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Business as usual is a powerful motivating force especially when Jews like the Rothschilds are running an oil business. Banking is the forte of the Jewish House of Rothschilds. But raw materials-especially oil-are money in the bank.

The Young Turk movement, AKA Committee of Union and Progress, arose out of the Rothschilds’ oil interests in the Black Sea area of the Ottoman Empire in the late 1800s. ‘Creating stability’ in an incendiary realm was necessary for the Rothschilds’ new oil enterprise Baku Oil.  The instability of the Armenian Christians’ financial and intellectual prominence in the area was not “good for business.”



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It’s Spring Re-awakening- Aryan New Year


On March 21st, at 1:00 pm , at Garni Aryan-Heathen temple, took place the   Aryan New Year and Armenians’ God of War and Power Vahagn’s rebirth celebrations.
The festive rituals were conducted by the “Aryan Fraternity”’s  priests. Afterwards, there were concerts, celebrating the occasion.
The Armenian-Aryans glorified the re-awakening of the Spring, the Vahagn God,  The Armenian Gods and The Creator of the Universe.
The New Year event was organized by “Aryan Fraternity”, “Armeian Aryan Order” and “Armenian Nationalists Union”
Let Universal Spring bring re-awakening to all Aryans of the World.

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As it is well-known, recently, a draft law was presented  to the National Assembly  aimed at making anmendments to the “Concerning RA Holidays”  to declare August the 11th-the day Hayk triumphed over Bel- “Armenian National Identity Day”, while the holiday’s preceding 5 days would be declared  Navasardyan Games Days.

The draft law, in its initial form was debated and accepted at the first reading. It appeared that the bill will soon be put in its final form and ratified by the National Assembly and finally our Holiday Calendar will include a truly Nationalistic holiday, a holiday truly coming from the nation’s essence  and  ratified by law (all the other holidays ratified by the National Assembly are not as such, they are ecclesiastical or state-political holidays).

But the Armenian apostolical church is not asleep, so that the NA stand steadfast  by its decision  and reward the Nation with an Identity Day ratified by the assembly itself. According to trusthworthy and reliable sources, the church is categorically against declaring  the day Armenia Triumphed- National Identity Day. According to them, as it is well-known, the Armenian Identity derives from 301 AD!, before then, the Armenian as such, and Armenia as  such  did not exist, hence, what kind of a National Identity Day can anyone dare talk about…?!

The church is for the abstract formulation of  Navasartyan Holiday which should be celebrated not on the day of the Victory, but on the day of a  certain religious holiday… Well, if the church is against , how dare the National Assembly…?! If the state by its own free will (through some other bill) is preparing to become a theocracy, then who is capable of  taking steps independently, that would be  beneficial to the Nation?


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Syrian lawmaker: what happens in Gaza a real holocaust

Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee in Syrian parliament says what happens in Gaza by Israeli regime is a real Holocaust. On the sideline of one day-long conference on violation of human rights by the Zionist regime in the Gaza Strip being held at the Esteqlal Hotel, northern Tehran, attended by a large number of domestic and international lawyers, judges and university professors, Suleiman Haddad told Qodsna that international community must bring Zionist regime’s officials to international court for crimes they commit against Palestinians. Israel, if really want to reach a peace should implement UN resolution, Haddad said. Israel is like an island in the other Arab, he said, If want real peace should withdraw from all territories which occupied before. They (Israelis) should recognize Palestinian independence and the capital of Palestinian Al-Quds, Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee said. He also said Zionists should accept and agree all refugees to come back their motherland


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Ahmadinejad: A united global force must try Zionist criminals

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said Wednesday that the Zionist regime has emerged from several lies by the colonial regimes of the world and that it was designed to help them dominate the entire world.
He made the remarks in a speech to the Fourth International Conference in Support of Palestine: the Model of Resistance, and Gaza: the Victim of War Crimes.
The President said years of displacement of over 5 millions of Palestinians, thousands of dead and injured on their part, several deadly wars, occupation, assassinations, and the Gaza tragedy were only part of the mission of the fake Zionist regime.
“Today it has turned that the imposition of the Zionist occupying regime was not aimed at supporting the Jews rather it was a design of the powers which emerged from the two world wars,” the President said.
He said the mission of the founders and supporters of the Zionist regime was to maintain threat and impede the progress of nations, sow discord and set up markets for the sales of western made arms after pillaging he resources of innocent nations.
Ahmadinejad said the superpowers under the pretext of keeping the security of the Zionist regime impede the progress of other nations and section independent countries. “They also press committed directors like the Sudanese President in a bid to prevent other countries from moving independently,” Ahmadinejad said.


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Trndez celebration

Today, On February the 13th at yerevan’s “Karmir Blur”,   the site of a  former pagan temple, took place the “Trndez” ceremony. The event was organized by the “Aryan Fraternity”’s clergy and “Armenian Aryan Order”. Those taking part, glorified the Creature of the Universe and the Armenian Gods , through fire rituals. After the ritual the Armenian Aryans sang praises and round danced. Through fire they performed the natural self-purifying ritual and glorified Father Ara and God of Power Vahagn, whose divine rebirth will take place in 40 days time on 21st of March , on   Aryan New Year’s Day. 

The newly wed brides were self-purified by flying over fire and did merit the love of Mother Anahit and are ready to become mothers.

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Announcement on Bolivia events

The Armenian Aryan Order sends its warmest salutations to Bolivian president Evo Morales for taking the lead toward a return to his ancestors’ faith.
Recently, the aboriginal American president announced that Bolivia is no longer a Catholic (Christian) state and that religion cannot be considered as the state religion.
The President Morales stated that 85% of Bolivia’s population consists of aboriginal Indians and followers of the ancient faith, hence’ their ancient faith should be restored. He also stated that the possibility of the aboriginals’ language becoming an official language alongside the Spanish should not be ruled out.

The Armenian Aryan Order considers the first aboriginal Indian president’s unique initiative, which is being realized officially, as a serious world outlook, a step which could have a positive impact and influence on all ancient peoples regarding the return to the ancient faith.

We, the Armenian-Aryans also have the worship of our ancient faith, of our Armenian Gods and deem it important Bolivian president’s decisive step aimed at strengthening the ties of his country and people with its own roots.

We are convinced, a return to the roots-a return to Armenian faith and worship of Armenian Gods is being awaited for the Armenians as well.

Glory to Creature of the Universe and Welcome Back Armenian Gods.
Armenian Power’s cornerstone is Aryan Armenia

Armenian Aryan Order
Supreme Council


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Happy Birthday

We congratulate the leader of Armenian Aryan Order Armen Avetisyan who celebrates the 46-th birth day.
We wish him good health, success in personal and familial life, achievements in national goals.

15 january 2009 Շարունակել կարդալ

Armenian Aryan Order’s 15th Anniversary and Seminar

On 15 of December 2008, the Armenian Aryan Order completed 15 years of existence. The order was founded on December 15, 1993 in Abovian.

On this occasion, we congratulate each and every Order member and supporter worldwide. The 15th anniversary celebrations took place at the Order’s headquarter in Yerevan and lasted for 3 days (Jan. 7-9).

During the event, The Armenian Aryan Order leader Armen Avetisyan ,  Order’s supreme Council members , Great Council members  as well as Order’s Regional(RA,NKR,Javakhk) executives and representatives discussed about  the Order’s  upcoming tasks and future plans. Organizational issues were discussed as well.

The Order’s leader briefly presented Armenian Aryan Order’s activities and achievements since its foundation.

Discussions were held as well with the Order’s Diasporan representatives through the internet.

Armenian Aryan Order
Information Center
Yerevan, Armenia


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Armenian Nationalists’ Union strongly condemns the heinous crime and convicted terrorist act of the criminal Zionist regime against the Palestinian population of Gaza Strip which is under siege for 2 years, on the edge of starvation for 2 months and today is subjected to a brutal aerial bombardment.

Armenian Nationalists’ Union calls on the international community to interfere without delay to halt this crime against humanity and to put an end to the blockade.

The international criminal court should investigate the evil leaders of Israel over these diabolical and savage acts.

Armenian Nationalists’ Union expresses as well its unconditional support for the population of Gaza and will struggle for the Just Cause of  Palestine with all possible means.

Armenian Nationalists’ Union

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Happy New Year 2009

We congratulate
Christian Armenian’s New Year and  Christmas holidays. We wish happiness to everybody, health, love. Let coming year becomes a year of prosperity, progress, the consent. To all people: personal, family and national achievements.
We congratulate
Armenian Aryans for the birthday of Garegina Nzhde on 1st of January and with day Tsehakron  on 14th of January.
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Armenian Aryans celebrated Mithra birth

In december 22 Armenian Aryans celebrated the reborn of Armenian God of Justice Mihr (Mithra). The celebration took place in Erebuni ( Arin Berd ) in Yerevan.
Also the representives of Yezide community were present at the celebration. Yezidis has been and now are Sun worshippers.
Priests glorified Armenian Gods and the Creator of Universe.
Yezid Sheikh Madjid also speaked.

After this Priests welcomed the newly created Armenian Nationalistic Union ( ANU ), with the might of Armenian Gods will have victories.
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Open letter to the President of RA

Honorable Mr. President of the Republic of Armenia!


Fourteen years have passed since the victorious end of the national liberation war in Artsakh. As a result of this victory the Armenian soldier has reached the most of the north-eastern historical frontiers of the Armenian Homeland. This war was first and foremost the war for the sacred land of our motherland. The Constitution of the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic (NKR) adopted during the national referendum in 2006 has drawn the sovereign borders of Karabakh’s land, for liberation of which the best sons of our nation shed their blood. The Constitution of the NKR has nullified the artificial and non-viable borders of former soviet “Nagorno-Karabakh Autonomous Oblast” – an enclave which borders were forced upon Armenians against their will.


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“The Greatest Challenge Facing Us”

October 24, 2008



In general, Vartan Oskanian makes a convincing broad view of Armenia’s past, present and future values.  He was Armenia’s foreign minister from 1998 – 2008.  Now, he states:

“Many of our domestic problems are economic. The hopes of Armenia’s aspiring young men and women rest on a fair, open, economic system. This means respecting civil liberties, believing in democracy, actually allowing a rule of law.  Only then, can the individual citizen be unafraid to risk and venture, and only then, will we harness the energy of our society, economically and politically.

“Only then, will it be able to create jobs so that they see their future in Armenia, and they see Armenia’s future in themselves.

“Only then, will we manage to eradicate poverty so that all our people begin to believe that living in a country that is ours is better than living in someone else’s empire.

“Only then, will we succeed in identifying corruption as the evil that limits options, suffocates innovation, restricts enterprise and slams the door of opportunity.

“Only then, will we do away with nepotism so that it is what you know, not who you know that counts.


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