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Armenian Aryan Order

“Yerkir” Union’s Appeal to International Community With Respect to the Recent Events in Akhalkalaki

On July 17, 2008 a blast took place in the town of Akhalkalaki, regional center of the Akhalkalaki district of the Samtskhe-Javakheti region of Georgia, near the house of the Chief of Police Samvel Petrosyan. There were no casualties.
Immediately after the blast, the local police forces initiated an unprecedented wave of arrests within the ranks of the activists of the “United Javakhk Democratic Alliance” the local political movement. Thus, up to 15 activists were brutally arrested, some were fiercely beaten. The police also entered the building of the Youth radio station which belonged to the same political movement. For this purpose, the entrance door was crushed and internal doors and windows were damaged. No arms were found however on the premises.
On July 17, around 8:00 p.m., some 40 persons regrouping both police forces and civilians, stormed into the house of the local activist, Gurgen Shirinyan. During this operation, Gurgen’s father was fiercely beaten and one local policeman, Arthur Berudjanyan, was shot dead. Police sources declared that Gurgen Shirinyan fled, while his father and aunt were arrested.


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There are many who believe there is a higher organized power formulating the polices, direction and destiny of America, independent of either the Democratic or Republican parties for governing America.

This belief was prompted when attempts to answer the question, “why nothing changes when they vote for “change” in the American government by voting in the opposition party?  When nothing changes, it is fair to presume that there is a conspiracy.

Inquisitiveness of individuals brought to light a semi-secret organization titled “The Council on Foreign Relations” formed on July 29,1921 by a group of “intellectuals” who felt that it was needed for the creation of a “One World Government”, devoid of nations. It was organized for the specific purpose of conditioning the people to accept a world government as being a desirable solution to the problems of the world. Founding members “such potentates of international banking as J.P. Morgan, John D. Rockefeller, Paul Warburg, Otto Kahn, and Jacob Schiff…the same small exclusive circle who engineered the establishment of the Federal Reserve System,” in 1913, a system by which they were then able to confiscate wealth created by the American people.

The founding president of the CFR was John W. Davis, J.P. Morgan’s personal attorney.  Professor Carroll Quigley characterized the CFR as “a front group for J.P. Morgan and Company in association with the very small American Round Table Group.” Over time Morgan influence was lost to the Rockefellers, who found that one world government fit their philosophy of business very well. As John D. Rockefeller, Sr. had said: “Competition is a sin,” and global monopoly fit their needs as they grow.


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Middle East

The Armenian Aryan Order salutes the Palestinian people on the 60th anniversary of its liberation struggle.
In 1948, with the support of various Judeo- Masonic lodges and the sponsorship of their puppet UN, the Zionist chauvinists created the so called state of Israel. Thus’ initiating the international persecution of the people in Palestine and in the other Arabic countries.  60 years have passed but the Palestinians continue their heroic struggle, thus giving the lead, for other people deprived of their rights, in the sense of unceasing struggle for the sake of the fatherland.
Zionism is evil not only for the Palestinians, not only for the other countries in the region but for the whole world. Zionism is evil for all humanity.  Thus the struggle should include all humanity and should be universal. All those states aiming to maintain their nationalistic identity have to fight against Zionist-Masonic forces.
The Armenian nation has a liberation struggle as well, which began and was interrupted by the Nagorno-Karabakh war of liberation and will be terminated by the complete repossession of Historical Armenia.
We declare our support for the Palestinians and for the countries of the region and the world which are struggling against this Zionist evil. The Armenian Aryan Order has joined that struggle long ago.
We desire victory for the Palestinian people, peace for the Lebanese people and solidarity with all the nations and governments which have a common struggle.

Armenian Aryan Order
Supreme Council



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Download files

Download files

History of Israel. A slideshow.

The truth about exile in Rome

Ringworm and Radiation

The Life of an American Jew in Racist Marxist Israel

بسمه تعالي
جناب آقاي بان كي مون
دبيركل محترم سازمان ملل متحد

مايلم توجه آن جناب را به وضعيت جاري در نوار غزه در فلسطين جلب نمايم. اين منطقه طي روزهاي اخير شاهد وقوع حوادث خونبار و جنايات فجيع عليه بشريت و كشته و زخمي شدن صدها فلسطيني بدست نيروهاي اشغالگر صهيونيستي مي‌باشد. رژيم صهيونيستي با سوء استفاده از سكوت دولتها و بي تفاوتي مجامع بين‌المللي در عمل به مسئوليت هاي انساني و قانوني آنها در حفظ امنيت و پاسداري از حقوق ملتها، بدون كوچكترين توجه به تعهدات قانوني، موازين حقوق بشر و معيارهاي شناخته شده بين‌المللي، پس از يك دوره طولاني تجاوز نظامي، ارتكاب جنايات وحشيانه و اعمال محاصره تمام عيار و كاربرد فشارهاي بي وقفه سياسي و اقتصادي عليه مردم مظلوم فلسطين، بويژه ساكنان نواره غزه، نابودي و قتل عام روزانه زنان، كودكان و مردان بي دفاع اين سرزمين را در برابر ديدگان دنياي متمدن، در دستور كار خود قرار داده است.

جناب آقاي دبيركل؛

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Why Israel can’t survive

Sixty years on, the country is facing a choice of two futures: it can be Jewish or democratic -but not both
Michael Petrou | April 23, 2008 |
Sixty years on, the country is facing a choice of two futures: it can be Jewish or democratic -but not both
On a clear day, from a hilltop outside Ramallah, the de facto capital of the Palestinian Authority’s quasi-autonomous territory in the West Bank and just about dead centre of all the land controlled by Israel, it is possible to look east and see the mountains of Jordan, another country, then turn around and see the smudged skyline of Tel Aviv and, a little farther on, the ocean.
One sweeping glance captures the boundaries of a conflict that has persisted for 60 years and whose foundations haven’t changed. Israel’s earliest advocates understood the challenge their dreamed-of homeland would face years before the Zionist project really got under way. Shortly after Theodor Herzl, the founder of political Zionism, published The Jewish State in 1896, two Viennese rabbis decided to travel to the Middle East to explore for themselves Herzl’s idea of a home for the Jewish people in Palestine. Their visit resulted in a cable home in which the two rabbis wrote: “The bride is beautiful, but she is married to another man.”

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How much money did America give Israel since 1948 ?

How much money the American Government has given Israel since 1948 and it gets higher everyday.Now is the time to speak out and demand that money get spent on poor Americans not for the blood of Palestinians!
Now Americans & the world can’t say that they did not know.
Palestine Monitor factsheet US aid to Israel
“Israel has no more loyal friend than the United States. We couldn’t have done it without her” Yitzhak Rabin
US Aid: The Facts

- Israel and the US have a long-established special relationship. The US was the first country to recognise the establishment of the State of Israel in 1948.
– Israel is considered America’s closest non-NATO ally in the Middle East, a region that is geopolitically crucial to the US.
– The close relationship between the two states is reflected in the volume of aid Israel receives from the US. Since World War II Israel has been the largest overall recipient of US aid: from 1949-2006
Israel received more than $156 billion of direct US aid.



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Iran’s Foreign Minister about situation in Palestine in UN

In the name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful


I wish to draw your attention to the ongoing tragic situation in the Gaza Strip in Palestine. In the past several days, the said region has been yet again witnessing bloody actions and atrocious crimes against humanity perpetrated by the Zionist occupying forces, resulting in the death and injury of hundreds of Palestinians. Exploiting the silence of the international community, and at the absence of appropriate actions by the relevant international fora in discharging their humanitarian and legal responsibilities with regard to the maintenance of the security of nations and safeguarding their rights, the Zionist regime is once again committing abhorrent crimes against the Palestinians, in full contempt for the most basic principles of human rights and other well-recognized international norms and regulations.

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April 20-27, 2008, as “Days of Remembrance of the Armenian Genocide”

24 april


by the
Governor of the State of California

Every April, we take time to commemorate the lives of those forever devastated by the Armenian Genocide.  Between 1915 and 1923, more than one million Armenians were killed in the territory of the Ottoman Empire, and countless more lost everything they owned.  Intellects and store owners, children and seniors, men and women, people from all walks of life were victims of these horrific acts.  Often listed as the first genocide of the twentieth century, these events had a life-altering impact on many, and stimulated an Armenian Diaspora.


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24 April

On the 24th of April, starting from early morning till late night a mourning march took place towards  the monument of Tsitsernakaberd, dedicated to the commemoration of the 93th    anniversary of the Armenian genocide. Armenian state authorities, political and public powers, foreign diplomatic representations, large masses of Armenian people and guests from different  countries took part in the march.


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Amanor and Zatik

Armenian Amanor and the birth of Vahagn 

On the 21st of March, in the Aryan-Pagan temple of Garni, the Armenian new year was celebrated. Many guests from different parts of the world were present there. The priests from “Arordineri ukht“  lightened the ceremonial fire and marked the beginning of spring. The new year`s meals and wine had been blessed and were distributed to the celebration participants. Lamb was sacrificed and apricot trees were planted. And thus, the 9591th  birthday of Vahagn was celebrated. 

Easter and the feast of Mother Anahit 

On the 23th of March on the hills of the ancient settlment of Shengavit Armenian Aryans celebrated the Armenian Zatik (Easter). Mother Goddess Anahit is also the patroness of the fertility of Earth Mother. Armenian Aryans play with coloured eggs, singing and dancing till late night. In ancient times dances and songs were accompanied with seed planting ceremonies.

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Armenian Aryan New Year

God Vahagn

“We have to talk with Vahagn today, the  Diety of old Aryan Armenians.
A new holy book will be put in the hands of our nation, the evangile of Aryans.“
Garegin Njdeh


On the 21st of March, at 1pm, in the Aryan Heathen temple of Garni a celebration on the occasion of Armenian (Aryan) New Year (Amanor) will take place, marking the  awakening of Nature and the birth of the Armenian God of Power- Vahagn.
The priests of `Arordiner Ukht` will lead the celebrations of Amanor.


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Since the 1940’s, the ancient Armenian Apostolic Church has been under the hierarchy’s intent to integrate it into the world’s ecumenical tentacles of the World Council of Churches (WCC). It began with the mother church of Etchmiadzin in Soviet Armenia adding to the church’s title the word “Orthodox.” We should remember that it was Archbishop Tiran Nersoyan of the Soviet dominated mother church of Etchmiadzin who authored the book titled “A Christian Approach to Communism”, in 1942, while residing in London.

NOTE: The Mother See of Giligia and the Armenian Revolutionary Federation Party vehemently opposed the usage of the word “Orthodox” in the 1950s. Today, it is totally silent about the word “Orthodox.”


A document titled Ecumenical Trends in the Armenian Church (Brief Observations) by Catholicos of “All” Armenians, Karekin I, dated January 1998. This 12 page dissertation attempts to make a point for adding the word “Orthodox” into the title of Armenia’s ancient Apostolic Church. To make his point, he relates examples of close historic relationships with other world churches throughout the centuries.

On page 1, he states: “The word ecumenical (worldwide universal) today has acquired a wider sense that covers the whole range on inter-associations, relationships, church prayers, theological discussions and practical cooperation among the Christian Churches.”

Rebuttal: Why should ancient Armenia’s national church be involved in extraneous distractions (world church)? Have all the Armenian Apostolic Churches problems been cured?

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Armenian Trndez

From the  archives of AAO

Today in Karmir Bloor the Aryan-Pagan ritual of Trndez was held at 1 p.m.
Aryan priests worshiped to the Creator Almighty, Armenian Deities and to the Spirits of our Ancesstors. They glorified all Aryans. The ritual fire was followed by  traditional dances and wine.
Trndez: fire and heap. That is sacred fire, which lit the Fire of Divine Procreation. 40 days later the God of Strength and Power Vahagn was born. The birthday of Vahagn is the  Aryan New Year, celebrated on the 21th of March.
Till then,  news about  the coming of Warmth, Love and Spring, Aryans could receiv from the Creator of the Universe through Fire and the Earth’s celestial reflection of the Sun.
The  ceremonies were attended by priests from ‘Arordineri Ukht’, Armenian-Aryan Order, and members of the ‘Hanun Hayreniki’ and dozens of other Arordiner.


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Pledges to recognize Genocide if elected


Pledges to recognize Genocide if elected

Washington, DC – Senator Hillary Clinton (D-NY), a cosponsor of the Armenian Genocide Resolution (S. Res. 106), today urged Congress to adopt this critical human rights legislation, saying if elected president, she would speak candidly about the events of 1915.

Clinton is the second presidential candidate, following Senator Barack Obama (D-IL), to issue a statement on the Armenian Genocide in the past week. She is currently the only presidential candidate to cosponsor the resolution.

Clinton said she has twice written to President Bush urging him to properly characterize the crimes as genocide in his annual commemorative statement.

“Our common morality and our nation’s credibility as a voice for human rights challenge us to ensure that the Armenian Genocide be recognized and remembered by the Congress and the President of the United States,” Clinton stated.

“If the mass atrocities of the 20th Century have taught us anything it is that we must honestly look the facts of history in the face in order to learn their lessons, and ensure they will not happen again,” she continued. “It is not just about the past, but about our future.”

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