Armenian Trndez

13th February, in the territory of the ancient fortress of Erebuni, members of the Armenian-Aryan Order and Consolidation of Armenian nationalists have committed a ritual ceremony of the Armenian Trndez.

Rituals was performed by priests as well as the candidates submitted from the Armenian-Aryan Order. The ceremony was attended by the leader of AAO Armen Avetisyan.

Glory to Trndez.


LINKS publishes study on the position of Armenian political parties on the Karabakh conflict

 The British NGO LINKS has just published a study with the views of Armenian political parties on the Karabakh conflict and conflict resolution process. The study is based on face to face interviews with twenty three senior Armenian politicians held earlier this year. The study launches a programme entitled Karabakh: The Big Debate during which the organisation will contribute to creating space for more discussion on the Karabakh issue in the region and beyond.
The second part of the study, reflecting the views of Azerbaijani political parties will be published in a few days time.
In an introduction to the publication, LINKS Executive Director, Dennis Sammut says that the study “maps out the declared positions of the political parties. It helps the reader to understand the domestic political context in which the Karabakh negotiations are taking place. Despite the fact that neither Armenia nor Azerbaijan are perfect democracies the leaders of the two countries cannot ignore the views of the politically active part of society on the iissue, which all agree is of vital importance for both countries”.

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Dear Armenian Christian

Attached you will find the Armenian Aryan Order’s proposal to secure the perpetuity of  the Armenian Nation.The Armenian Nation’s very existence  is in danger, due, in large part  to apostolical church’s affiliation with the Ecumenic Movement, which is just a cover,  promoting one world religion for a one world government. Armenia is being trampled, stamped and crushed by various religious cults,  unnatural sexual orientation activists  and other degenerative movements;  The church’s only reaction was paying a lip service to it.Is this the Nationalistic church you have always believed that  saved the Nation when we were stateless? Were you aware of their intentions before they joined that movement?

Of course not! The church has always taken you for granted. I’m afraid but have you ever seen a wolf worried about the sheep’s opinion?

But you are not a sheep. You are Armenian. Stand up and bring them to accountability. Make them pay. Force them to leave the movement. You have the right. Excercize it.

The truth is the church has never saved the Nation. The Nation has saved the church. EVERYTIME. EVERYWHERE.

What are you going to do? Wait till they destroy Armenia? Or wonder when will Obama utter the word “genocide”?

What will you gain when the whole world recognizes the Genocide and Armenia is Lost?

Its your turn now. Don’t let them run away with this crime.

Armenian Nationalists Union council

Yerevan, Armenia

Շարունակել կարդալ

Our fellow Armenians and Aryans

Several months ago, The Armenian Aryan Order (AAO), the Union of Armenian Nationalists (UAN), and the “Lusantsk” weekly announced about constructing an Aryan Mother temple in the Armenian capital Yerevan. That was done for the purpose of turning Armenia into Pan-Aryan Center: Following the announcement several steps were taken-
1.An account was opened at HSBC Armenia branch for the purpose of obtaining funds to build the temple.
2. A spiritual body was created which is working towards the formation of   pagan priesthood both in Armenia and the Diaspora.
3. Negotiations are being held with Armenian and non-Armenian (nations with Aryan roots) delegates of business circles to open a Pan-Aryan center in Yerevan (Aryan Mother Temple- with priesthood, Aryan Wisdom and Martial Art center and school).

So our fellow Armenians

This initiative is under way and needs the support and participation of everyone. Participate and have your input in this sacred cause, success of which will raise and uplift the Armenian Identity and Mission as well as will restore Armenians’ united Motherland.

Therefore our fellow Armenians

Let us restore our national faith, the Cosmic Order of the Creator, let us secure the return of our Armenian Gods and show the world that the Armenian is divine and is returning to the roots. The construction of the Aryan Mother Temple in Yerevan will confirm this fact.

Let each and every Armenian participate and contribute to this sacred cause in any way he can- morally, intellectually or financially.

Fellow Armenians, remember

Armenia is falling apart and is being destroyed in the clutches of globalization, our country is being trampled, stamped and crushed by various religious cults, Freemasonry, unnatural sexual orientation activists and other degenerative movements; while the authorities and the Christian church fathers are not taking any steps or measures to protect the nation and save the Fatherland. Moreover, willingly or unwillingly they are contributing to this plot, either by collaboration with them or by being in close relations with those forces, as a result those movements are being tolerated in this country.

Fellow Armenians, do not hesitate

Contribute. Support. Donate for the construction of the Aryan Mother Temple in Yerevan which will be just the beginning on the way of resurrecting all the temples and spiritual centers.

Let’s restore our Fatherland.  One temple at a time.  

Armenian Aryan Order (AAO)

Union of Armenian Nationalists (UAN)
“Lusantsk” weekly

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Leader of AAO is 50 year old


Armenian-Aryan Order, along with all its regional and diaspora structures (political, spiritual-priesthood, social, media, youth-student, etc.) congratulate  the leader of the AAO Armen Avetisyan with the 50-th anniversary of the birthday, which is celebrated on the 15th of January.
We wish him health, happiness and success in personal and public life, which are inseparable for him. We wish him an unbending will, great purpose and a new means for for new victories.

Let Armenian Gods and the Creator of Universe protect Armen Avetisyan and help him in his acts.

Union of Armenian Nationalists with his structures also joins to congratulations.

Congratulations – 2013

We congratulate

Armenian Aryans for the birthday of Garegina Nzhde on 1-st of January and with day Tsehakron (national ideas Tsehakronutyum) on 14-th of January.

We wish an Armenian-Aryan and stable path for the holy mission of assembly all Armenians and lands.

* * *

– Christian Armenian’s New Year and Christmas holidays. We wish happiness to everybody, health, love. Let coming year becomes a year of prosperity, progress, the consent.
To all people: personal, family and national achievements.

* * *

– We congratulate the 2nd year of the creation of  the new Counsel of Priests  and Spiritual Counsel , 22 December (2010).

Also celebrating:

–  19th year  of creation of Armenian Aryan Order (AAO) in 15 December 1993.
–  4th year of creation of Union of Armenian Nationalists in 22 December 2008, at the birthday of Justice God Mithra.

Armenian Aryan Order (AAO)
Union of Armenian Nationalists (UAN) also joins to congratulations.

Glory to Armenian Gods and to the Universe Creator.

Armenian-Aryans celebrate the birth of Mihr-Mithra

And all conversations about the end of the World are nothing more than politico-religious clownery.

On the winter solstice at on 22 dec. night to 23rd December morning The Armenian Aryan Order celebrated the rebirth of the Armenian God of justice Mihr. Mihr is also the God of light, illumination and natural order on Earth.

Candidates for the priests of the spiritual circle AAO held a ritual in the ancient district Elar-Darani, near the town of Abovyan, praising God Mihr. Later, Aryans Armenians and other nationalists visited Garni pagan temple where glorified the Creator of the Universe and the Armenian Gods.

When returning to Yerevan they sang ritual hymns in honor of the reunion of Armenians and its historic mission near the statue of Armenian military and power God Vahagn.

Armenian Aryan Order

The 19th anniversary of Armenian-Aryan Order was celebrated 15 december 2012

The Supreme Council congratulates all the members of AAO, sympathizing and supportive members of the organization in connection with this anniversary.

Armenian-Aryan Order was founded in the city of Abovyan (Armenia) at December 15, 1993. Today, the AAO has the structures in the Armenian capital of Yerevan, in all regions of the Republic, as well as in Artsakh, Javakhk and Diaspora.

December 15, 2012 in the principal office of the AAO, a festive event dedicated to the anniversary was organized. AAO leader Armen Avetisyan presented the activities of Armenian Aryans over the last 19 years.
He spoke about Armenia’s independence, protection of borders, the years of the liberation of Artsakh, and the activities that unfolded during all this years of independence enhancement.

Subsequently, members of the Supreme Council together with representatives of the regions have gone to Karmir Bloor where the priests conducted the ritual worship of Universe Creator, Armenian Gods as well as Armenian nation. Armenian-Aryans wished the Armenian people a victorious wake up and reunification.

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Armenians Should Know the Truth

For one hundred years, it has been said that the evil Turks were responsible for the 1915 genocide of Armenians upon their ancient lands.  What is not told is thatin 1492, King Ferdinand of Spain issued an edict to expel from Spain all remaining Jews who did not convert to Christianity. When the news of expulsion reached the Ottoman Empire, the Sultan (Emperor) Beyazit II issued a decree to welcome the Jews. Since 1492, through five centuries, the Ottoman sultans and the modern day Turkish Republic welcomed the Jews and offered them a safe haven from persecution in the European countries. While many European nations expelled, persecuted or tried to convert the Jews under their dominion, the Turkish people of the Ottoman Empire remained as an outstanding example of tolerance of different nationalities with different religions. (Reference:  “Turkish Jews – Brief History”)

This paragraph contradicts “tolerance of nationalities” by Turkey.  If this was true, why had the Greek (1914) and Armenian (1915) genocides taken place in Turkey?


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24 april the commemoration day of Genocide victims

On 24th april Armenian Aryan Order (AAO) members and Consolidation of Armenian Nationalists  (CAN)  visited the Genocide Memorial in Tsitsernakaberd.

The 97-th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide is being completed today. During 1915-1923 in Ottoman Turkey and Western Armenian Territories, The Zionist-Turkish planned Genocide around 3,5 million Armenians were massacred.

As in Armenia, Likewise in the Armenian Diaspora, all Armenians organize commemoration ceremonies, which are attended by progressive people of that country as well. Hundreds of thousands attend Armenian Genocide Memorial in Yerevan with foreign guests joining them, to pay tribute to the memory of the innocent victims.

We call on all the honest and progressive people of the world to unite and urge their countries’ authorities to denounce the Armenian Genocide. Doing so, you avert also the danger of possible genocides that might happen and you contribute, so that the Armenian Cause.
Armenian Aryan Order

Consolidation of Armenian Nationalists

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Armenian-Aryans celebrate Zatik, glorifing mother Goddess Anahit

Today the leader  of AAO Armen Avetisyan,   and the candidates for priests performed  Armenian-Aryan rites in honor of Zatik at Metzamor (Metz Mayr – Great Mother ). April 20, members of the Armenian Aryan Order (AAO), Consolidation of Armenian Nationalists (CAS) glorified the Mother Goddess.
Candidates in the priests hold a festive ceremony in the Metsamor.
Zatik is one of the main Aryan-pagan holidays. Preparation of this celebration Armenian-Aryans and nationalists have begun on February 14 and March 21, when celebrating the rebirth of the god of war and power Vahagn, and april 20, they will celebrate Mother Goddess Anahit.

Press Center AAO – 20.04.2012

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Glory to Vahagn and happy new armenian year

 This year a group of Armenian pagans and nationalists celebrated the new Armenian year  near tthe Arax river close to Armenian Turkish border. Which is the border between eastern and western Armenia.

The March 21-st, it’s Spring Re-awakening-Aryan New Year.   Aryan New Year and Armenians’ God of War and Power Vahagn’s rebirth celebrations.
The festive rituals was conducted by the Armenyan Aryan Orders  priests. Afterwards, festivities continued at Garny temple.
The Armenian-Aryans glorify the re-awakening of the Spring, the Vahagn God,  The Armenian Gods and The Creator of the Universe. The New Year was event organized by  “Armeian Aryan Order” and “Armenian Nationalists Union”.
Let Universal Spring bring re-awakening to all Aryans of the World.

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ANF returns

The United Council of the Armenian Aryan Association (AAA) and the Armenian Association of Nationalists (AAN) has issued a statement.

-On February 15, the United Council of the AAA and the AAN held an ensuring session during which a pre-electoral alliance of Armenian Nationalist Forces was established for the second time in the modern history of Armenia.

-The alliance will be established similar to and through the directive of the Armenian Aryan Fist (AAF) which vigorously participated in the 2003 elections for the National Assembly and will include representatives of nationalist structures and individual nationalists.

The pre-electoral alliance of Armenian Nationalist Forces will be established by the AAA and AAN member organizations and associations and will be replenished by the decision of the United Council.

The pre-electoral alliance of Armenian Nationalist Forces has ended organizational activities in 11 provinces of Armenia, Artsakh, Javakhk and the Diaspora and expects to see the support from nationalist Armenians who have the right to vote or have relatives in Armenia.

The pre-electoral alliance of Armenian Nationalist Forces doesn’t rule out its participation in the next Armenian presidential elections.


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Armenian Aryans hail retaliation against Azeris

The Armenian Aryan Union has issued a statement over the Azerbaijani armed forces’ violations of the Ceasefire Accord across the Contact Line, expressing willingness to be actively involved in the Armenian troops’ retaliatory operations.
Hailing the Armenian authorities’ decision to retaliate the enemy, the Union members say Azerbaijan’s aggression will no longer go unpunished.
Citing the Defense Ministry’s statement promising Armenia’s non-equivalent response for each soldiers’ life, the Armenian Aryans say they are also willing to comply with such instruction.
“As the Armenian president has said, a soldier’s life is of great value – also for us – and the enemy has to pay a tenfold price for the loss of each Armenian soldier,” they say in the statement.
The Aryans further hail the Nagorno-Karabakh (Artsakh) Defense Army’s recent statement saying that the Armenian forces preventive operations left seven Azerbaijanis dead and injured (in return for the death of two Armenian servicemen).
“To avoid political rebellions inside the country, the Azerbaijani authorities resort to provocations in order to remain clinged to power, but Armenia’s retaliatory blows should be a scourge to such provocations. Once the opportunity arrives, we must attack the enemy’s military positions, extending the borders of Armenia to its natural historical territories on the east,” the authors of the statement say.
Having the above objective in view, they call they call upon the Defense Ministry to provide a prompter and tougher response to the irregularities in the army, establishing strict accountability measures against those guilty.

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Armenian Trndez

12th February, in the territory of the Azatava village of Ararat marz,  members of the Armenian-Aryan Order and Consolidation of Armenian nationalists have committed a ritual ceremony of the Armenian Trndez.
Rituals performed priest Manuk (Sergey Manukyan) as well as the candidates submitted by the priests from the Armenian-Aryan Order Ashot Badalyan. In ceremonies attended by the leader of AAO Armen Avetisyan.

Glory to Trndez
Glory to Creator of Universe and Armenian Gods
Azatavan – Karaundj

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