the world were told that the "Earthquake" was only 6.8 at the epicenter, and that many buildings collapses, killing thousands some 25,000 people by the Soviet estimates (while in reality it was over 40,000 people killed) and half million of people left homeless as a result of improperly built buildings, and use of a low quality construction materials. That was a major lie, decimated by the Soviet propaganda machine, to "blind" all those who asked how come so many people were killed, if the "Earthquake" was not that strong to cause such damage. In fact, many buildings and structures were built with top technology available in the Soviet Union, using the best quality materials available at that time, yet all of them collapsed on that tragic hour. Blaming the victims with the guilt of tragedy was and is practiced method of disinformation and public opinion manipulation carried out by the Turkish gov't to deny the facts of Armenian Genocide that took place between 1915-1923 in the Ottoman Empire.
However, soon or later, people will find out the whole truth and documented facts about the so called Armenian "Earthquake" of 1988, no matter how hard the criminals will try to hide it. But until then it is worth to mention the following events that took place after the tragic disastrous moment, on December 7th, of 1988.
The epicenter of the "Earthquake" was established to be located in the Spitak's mountainous area, formerly known as Nalband, where according to the official Armenian Press report of that time, the magnitude of the "Earthquake" was 12.4 on the Richter scale, while forgetting that the maximum number on the Richter scale is only 12.0 Later on it was refuted. It was known that if the Earthquake magnitude was 12.0, then it would have followed by a volcanic explosion and bursting out lave, which never happened in Spitak which shows that "Earthquake" of such magnitude didn't take place in Armenia, but it is worth to mention that all the earthquake seismograms printed by the Armenian seismographic machines were taken away by the unknown security officials approximately one hour later after the "Earthquake". Then, it was reported on Armenian gov't TV, that supposedly all the seismographic machines in Armenia were broken down into pieces, as a result of the "Earthquake" being to strong to handle.
It is also worth to mention that in 1987, the Soviet Press reported of only 38 nuclear missiles being present on the territory of the Armenian republic. Later on, between 1989-1990, when the soviet troops along with their weapons and equipments except border troops were withdrawn from Armenian republic it was reported that only 36 units of nuclear missiles were removed. The question is what happened with the other 2 nuclear missiles? Besides, the Armenian "Earthquake" of 1988 was felt by having the whole ground shaken 2 times also. Was it a coincidence??? During the "Earthquake" a very loud noise was heard through out the country, even in Yerevan, which sounded like a major explosion. What that noise could of been, when naturally, during true Earthquake such noise is not heard.
The whole "Earthquake" disaster had many political motivations. The whole process of triggering the disintegration of the Soviet Union was carried out by the artificial "Kharabagh Movement", which suddenly grew out of planned proportions and became a national-liberation struggle of Armenians against the Soviet oppression and historical injustice toward Armenians in their quest to gain independence and reunification of Artsakh (Kharabagh) with mother Armenia. The whole struggle incorporated millions of Armenians inside the republic and abroad, starting from the kids to very old adults. Millions of Armenians through out the world got involved and for those who started the disintegration of Soviet Union it was already to late to brake the course of history, since same events like a domino effect took hold in all other 15 Soviet Republics.
The movers and shakers behind the scenes lost their control over the events taking place in Armenia, so as a result Armenian "Earthquake" was engineered to brake the national moral aspirations of Armenian people for freedom, independence and reclamation of its justly rights to its historical lands, artificially put under Azeri control (Kharabagh and Nakichevan) in 1921-1923, by Stalin and Lenin. As a continuation of enslaving Armenian people by the powers behind the scenes, famous Armenian national leaders, political and military figures got assassinated between 1991-1996.
The quick presence of Michael Gorbachev in the city of Spitak, who that day was visiting USA was like a behavior of a criminal, who is usually the first ones present on their crime scene, thinking that their presence will sway away the suspicion of their involvement in the crime. On that day, December 10th, during his meeting with Armenian people in Spitak, Gorbachev yelled in rage: "What kind of people are they? They still speak about Kharabagh!?", his rage was followed by an astonishing phrase, "Wasn't this enough for you!!!???"
In 1989, in Moscow, during the all soviet Communist Party convention, Armenian female deputy, Ludmila Haroutunyan in her speech referred to now former, then current Defense Ministry of Soviet Union, Marshal Yazov with the following questions: -"Marshal Yazov, when did you arrive to the Disaster Zone, before the EXPLOSION or after" to which Marshal Yazov replied: -"Two hours after the EXPLOSION". The whole meeting participants were shocked to hear him confirm that what took place in Armenia was not an Earthquake but a "mysterious" EXPLOSION. A couple seconds later, Marshal Yazov coming to his senses changed his previous reply and said: "No, No, two hours after the 'Earthquake' ". To Marshal Yazov respond, deputy Ludmila Haroutounyan replied: -"How did you happen to manage coming to Spitak from Moscow in 2 hours, when first before arriving to Spitak, your plane would of made landing in Tbilisi (Georgia), or Yerevan (Armenia), before you reached Spitak and that is only in 1.5 ours later, after your landing that you could of reached Spitak !???" Obviously, the whole trip would of lasted more than 2 hours before arriving to Spitak and right there, the biggest criminal Michael Gorbachev, who was presiding over the meeting, turned off Armenian deputy's microphone, cutting her short from further questioning the Soviet leaders.
So now, what can you say Academicians of the world, who keep insisting that what happened in Armenia, on December 7th, of 1988 was only a natural disaster ???

Sources: ... menia.html
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Former Azeri Official Confesses in the Crimes of the Former

Postby Hopar on Fri Dec 07, 2007 2:59 pm

KGB Officer Claims Azerbaijani Scientists
Had Role in Tectonic Weapon Program

4 May 2001

Baku Zerkalo Subslug: Interview with Akif Gasanov, former KGB intelligence officer, by R. Mirkadyrov; place and date not given: "Azerbaijanis Developed Tectonic Weapon -- And May Even Have Tested It in the Final Years of the Soviet Union"

[FBIS Translated Text] Much has been written about tectonic weapons. Most scientists assert to this day that it is impossible at present to build such a weapon. But the KGB best knew the secrets of the Soviet Union. Lieutenant Colonel Akif Gasanov, professional intelligence officer in the state security service, confirms that the military-industrial complex of the former Soviet Union was actively engaged in the development of tectonic weapons in the mid-1980s.We are even more amazed to learn that Azerbaijani scientists were actively involved in this work.
[Mirkadyrov] Akif-Bey, how did it come about that you, an ordinary KGB operative, learned about the development of such a secret weapon?
[Gasanov] I became aware of this subject quite by accident in 1985. I was working in the Second Department (counterintelligence) in the linear branch of Western espionage. I needed some new assistants to "set up" foreign diplomats. We would usually select these people from among intellectuals who were of interest to the Western special services. Preferably they knew English and were able to readily establish contacts but did not in fact have access to classified information. Since ours was a linear branch, I had no servicing objectives.
[Mirkadyrov] For us mere mortals, could you explain what you mean by a "linear branch"?
[Gasanov] We conducted operations by objective and by functional area. For example, enterprises of strategic and defense significance comprised objectives for operational servicing and were run by certain divisions. At the same time, there were linear divisions that operated by functional area. For example, activities against the NATO countries, activities against currency violations, etc.
[Mirkadyrov]So how did you happen to come upon the developers of tectonic weapons?
[Gasanov]During a general sweep I conducted of operations and information aggregates, I wound up at one of the institutes of the Academy of Sciences. When entirely by chance I set up an operational site there, I saw that this elicited great displeasure from the department that was servicing this objective. But our division had higher priority, and this settled the dispute.
Some time later I transferred to intelligence and wound up in Moscow. Then I returned to Baku. In 1984 I continued my service in a division of NTR (Scientific-Technical Intelligence) under the direction of that ace of Azerbaijani intelligence, Colonel Shamil Kasumovich Suleymanov, who would become the NTR agent of the First Main Directorate (Intelligence) of the USSR KGB in Sweden.
At that time, our division was operationally servicing the intelligence line of the Academy of Sciences. I had no involvement with it, however, since I was working in a linear functional area and was engaged not in information collection, but rather in the study, cultivation, and recruitment of persons of intelligence interest.
One day I received a phone call from a source with whom I had worked when I was in counterintelligence at the division of the Academy of Sciences mentioned earlier. In general, it should be noted that an operative and a source often develop a relationship whereby they continue to have contacts, even many years after the operational aspect of the relationship has ended. So we met.
[Mirkadyrov] Is it really possible that an intelligence officer would be permitted to meet with his "sources," if that is the correct expression, after the cessation of an operational relationship?
[Gasanov]People are people. Basic human behavior is not alien to us. This may surprise you, but the KGB relied mainly on dealings with people in pursuing its activity. We therefore had special training in psychology and the moral-psychological traits of certain categories of people and even specific ethnic groups. The organization allocated great weight to the human factor.
We were obliged to meet with people if only because any dealings with them might reveal aspects affecting matters of state security.True,when we met with an active source, we had to inform the headquarters.
[Mirkadyrov]And what did your source tell you with respect to tectonic weapons that was so unusual?
[Gasanov]The information I received seemed fantastic. Certain scientists at the Academy of Sciences were working on problems associated with earthquakes. There was a certain Ikram Kerimov and a group of his associates, the most notable of whom was Dzhafar Dzhafarov, son of Khady Dzhafarov, the well-known AzINEFTEKhIM [Azerbaijani Petrochemical Institute] professor.
Ikram Kerimov asserted that they could control and initiate earthquakes. Moreover, he said they had theoretical justification for their assertions and were attempting to obtain minimal financing in the academic sphere. In their opinion, there were grounds to believe that a number of earthquakes that had occurred recently may well have been initiated through a remote control device or accidentally triggered directional influence on the Earth's core.
Because of his assertions, Ikram Kerimov was considered by the Academy of Sciences to be a somewhat weird scientist, to put it mildly, and his laboratory was virtually on the brink of closure.
We collected materials that might prove factually relevant, then drew up and submitted our report to the center.
[Mirkadyrov] And what was the reaction?
[Gasanov]It would usually take a month or more to process information. On this occasion, however, we received a conclusion very quickly. The assessment was fairly high for internal USSR information. It was treated as intelligence information. There was an immediate request to prepare the most extensive possible analytical reference package on the material and send it to the VPK (military-industrial complex).
As a result of VPK study, a very high assessment was given. Scientists were then brought to Moscow to elaborate the subject matter. According to main information, an outstanding environment was created for them. They were afforded almost unlimited financing and the ability to conduct experiments.
Following the collapse of the Soviet Union, however, this subject area was forgotten in Azerbaijan. I never heard mention of Ikram Kerimov after that. As far as Dzhafar Dzhafarov is concerned, his name was mentioned in an article on artificial earthquakes that were published about five years ago in the newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda. The article also asserted that he had taken up permanent residence in South Africa.
[Mirkadyrov] What about the application of tectonic weapons?
[Gasanov] In the late 1980s, a series of earthquakes took place encompassing a vast territory -- from India to Central Asia. Accusations of the use of tectonic weapons and directed towards the Soviet Union appeared in the Western press at that time. Our scientists who had participated in the development of tectonic weapons declined to give a response to all questions dealing with the nature of these earthquakes.
I read an article once in the newspaper Zerkalo to the effect that all this talk about artificial earthquakes is absolute nonsense. Perhaps the newspaper has more trustworthy information. I will boldly state, however, that if Azerbaijani scientists were not the originators of some discovery, there is no doubt but that they participated most actively in the development of this subject area.
The names of various scientists who predict earthquakes are cited quite often today, but believe me, no one in our day knew better than our scientists when and where one would occur.
Let me also say that due to the specific nature of our work, it is only by virtue of this discussion that our scientists will become aware of our cooperative effort in this area, and of our very existence. We are not personally acquainted with them. I hope that they will perceive this mention of them as gratitude.
(Anushavan Manyan & Louys Periodical #98,December 7-13 issue, p.3-5)
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Not So Surprising Nuke-Earthquake News

Postby Hopar on Fri Dec 07, 2007 3:02 pm

December, 1996

On the morning of October 10, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation aired this piece. I obtained a copy of it from the ever-vigilant Dr. Gary Whiteford.

Anchorwoman: "A Moscow newspaper reports that Russian scientists tried to harness earthquakes as a means of mass destruction, and the research continued under the new Russian government long after the Soviet Union collapsed."

Correspondent Mike Hornbrook: "The Moscow News called it 'Earthquakes Made To Order.' In a detailed article, the newspaper says research of the so-called tectonic weapons began under the Communists in the 1970s. By late 1987, the Soviet government ordered a major effort to develop such a weapon.

"It was code-named Project Mercury and Project Vulcan, and involved almost two dozen major scientific and manufacturing centers.

"The theory was that underground nuclear explosions could trigger earthquakes far from the site of the original blast. Researchers speculated the destructive force released would be many times greater than the nuclear blast, that it could be directed toward any point on earth and that there was no way to guard against it.

"According to the Moscow News, everyone involved with the project had the highest security clearance. The first underground nuclear test was carried out six years ago, possibly followed by two more blasts as the pace of research picked up.

"The newspaper says Boris Yeltsin's government continued the work until two or three years ago. At that time a crisis in the Russian economy put everything on hold. However, the Moscow News says that Russia's strategic military doctrine now includes a secret protocol on tectonic weapons.

"Western experts are said to be astonished that such a weapons program was ever attempted. Many believe the notion of triggering and controlling earthquakes is pure science fiction."

Much of this fits data the Coastal Post has already presented. However, evidence points to the closing of the nuclear sites as well as to strikes by mine workers and demonstrations across the Soviet Union as to being an economical necessity.

That same evidence shows Soviet, and very possibly French and American, testing with an eye on related quakes was conducted for a much longer time. At least, since President Reagan reintroduced testing in the mid-'80s.

For example, two weeks before the deadly December 7, 1988, Armenian earthquake, which killed up to 50,000 people, Soviet scientists predicted a large quake would shortly hit the region. On December 4, the Soviets detonated a test at their nuclear Novaya Zemyla site in the Arctic.

We could go through testing dates and once again show the close relationship between earthquakes and nuclear testing. However, as the information is statistical and dry, we recommend that those interested readers not familiar with our series check back issues of the Post or send a SASE to me at POB 864, Fairfax 94978 for a list of corresponding dates and quakes.

The mainstream U.S. media refuses to publish anything on the subject, even though scientific evidence is strong and plentiful. Don't think Dr. Whiteford and I haven't tried. However, the English, Canadian and Australian media, among others, are on top of it.

Even the U.S. Geological Survey, while skeptical, is more open. You'll notice the reference in the Canadian piece that "many [Western experts]...believe the pure science fiction." Doesn't that infer many other scientists are open to the possibility?

However, one bright point: The French are in the process of dismantling the Mururoa Atoll nuclear test site in the South Pacific. It's supposed to once again be clean and healthy-in 10,000 years. That is, except for that persistent hundreds of yards in diameter bubble of melted radioactive material lodged in the core of the volcano which forms the crumbling atoll.
Sources: ... se.EQ.html
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