92nd anniversary of Armenian Genocide

tzitzernakaberdToday, on April 24, Armenians throughout the globe mark the 92nd anniversary of the Armenian Genocide in Ottoman Turkey. Mass arrests of the Armenian intellectual, religious, economic and political elite started in Constantinople on that very day in 1915 what resulted in entire annihilation of a whole pleiad of outstanding Armenian cultural workers. Writers, actors, musicians, teachers, doctors, lawyers, journalists, businessmen, political and religious leaders were detained till the end of May, 1915 without being incriminated in anything. In the course of several weeks about 800 celebrated Armenians were arrested in Constantinople. By the end of summer there had been few of them left alive. During the period of 1915-1923 1.5 million of Armenians were killed.

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Celebration in Metzamor

 8 april 2007 at 13.00 in Metzamor armenian-aryans will celebrate the Zatik in glorification to godess Anahit.The celebration is organised by the priests of Arordineri Ukht


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Heralding the Aryan New Year in Garni

trndezOn March 21st at 1300 hours there will be a celebration held in the honor of Vaghagn, our ancient Aryan god of strength. The location of the ceremony will be at the pagan Garni temple within Garni Village. Armenian Aryans call on all interested sons and daughters of the Armenian nation to participate in this Aryan celebration, one that also heralds the coming of spring and the new year. Please note that this year’s “Trndez” gathering, the winter celebration of holy fire, was held at the historic Urartu ruins at Karmir Blur.

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Armenian nationalist Denied U.S. Visa

Armenian nationalist Denied U.S. Visa
By Emil Danielyan

The U.S. consulate in Yerevan has refused to grant a visa to an Armenian ultranationalist politician who spent two months in prison last year for making anti-Semitic statements, it emerged on Thursday.

Armen Avetisian, the leader of a small party called the Armenian Aryan Union (HAM), cited a consulate official as telling him on Tuesday that he can not visit the United States because “we don’t want you to say things in the USA which you say in your country.”

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Swastika in Armenia

Swastika is an ancient Sanskrit term that is suggested by linguists to mean either “illumines being” or “good being.” However, the symbol in question has a much deeper history,one that has fascinated people throughout the ages. This eight pointed geometric symbol suggesting a celestial body has traveled great distances world-wide with the Indo-European “Aryan” tribes with whom the symbol seemed to have played a sacred role. Շարունակել կարդալ


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Armen Avetisyan


 Armen  Avetisyan 

The leader of Armenian Arian Order

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YEREVAN, AUGUST 1, NOYAN TAPAN. Changes in the administration of the Republican Party of Armenia deeply affected the RA inner-political life: one may at any price struggle against oligarches using their authority for personal purposes. Armen Avetisian, the Chairman of the Armenian Aryan Order party expressed such an opinion at the press conference convened on August 1, by adding that the number of oligarches among republicans continues increasing. According to A. Avetisian, one must not make money a subject for cult worship: “there are holenesses like the Fatherland, nation which must not be speculated in any case.” “Ideological alliances must be created. Today there are 60-70 parties in Armenia, but their majority repeats ideas of each other,” he stated. In A. Avetisian’s opinion, the ARF and “Hanrapetakan” (Republican) parties are the owners of strong ideas today.


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1 Aug 06

Yerevan, 1 August: Armenia has actually resolved the Karabakh problem and should now declare Nagornyy Karabakh its province, Armen Avetisyan, leader of the Armenian Aryan Union, said during a news conference at the Pastark discussion club today.

As a result of hostilities in the Nagornyy Karabakh conflict, it became possible to implement the decision of the Nagornyy Karabakh referendum to merge with Armenia, he said. However, in the course of the negotiations, several local politicians have been talking about compromises and the handover of territories to Azerbaijan. The handover of territories will allow Azerbaijan to shell and bomb the Armenian towns of Kapan or Goris, Avetisyan said. He also expressed his confidence that Azerbaijan will resume the hostilities at first opportunity as soon as it considers itself to be ready for this.

Commenting on the visit to the region by the US co-chairman of the OSCE Minsk Group, Matthew Bryza, the leader of the union said that the visit was aimed at “finding out who in Armenia and Azerbaijan is ready for concessions. Those who are readier will be treated by the West graciously. It is not by chance that Bryza did not meet the opposition. If the authorities of either country refuse to make concessions, they will be replaced,” Avetisyan said.


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  • Armen Avetisyan, leader of the Armenian Aryan Union, is not going to appeal the decision of the Kentron and Norq Marash communities Court of the First Instance. Let us remind you that Armenia Avetisyan has been sentenced to 3 years of imprisonment with an experimentary period of 2 years. Today after a considerable interval Armen Avetisyan organized a press conference. He has decided not to apply to the Armenian «justice» as principally it is not acceptable for him to apply to a system which is not trustworthy, and besides, according to Armen Avetisyan, it is especially this system that is controlled by forces from outside. Applying to this system he will be still more humiliated thinks Armen Avetisyan. Besides, he is sure that the new appeal will find no new solutions, «I do not accept that system and I have never signed under the protocols of that system». Armen Avetisyan’s case consists of 155 pages; more than two third of it are the intercessions in favor of Armen Avetisyan, one third are the materials photocopied from the press, and the accusation is only several pages. According to Avetisyan, factually there is no case, «During the conversations it became clear that both the caretakers and the policemen realized that everything is formal and there was no serious accusation». The AAU leader also mentioned that if the accusation and the decision of the court are put together it will become clear that they are like twin sisters – quotations from the same articles, the same words and expressions. Armen Avetisyan considers the court decision as an article trying to closing his mouth and terrorize him, but he is not frightened, just vice versa, «In prison I found many friends who believed in me up to the end». By the way, Mr. Avetisyan does not exclude that the accusation will be repeated, or he nay even be harmed physically, but nevertheless, he will continue his activity.

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Armenian nationalists call for release of jailed Aryan party leader

Armenian nationalists call for release of jailed Aryan party leaderNoyan Tapan news agency
31 Jan 05


The Armenian Nationalist Party disagrees with aggressive statements by
Armenian Aryan Union leader Armen Avetisyan against ethnic minorities
and Masons, considers his arrest illegal and demands his immediate

At the same time, the party considers that “this arrest is, to a
certain degree, of a planned and publicity nature for the Aryan Fist
organization. “There is no need for creating new `heroes’,” the
party’s statement said.

“People should not be arrested in a free and democratic country for
this or that position,” the statement by the Armenian Nationalist
Party said.

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Head of Armenian Aryan Union Arrested

Head of Armenian Aryan Union Arrested

Yesterday in the Yerevan Prosecutor’s office Head of Armenian Aryan Union Armen Avetisyan was arrested. The arresting sanction was given by Hrachya Hochannisyan – Judge of the Court of First Instance of the communities Kentron and Nork-Marash. Armen Avetisyan is charged with the second part of the Article N226 of the RA Criminal Code: “Causing of national, racial or religion hostility with violation threat”. By the way, the Article foresees imprisonment from 3 up to 6 years. But in some circles it is considered that the cause of Armen Avetisyan’s Arrest may be other. Let us remind you that he had promised up to the end of the year 2005 to make public the list of the Armenian high-ranked homosexualists.


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