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Armenian Aryan Order

Happy Birthday

Armen Avetisyan
The  15th of  January is the  45th birthday of the leader of  Armenian-Aryan Order Armen Avetisyan. We congratulate warmly and present him our heartliest greetings  wishing him a  long life full of achievements, good health and success in his  personal as well as public life.

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The awakening of Aryans …

       Starting from 2008 the  Celestial Spring has begun and the era of  Aquarius will reign over our Solar System. Spring is in the Universe, on our Planet and in our hearts… New awakening is in our Genes.
The triumphal march of Aryan-Armenians has begun. The changes in the Universe are visible and significant. This is the return of Armenian Gods…..
Glory to the Creator of the Universe, glory to the Armenian Gods, glory to Hayk and  Armenians and to all Aryans.

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We sincerely congratulate You with the day of the Coming of the Sun (winter solstice / vernal equinox) December 22-25 and  with the birth of the Armenian God of Justice  Mihr. We wish You a bright, beneficial and spiritual yearcycle.

The 1st of January is the birthday of the  Great Armenian military commander, philosopher and ideologist  Garegin Njdeh. We invite  all Armenians to kkep bright his remembrance, so that his example may serve as a bright beacon  on our way for the truth.

The 14th of January is the day of  the Armenian Ethnoreligious Doctrine ( Tseghakron). Congratulations to all fo us  in relation to that sigificant event.
Also, since many of our dear compatriots celebrate Christian traditional  holidays, so we congratulate them all with the coming of the New Year with the best wishes of joy and happiness.

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To the Russian President V.V. Putin

Distinguished President On behalf of the Armenian-Aryan Order  we  present our congratulations for the  victory in the elections to the State Duma. These elections showed that Russia has chosen a clear political  way aiming to get rid from  the sionist-masonic forces.

We welcome this political goal, as well as the strong stand against the Masters of the West, a concealed world government. We find it right  the appointment of Zubkov  and the dismissal of Fradkov.

We hope that these efforts will carry a stable nature since the  sionist-masonic forces is a worldwide problem. We would like  to see   the actual  Russian-Armenian-Iranian Aryan Union, to which will unite   other advocates of the axis of the Good,  countries such as  Venezuela,  Bolivia, Cuba, Belarussia and others.

Also, we hope that the relations between Armenia and Russia will rise to a qualitatively new level.
The Western countries  are also on their way of National recovery,  so Your route is right and  progressive.

Leader of the Armenian-Aryan Order
Armen Avetisyan

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Former Secretaries of Defense and State Face Tough Questioning During Launch of Genocide Prevention Task Force

WASHINGTON, DC –The credibility of former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright and former Secretary of Defense William Cohen in leading a newly launched genocide prevention initiative was called into question, today, by reporters who cited their ongoing efforts to block Congressional reaffirmation of the Armenian Genocide (H.Res.106 / S.Res.106), reported the Armenian National Committee of America (ANCA).“Sadly, the Genocide Prevention Task Force’s worthwhile efforts to build consensus for an unconditional stand against genocide as a core U.S. foreign policy priority are undermined right out of the box by the fact that its leading figures, Madeleine Albright and William Cohen, are today actively and publicly working to block American recognition of the Armenian Genocide,” stated ANCA Executive Director Aram Hamparian.

Secretaries Cohen and Albright were keynote speakers at a National Press Club press conference hosted this morning by the U.S. Holocaust Museum and Memorial, U.S. Institute for Peace, and American Academy of Diplomacy, to announce the formation of the Genocide Prevention Task Force, which the two will co-chair.

In response to questions raised by Hamparian and reporters from media outlets including Asbarez, the Armenian Weekly, and the Armenian Reporter, the two former secretaries were largely evasive, and consistently used euphemistic language to avoid proper reference to the Armenian Genocide.

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The Armenian Aryan Order expresses its concern regarding Turkish military units’ incursion into Iraq. The Turkish army, with the obvious consent ofthe Western countries and the connivance of the puppet administration in Iraq, has penetrated deep inside northern Iraqi territory to carry out so called punitive measures against Kurdish terrorists of PKK. This is similar to the American strategy of occupying Iraq which resulted in the collapse of the Iraqi economy, in the region’s risingtensionsand in the deaths oftens of thousands ofinnocent people.

Under the silent gaze of UN countries, the Turkish army unquestioningly invades a neighboring country’s territory, violating Iraq’s independence and international laws, firmly convinced that it can always hide behind the Anglo-American Alliance.
A similar incursion has occurred before, when the Turkish army invaded Cyprus, divided the independent country to establish a Turkish state and refuses to end the occupation to this day.Who will be responsible if again the Turks refuse to leave the Iraqi territory? Will again committees be formed for conciliatory purposes, to fool the international community?This issue concerns us from another perspective as well. Some time ago several Turkish leaders were claiming that in the Armenian Territories exists training camps for Kurdish terrorist units. These provocative remarks were never officially denied by Ankara. Consequently, the possibility that one day the Turkish army approaches our borders and invades our territory, under the pretext of carrying out Anti-terrorism operations, should not be ruled out.We appeal to the Armenian authorities, the international progressive community, to intervene in order to prevent the illegal Turkish war operations.
Armenian Aryan Order
Supreme Council


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Push for Armenian genocide bill postponed

TzitzernakaberdWASHINGTON (Reuters) – Backers of a resolution to formally name the 1915 massacre of Armenians by Ottoman Turks a genocide said on Thursday they would postpone efforts to bring it to a vote in the U.S. House of Representatives.

The sponsors conveyed their decision in a letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, after support for the controversial resolution support faltered in the face of vehement protests from NATO ally Turkey.

But the four chief co-sponsors who wrote the letter did not totally give up on the proposal, which Armenian-Americans have sought to pass in the House for years but is strongly opposed by the Bush administration.

The sponsors asked Pelosi not to schedule a vote “at this time,” but said they would continue to work for “consideration sometime later this year, or in 2008.”

The resolution passed the House Foreign Affairs Committee on October 10 and seemed destined for speedy consideration by the whole House of Representatives.

Turkey recalled its ambassador in protest and warned of grave damage to U.S.-Turkish relations and a reduction in military cooperation, if the House passed it. Turkey provides key logistical support to U.S. troops in Iraq, with much of the cargo that is flown to the Americans going through a Turkish air base.

Turkey accepts that many Armenians were killed in World War One, but denies they were victims of a systematic genocide.

“We believe that a large majority of our colleagues want to support a resolution recognizing the genocide on the House floor and that they will do so, provided the timing is more favorable,” said the letter to Pelosi, which her office released.

It was signed by four Democrats who were leading sponsors of the resolution — Adam Schiff, Brad Sherman and Anna Eshoo of California, and Frank Pallone of New Jersey.

A Pelosi spokesman said she respected the judgment of the sponsors on the timing of the vote. She has long advocated passage of such a resolution.

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Washington, D.C. – Today, the House Foreign Affairs Committee passed H.Res.106, known as the Armenian Genocide Recognition Resolution, despite a massive last minute lobbying effort by the government of Turkey and Administration officials, including President Bush.  The resolution has now been voted out of committee and the next step is for it to be voted upon by the entire House of Representatives.  With the support of 224 Members of the House, the resolution is expected to pass marking it the first time Congress has voted to urge the President to formally recognize the state sponsored extermination of 1.5 million Armenians by the Ottoman Empire from 1915 – 1923.

“Today is a great day for the Armenian-American community, but our work is not yet over and we must thank each and every one of the 27 members of the House Foreign Affairs Committee for withstanding the intense pressure from President Bush and the Government of Turkey not to pass this resolution.  We are hopeful and optimistic that the entire House of Representatives will be able to pass this critical human rights resolution shortly,” said ARMENPAC Co-Chairs Annie Totah and Edgar Hagopian.

H.Res.106 passed with 27 yeah votes and 21 nay votes.  A list of the committee members and the vote they cast will be posted shortly.

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Armenian pagan culture


 The spring restored the Nature to life. At that time, the Nature says good-bye to winter. The snow melts away. The water and the Sun cover the Earth with love and seeds sprout.
Armenians celebrate many National Holidays in the spring and they extol creator’s own agricultural works. Especially we can note the birth of Vahagn.
A long time ago, it was New Year. In the spring, Armenians celebrate Motherhood Holiday in honor of Anahit and Easter.
Aregh is an 8th month of chronology. Aregh lasted from ninth of March until seventh of April. According to Ananiah Shirakatsy, Hovhannes Imastasery and Grigor Tatevatsy. Aregh is the daughter of Hayk Nahapet.
According to Gevorg Alishan, Hrachya Acharyan Aregh comes from the word “the Sun”, because the Nature awakens owing to the Sun Power in the spring.
Aregh is called every first day of month. It may be presumed, that the New Year begins from 21th of March. In ancient Armenia held the Areg.
When pagans pried to Cod of the Sun, they looked at the Sun and held their hands towards poplar knot.
Ancient Armenians were building sculptures in honor of Aregh.
According to legend, Aregh lives in the Temple Garni.
March was the first month in Roman chronology. The name March was given in honor of the God of War.


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AAO appeals to RA Government

AAO calls for mistrust towards Bryza because of his marriage with a turkish woman.

The Armenian Aryan Order (AAO) appeals to the Government of Armenia asking to express misrtust and impeach the US Secretary of State Assistant and Co-Chair of the OSCE Minsk Group Matthew Bryza in pursuing his activities in the OSCE Minsk Group.

AAO believes that the marriage was a political one, not just because Baran was not a simple girl “with whom the Jewish roots having Bryza fell in love suddenly.” This is a classic `Turkish -Jewish’ tandem  as it appears in the statement of AAO.

“To expect that Bryza will not allow his wife`s  interference in the affairs of the OSCE,  is not serious” continues the statement. “The American officer can no longer be impartial and inspire confidence”  conclude the members of the organization.

Source : Panorama.am (reviewed and translated from the Russian version) 

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Last Year from July 12 till August 14, the Israeli Army under the pretence of “Great Middle East” tried to force Lebanon to its knees, by means of smashing the Lebanese Resistance Led by Hizbollah, which strongly opposes the Anglo-American-Zionist plan for Middle East dominance. Success would have been a prologue prior to attacking Iran and Syria, but the invasion proved to be an epilogue for the Zionists. 

The Israeli Army invaded the land of an independent state and through aerial bombardment (using forbidden and illegal weaponry as well) and other war operations tried to reach its objectives.

Before the Lebanese Army taking action, the Hizbollah Fighters led by His Eminence Sayed Hasan Nasrallah, faced the enemy. The Israeli Army suffered a disgraceful defeat and the simple truth was proven once again that when defending the country those with National Desire and Fighting Spirit will Triumph in the end.

We congratulate the Lebanese People and the Hizbollah freedom Fighters for this glorious victory and wish you a definitive final victory.

Armenian Aryan Order
Supreme Council

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Vardavar: The Feast of Transfiguration in Armenia

http://oneworld.blogsome.com/2007/07/15/pagan-armenians-celebrate-vardavar/ Շարունակել կարդալ


The Armenian Aryan Order expresses its gratitude to all the sons of the Armenian nation, be there in Armenia or in Diaspora, who struggled against the nomination of the homosexual Richard Hoagland as US Ambassador to RA.

We also would like to thank those foreign citizens who, from their positions and very humanely, assisted to  freed the Armenian nation from the sad perspective of having a sick Ambassador, who was also denying the reality of the Armenian Genocide.                                                                                     

Information Center of

                                                                              the Armenian Aryan Order

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A new book

aslanyanThe new book of M. Aslanyan about the meanings of words and symbols is now available
You can download it freely.
Part I
Part II

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More than 40 communities and organisations signed under the declaration organised by www.miacum.ru  The AAO youngs “Vogu Pahapanner” also put their signature


We strongly believe that any attempts at political gambling or speculations to surrender the liberated armenian territory by no means provide a sensible solution to the Karabakh conflict. On the contrary, they represent a mortal threat not only to the future of Artsakh but also to the integrity of the Armenian statehood. Trapped in a swamp of “constructive negotiations” Armenian politicians do nothing but endanger the very existence of the Armenian nation and make us involuntary witnesses to what can be described as a modern “Munich Agreement” which could leave us in a strategic deadlock and most surely contribute to an unleashing of new aggressions against both the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic and the Republic of Armenia.

Today, on May 28th, when Armenians all over the world proudly celebrate the creation of the first Armenian Republic of 1918, we would also like to remind of the disgraceful end of that very same republic in 1920. As a consequence of the so-called “constructive compromises” and “diplomatic maneuvers” by then Armenian government, Kars, Igdyr, the holy Mount Ararat and the ancient capital of Ani were surrendered without firing a single shot. And as a result tens of thousands lives had perished in vain.

We demand and urge the current government and political leaders call an immediate halt to any discussions or negotiations regarding the possible surrender of the liberated regions of Artsakh. We also insist on complete declassification of the information for the ongoing negotiations in view of the fact that concealments of any information vital for the future of the Armenian nation are utterly unacceptable.

Any politician or public officer, regardless of his/her previous honors for serving the nation, who should openly declare or demonstrate a willingness to surrender Armenian lands, will be regarded a national traitor and a blatant enemy of the state.

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