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NSM candidate for US president

Postby leo_matousian on Tue Jan 01, 2008 6:12 pm

Interview with an American president candidate John Taylor Bowles from the American National Socialist Movement


1. How are you Mr. Bowles?

Very well. My presidential campaign is off to an impressive start and continues to bring in average White voters throughout the USA to the National Socialist Movement. The campaign website is:Bowlesforpresident.com. and the campaign address is: Bowles for President, PO Box 1496, Laurens, SC 29360.

2. Would you please introduce yourself to us?

I am John Taylor Bowles, 49, born in Baltimore, Maryland USA. My parents are from West Virginia and I was raised in a middle-class family. I have no brothers or sisters. Married for 11 years and three daughters. A former federal officer for the United State’s Department of Agriculture (USDA) whose responsibility was to prevent harmful food being introduced to the food chain and the consumer. Also, a certified paralegal and former elected labor union representative of one of the biggest unions in the USA: United Auto Workers.

3. What kind of political background do you have?

Became active as a National Socialist at age 16 years old in February 1974. Joined the National Socialist White People’s Party led by Matt Koehl, who was Commander Rockwell’s successor when he was assassinated in 1967. Between 1974 through 1977 assisted in the operation of a National Socialist headquarters/bookstore in Baltimore Maryland which sold pro-White literature to the general public. In 1975, was the campaign treasurer to Wolfgang Schrodt, who ran for City Council in Baltimore, Maryland and won the primary election. Mr. Schrodt was the first National Socialist to enter an American general election as a National Socialist. He received over 12% of the White vote. In 2003, switched membership from the New Order (formerly named NSWPP) and joined the National Socialist Movement (Jeff Schoep, Commander) and became the state organizer of Virginia. In 2004, became the National Election Director of the NSM. Also, in 2004 established a political action committee (PAC) with the Federal Election Commission named 88 PAC. The purpose of 88 PAC is to educate and fund pro-White candidates running for elective offices throughout the USA. In 2006, ran Shawn Stuart for state representative in Montana. Mr. Stuart received over 17% of the vote and was funded by 88 PAC..

4. You are now running for president elections in USA 2008. What party do you represent? And how did you decide to take part of these elections?

I represent the National Socialist Movement. I decided to run right after the election results of the 2004 presidential election because White people were given lousy choices for President back then. Two years ago, I asked NSM member Colonel William Hoff (72) to be my Vice-Presidential candidate and he accepted. Unfortunately, Col. William Hoff was killed in a vehicle accident only 11 hours after the announcement (December 08, 2006) of the both of us as candidates and never knew the campaign had officially began. It was a tragedy of mass proportions. The NSM has a new 2008 Vice-Presidential candidate; but, won’t announce the name until April 2007. I should have no problem in getting on any state ballot for the election.

5. What kind of people do you think will vote you? What kind of results you are waiting?

I believe the average White citizen will vote for me. Life is starting to become difficult for the White citizens in the USA. They are being squeezed from both ends and suffering the most harm, i.e., high taxes, non-White crime, illegal non-White immigration, degenerate culture, high health care costs, foreign military entanglements, and erosion of White Constitutional rights. If other European countries don’t take warning and heed from what is happening to the White citizens of the USA, they to will be affected by the same deteriorating conditions caused by the non-White population in the USA.

I believe I can accumulate more votes than any Marxist presidential candidate running in the 2008 presidential election. If I can do that I would be happy since this is the first attempt by any National Socialist political organization in the USA to try and win the White House.

6. If you would become the next president of United States, what would be your first things you would do as a president?

The very first thing I would do is sign an emergency Executive Order ordering all non-Whites to be respectfully transferred to their own racial homelands. Non-Whites would be reimbursed for their personal property and real property upon exiting the USA. I don’t believe any non-Whites would want to remain in the USA after this emergency Executive Order went into effect. American Indians would be allowed to remain in the USA on their own reservations and all treaties with them would be respected and honored . Also, non-Whites would be immediately removed from the USA military within 24 hours of being officially sworn in as President.

7. How would the policy of USA change? What about foreign, defense and immigration policy?

USA foreign policy would shift towards being more friendly with the Arabs. Israel would be dumped as an ally. The USA needs cheap oil and not to berated throughout the world because of being a friend of Israel. The USA military would consist of all-White males and immediately assist in the removal of all non-Whites in the USA, in particular, the illegal immigrants.

8. How your winning would effect to Europe? And European Nationalists/National Socialists?

USA policy would shift to being more cooperative with European countries. Of course, strong economic and diplomatic pressure would be put on Germany and other European countries to desist persecuting National Socialists and other pro-White racialist organizations there. The USA would totally withdraw all its military out of Europe and let Europe protect itself. I would encourage all European countries to remove all non-Whites from their own borders and cooperate with each other and become a superpower continent.. I believe if you combine European brains with Russian brawn this could become possible. A strong pro-White nationalist Europe allied with a strong pro-White nationalist America is the desired foreign policy goal of my administration.

9. What do you think about Israel's exposion of nuclear weapons? How do you think it will effect in the Middle-East? How do you see Iran's position and as a president how you would change USA's policy on Iran?

If Israel used any of its nuclear arsenal an immediate response would come from a National Socialist America. Basically, Israel would collapse as a nation without any USA funded assistance. It is a parasite state being kept alive by USA foreign aid and extorted Holocaust reparations. This would all come to an end. Iran and the other Middle-East countries have a right to defend their borders, including the use of nuclear weapons. I would immediately open up talks with all Arab countries and make peace.

10. Thanks for these lines, it is pleasure to have you interviewed. The last words are for you!

The racial problems in the USA does have an effect on Europe. If White people do not gain political power within 20 years they will lose the USA as their territory and the final battle for the survival of the White Race, on this planet, will have to be fought in Northern Europe. Time is running out for the White Race in the USA. The hour of death of a whole nation of White people is rapidly approaching. When the Jews manipulated the USA into a war against National Socialist Germany that began the downfall of the White Race in the USA. All the problems that the USA has nowadays is the direct consequence of fighting Adolf Hitler over 60 years ago. Thank goodness that Navy Commander George Lincoln Rockwell founded the American Nazi Party in 1967 and raised the swastika in America. It is now up to White Americans, led by NSM Commander Jeff Schoep, to rise up and vote for me before its too late.

"We must secure the existence of our nation,
and future for white armenian children"

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Postby Ararat on Sun Jan 13, 2008 4:23 pm

Perhaps this is a offtop, but i would like to know what you think about the chances of Obama?
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Postby leo_matousian on Fri Jan 18, 2008 8:27 pm

Ararat wrote:Perhaps this is a offtop, but i would like to know what you think about the chances of Obama?

Well i dont have good knowledge in politics specialy the american one,
in past i used to be interrested with politics,but not anymore.

My speciality is racial anthropology,and discussing related issues
about armenian national socialism/white nationalism...etc

But i dont believe like many other american white nationalists
that there will ever be formed white nationalist government in
america again democraticly by elections,only bloody revolution can bring america backfor real anglo saxons,and i do believe that Obama has big chance to win,its realy not important wether if he wins or hillary clinton...etc

They are all puppets and they will do what their ZOG masters tell them,
but i personaly preffer to not see obama and see clinton instead or any
non negro president(even if they are all the same technicaly) but
at least we wont see a black president for strongest country in the
world,if he wins it will be nightmare for us,just like when we saw the
first negro "star" in armenia before few years.

I dont think that this nazi canditate has any chance to win,
the world would be like utopia if he wins though,he would surely
press on other countries of the world to form national socialist
government (just like how the current one is pressing on other countrie to make multicultural one),we would see armenian white nationalist government in armenia making racial cleansing,replacing chrisianity with paganism,exterminanig non armenian/non white population and attracting
pure diasporian white armenians instead,no more rabiz or rap
or any kind of non white music no more assyrians or other kind
of inferial christian semits.

Its utopia,but its dream.
"We must secure the existence of our nation,
and future for white armenian children"

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